Upcoming Balance Changes


All videos I’ve seen show his effectiveness as being less than a dragon of the same attack rating. It’s not that he isn’t terrible so much as his value was falsely advertised. I think it is overvaluing of his spells, but it is always possible that nobody has demonstrated proper technique.

Mine was never leveled beyond level 25 or something. I’d need to do a lot of grinding to prove what seems to be a virtually unanimous consensus.


I didn’t get mine high lvl either…it’s just malefic breath doesn’t do enough damage. I know it is getting buffed. Maybe it’ll make a difference🤷🏻‍♂️. Fire shield is cool and sacrifice doesn’t really fit…and other than sacrifice - no white spell.


Only thing Abrax was ever and will ever be good for is the portrait that was obtainable in his branch… He is a warrior guys… He’ll always suck :smiley:


Actually I know of better warriors (Sage, Zamrok, Chimerak)…just don’t own any.

I like Malefic Breath for the back half of long islands. Seems the dot does a ton of dmg before towers get in range, just for 1 rage.


Yeah, those just suck less… :slight_smile:


I have Sage when Zamrok. Of the 3 warriors u mentioned…the only one that I’ll take is Zamrok. Bc of mystic winds…it deflects mage projectiles. Chimerak isn’t good; especially in wars.


Another sucky dragon I’m learning to have fun with…Nydryr! Wow that dragon sucks, I don’t really like anything but Hunters.

Fun fact: My Munin is half the power of my Nydryr but can kill XP bases much more efficiently. Freeze alone is better than his whole spell set!


I actually hope this isn’t the case. In my view the way a dragon is supposed to be used is like a tool, best to use the right one.

In the same way that I wouldn’t use a hammer to drive in a screw, I wouldn’t use a warrior to take a short base with high leveled towers.

I use sorcerers on a very specific base config, and some bases hunters are best. It’s true that you can get more out of a hunter with more skill, but in my opinion that’s something that should be balanced. Warriors and sorcerers should have greater advantage for skilled piloting. (Try do have some but it’s very limited)

So yeah currently unskilled players just fly warriors on smaller bases. They use a hammer for everything essentially.


ONLY GOOD WARRIORS: Skaar and Zamrok
Honestly. I don’t think it’ll change…
PG is trying to add passives that increase attack power for warriors, but still aren’t OP or even good. Ex-Starburn, Lions rage


I heard some nice comments about Chimerak so I figured he is at least better than most warriors. I’m still holding my breath for this unreleased warrior but it will probably be a season of riders.


Since we are talking about over powered dragons let me drop my definition of what an overpowered dragon is.

Put simply, any dragon who when maxed is still more useful than a dragon of the next tier.

  • Example 1 - many people use Hauheset (sapphire) on their roster when they are still in garnet+ (OP)
  • Example 2 - expert borgian is not better than expert necryx (not OP)

A second nuance is that all dragons should have strengths and weaknesses. Kinnarus was a easy win on big bases but has a weakness towards high HP buildings and dodo’s targeting. This is why Kinnarus is not OP. (Strengths should be obvious)


I only got him for the portrait​:joy::man_shrugging:t5:…he’s benched at green tier


Lol ember is OP according to your logic. There is no denying that necryx doesn’t fit the definition of OP! Hau may be OP but many don’t know how to properly fly him.


Hau is only OP if u know how to fly him.
I have preached the effectiveness of Hau to my team but most bench him and still fly warriors and Sorcerers in war because they don’t know how to use him properly.

Nec is a little easier to get the hang of that’s why u will have more persons putting out the effort to fly, but still requires skill to master so I wouldn’t call it OP…still a great drag though.


Ember is a beast.


The definition of OP should be a dragon which can routinely defeat bases whose defense power is greater than the dragons attack power without skill or planning on the part of the pilot.

A skilled flyer and careful attack planning can make any dragon look OP. That’s not incumbent in the dragon, that’s the skill of the pilot. A truly OP dragon will make any button masher look like a skilled pilot.


Skilled flyer being relative, but that same
Skill applied across all dragons should
Have a relative similar result.

Dragon tiers are built around attack power.

Both attack power and defense power are misleading. (Needs improvement).

I suggested the same thing but quantified how much by suggesting 1 dragon tier being an acceptable


So with the new talk of changes for towers; flak/Fire, has the dragon buff been forgotten ?
I’m exhausted and not sure if that makes sense…why are they announcing new changes for towers when they haven’t implemented these changes?


They are working on the balancing. They didn’t ask for input on dragon balancing though, doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it.

Working on spell balancing too. They have a lot going on and only just got back from holidays. I’m glad they are making moves and asking for input. :grin:


I would argue that is a sign of too many underpowered dragons, not that those are OP dragons.