Upcoming Balance Changes


Explain? How can you justify a sapphire dragon being superior (by the same pilot) of a maxed dragon of the next tier?


It’s that the problem isn’t a few dragons being “too” strong, it’s that other dragons aren’t strong enough.
Looking at you, Girasol.


It is honestly a bit of both I think. Girasol is awful but Noctua was a mistake. Honestly a lot of these bases are super easy to beat without defenders and that has made people worse as fliers. People dont want to get better, they want to be able to beat bases easier so they feel better.


That actually makes a LOT of sense. If you think of things like weapons, an expert with a 1940s pistol is more deadly than a complete amateur with a machine gun. Skill does and should matter. Granted if youre talking about Hau, that was the most ridiculous dragon ever made skill wise.

They also throw in gems like Xenot just to keep things fun.



I agree with your point about some of the obsidian dragons being under powered, but that doesn’t mean a sapphire dragon that is better than a garnet or emerald dragon isn’t over powered.

Yeah many of the obsidian dragons are really underwhealming. I’m finding girasol to have some redeemable qualities, but at the end of the day he’s still a warrior and not really much different than stormheim in that regard.

I do think Hauheset is over powered and is a great example. It’s true he’s also a dragon of skill, but even a mediocre pilot can do better with him than almost any other dragon (with knowledge of how he works, I can tell you i didn’t understand a few less than obvious mechanics at first)

But my point was to set a reasonable definition of what over powered could be. We all say OP but we all mean different things. I tried to use limits as a way to provide a boundary we could agree to. A properly sized dragon shouldn’t be more powerful than the next tier. Even when they screw it up, the base stats are upped for hp and attack to the point that it shouldn’t be less useful without a radical misunderstanding of all spells worth.


Completely agree. It still is often a poor idea to take a knife to a gun fight. But you can always find a knife expert and a gun idiot.


Hauheset cannot solo anything in D1 wars, and only the very best fliers can use it as a viable set up dragon during war.
I think a dragon like this, which is complex with a learning curve and takes skill to handle, is what all dragons should strive for. It makes the game a CHALLENGE. Instead of just trying to avoid defenders so you can breeze through a base with a dragon that takes no thought


I think this is what all mythics should be.


That doesn’t mean it isn’t over powered. Nothing else can do what it does. Defenders are rendered useless. That probably shouldn’t happen for any dragon. (Note that I’m not asking for him to be nerfed)

Honestly I think more dragons should be useless alone. Only a specific set of dragons should be able to solo bases and they should have some kind of drawback. Just my opinion

I also think all dragons should reward skill. Warriors should not just be for the unskilled. They should be a viable tool for a specific circumstance with room to get more out of them based on skill.


You clearly didnt see Xenot :sob::joy:


Haha no i said SHOULD be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have an expert Girasol if anyone is looking for a some fertilizer for their garden


That simply awesome.

And thunderstorm change as red spell that one of the greatest change ever.

Blue spell are protection and buff of dragon is was making no sense to have on attack spell there.

I think it was easier for you to do that instead of applying a shield style to blue tower. (Red tower shield area)

Nice balancing

When are you releasing i wanna try it !


You do realize that it won’t do much damage now right? Sage will be pointless after that.

Before it was blue it hit 9 towers after one blue mage was down.

Now it’s essentially like chain lightning the towers under the other red tower won’t get damaged at all lol.

For defenders it is a great spell color change hahahahaha


Sage is getting white thunderstorm


I’ve translate in french the note of warlord. It’s not perfect but can be used as draft for your topic. Can you add it just below warlord post so that french player can see it.

Salut tous,

AprĂšs avoir amasser les commentaires de divers joueurs dans le passĂ© et dans le prĂ©sent et aprĂšs avoir consulter les utilisations de dragon et des sort de la base de donnĂ©e des joueurs, notre Ă©quipe de conception a dĂ©cidĂ© que notre jeux avait besoin d’ĂȘtre rĂ©Ă©quilibrĂ©. Dans les prochains mois, nous planifions mettre en place les changements. L’opinion de tous les joueurs est bienvenue (malgrĂ© que les commentaires ne garantissent pas un changement). Pour les dĂ©tails des premiĂšrs rĂ©Ă©quilibrage voyez les dĂ©tails plus bas. Nous envisageons d’appliquer les changements ci-bas dans la prochaine mise a jours.

  1. Sorts - Mise a jours de certains sort pour rééquilibrer le jeux

Antidote - augmentation du soin (3% -­>12%). Ce sort Ă©tait utilisĂ© pour contrĂ© les tours baliste mais il n’était pas utile quand il n’y avait pas de tour baliste. Ce changement permettra de rendre le sort utile pour son coĂ»t de rage.

Rajeunissement - Le soin est maintenant plus rapide (prĂ©cĂ©dement 5 secondes -> maintenant 4 secondes ) et le nombre de point de vie soignĂ© total ( 13 % -> 30 %). Nous trouvions que le montant de point de vie n’en valait pas le coup de rage.

Rajeunissement par la forge - le sort soigne maintenant plus rapudement (précédement 5 secondes - > maintenant 2,5 secondes)

Super Rajeunissement - Le soin est maintenant plus rapide et le montant de soin est maintenant plus élevé (précédement 5 secondes -> maintenant 2 secondes)

Projectiles inversĂ©s - Augmentation de la durĂ©e du sort. Le sort Ă©tait dĂ©jĂ  bon mais Ă  comparĂ© Ă  inverse, il avait besoin d’un lĂ©ger ajustement (prĂ©cĂ©dement 3,5 secondes ->maintenant 4 secondes)

Flash (Ă©tincellement / aveuglement) - augmente la change d’évitĂ© les projectiles (65 % -> 100%)

brulure Ă©toilĂ© - assouplissement du critĂšre d’activation (65 % -> 75 %) et augmente les dommages bonus (25 % -> 40 %)

Souffle enflammĂ© - augmente la durĂ©e du sort ( 3 secondes -> 3,75 secondes ) puisse qu’il ne fournissait pas suffisament de dĂ©gĂąts que les guerriers avaient besoin Ă  certains moment. Nous avons aussi augmentĂ© les dĂ©gĂąts bonus ( 20 % -> 25 %) et la vitesse des projectiles (70 -> 120 )

super souffle enflammé - Augmente la durée du sort ( 5 secondes -> 6 secondes) et la vitesse du projectile (70 -> 120)

Souffle Maléfic - augmente la vitesse des projectiles (70 -> 120)

berserque - augmente la vitesse des projectiles (70 -> 120)

isolation - augmente la vitesse des projectiles (70 -> 120)

vitesse lumiÚre - augmente la vitesse du projectile du sort et la réduction des dégùts (110 -> 150)

Ombre d’apophet - augmente le nombre de point de vie du sort (40% -> 60 %). Apophet aura maintenant un dragon invoquĂ© semi-permanent

Auto destruction de la forge - rĂ©duction le nombre maximale de fois qu’il peux ĂȘtre utilisĂ© Ă  cause d’un bug en jeux qui permettait d’abusĂ© et ĂȘtre invulnĂ©rable/invincible

TempĂȘte de foudre - changement de la couleur du sort pour rouge parce que c’est un sort d’attaque. Il reste un sort vraiment trĂšs fort une fois que les tours rouge seront dĂ©truite.

2 - Augmentation des dĂ©gĂąts par le temps - les dĂ©gĂąts par le temps ont Ă©tĂ© augmentĂ© afin qu’ils deviennent plus utilent

Le poison des baliste et des super tirs de poison - augmentation des dégùts

Souffle maléfique - augmentation des dégùts du sort

cri effroyable/dreadfull roar - augmentation des dégùts du sort

3- Guerrier/ Sorcier augmentation de la cadence d’attaque - Les guerriers et les sorciers ne pouvait pas attaquer les tours aussi rapidement que les chasseurs et le rĂ©sultat Ă©tait qu’ils subissaient beaucoup plus de dĂ©gĂąts. Ce changement permettera de rendre la vitesse de dĂ©placement des flammes et boule de feu plus rapide ce qui permettera au guerrier et sorcier d’initiĂ© le combat plus rapidement

Guerrier - augmentation de la vitesse des projectiles (70 -> 95 )

Sorcier - augmentation de la vitesse des projectiles ( 55 -> 80)

  1. Obsidian Mythic niveau aditionnel - Nous croyons que les dragons obsidiennes ne performent pas aussi bien que nous l’avions planifiiez. Donc, nous avons dĂ©cidĂ© d’augmentĂ© le niveau maximum afin de mieux Ă©quilibrĂ© le jeux en haut niveau.

Obsidienne Mythique - Augmentation du niveau Maximum (35 -> 40)

Moonfang/ Croc de lune - Augmentation du niveau maximum ( 60 ->65)


TrĂšs bien. Merci pour ton bon travail!


Being red it will block it all together not just casting! That’s basically what a blue mage does!

But I do agree it should be red or they could have changed it to a white thunderstorm spell

I don’t even care for any warriors really but Making it red kills Sage though he Will not be near what he was


Sage is getting a white version of the spell


Two posts, so that this doesn’t set off another 700 (maybe) posts on Thunderstorm on Sage; the second is the source for white thunderstorm potential (maybe add them to the original post >.>).


Oh ok :+1: makes since being red would have killed him!
That will be interesting having him with 2 white spells the barrier and a white thunderstorm :thinking: