Upcoming Balance Changes


That’s what sets the skilled flyers with the noob ones. Noob ones will have no idea how to use Timeshift to Dodge flak/mage supershot. :joy:.
Try to war with Japaneeeeze, @YuuuneeeeZE or @xHEROSAITAMAx can show you a lesson or two about Hauhesset.
If only PG made another masterpiece like Hauhesset, I’d me much happier. one thing I know for sure I will not take Hauhesset out of my roster even when I reach to obsidian tier



At least this time around we’re being notified ahead of time.

Remember RP->Invert nerf on NS? No warning, and not even a straight answer on the change for two weeks afterword.

Or the Tarand Explosive Shield debacle; same crap, except with some receiving personalized rune removal service while others were told they were SOL.

We should be counting our lucky stars we are being informed. PG is FINALLY showing signs of improvement in communicating with us-- and it only took two years of bitching :joy:


Haven’t been on in a while and see this is an old topic, but felt need to comment since so far thunderstorm hasn’t been messed up and changed to red spell yet. If thuderstorm is turning red, then something probably should finally be done about Sage’s shield also. She will become even weaker than already.

I did suggest last year, when the thunderstorm spam-cast topic first was getting spotlight, a way to fix the OP problem of such a powerful attack spell being spam cast using the exploit of blue mage range. All that needs to be done is allow canceling of the thunderstorm lightning bolts if the dragon flies into range of a blue mage before the spell duration has expired. Then it works like a true blue spell. I believe changing the spell to red is going to make it too easy to take down Sage since her shield is practically worthless nowadays with many large flak towers around now.

Who knows, maybe someone already addressed this way up there :point_up_2:. Lol, but this thread is too long to read it all…I tried… :rofl:


My point was that knowledge is not equal to skill.

I’m fully aware of hauheset’s abilities. I’ve seen two small level players masterfully tear down my base with defenders. (I used to have a lacking blue mage so it wasn’t super hard to timeshift if you made it past my first island with rage)

Part of the reason everyone doesn’t use hauheset well is lack of knowledge, and less so lack of skill. I fully agree with skill you can take him even farther, but the reason hau isn’t used more is largely a lack of understanding.

Skill comes in when you get the timing right or make on-the-fly decisions about what towers to sand and when to use rewind other than dodging mages.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of skill required for sub-second timing when lag is so prevelant, but it has to be acknowledged as both an intentional mechanic as well as skill when you see hau dodge a good rage drain island, and then dodge the start of the Long Island and sand the blue mage in the middle before it kills the time-shift. At least that has a series of well timed actions and can’t just be repeated 2-3 times to get one button push right.

I personally give more credit to people who deploy strategy rather than timing. That is the skill I admire most in this game. When something seemingly impossible happens and I rewatch the replay until I catch the nuance of what clever tactic was used. When people are able to find clever ways to overcome obstacles. Using the roster more than just grinding the same dragon over and over.

I fully agree hau is closer to what the ideal is, but he’s a long way from ideal. I would like to see more dragons and spells be used in combinations with a teamwork. For example I’m far more impressed to watch a hunter remove mage towers one at a time using cloak and a clever use of equipped death gaze, and then watching an equally skilled person cleanup all while defenders work furiously. But that’s just my opinion.


FYI, I was one of them flying on your 2 high level bases in that war :grin:


Please improve moonfangs performance with his full moon spell…he cant get through one island of tough towers without dying in seconds because of the damage cost 25% vs 10% healing when tower is destroyed. Lets face it he has been an utter disappointment. The only time moonfang is successful is for egg missions where you attack weaker bases. An equal base relative to ones level lets moonfang kill himself faster than the base would of. IS moonfang a dragon where you cant even rely on his signature spell? There is no way moonfang can destroy more than a few towers quick enough to heal and survive tower attack damage combined with his own self harming spell. Atleast make one warrior dragon in the game decent. Thank you for your time.


I agree Moonfang is a huge disappointment…:face_vomiting:


Moonfang solos sizable decently built defended bases at level 65 with a rider and runes. Mine didn’t become useful until it was late emerald/early obsidian. There is a bit of strategy involved in how you use his spells though.

I’ve been working on leveling mine since I noticed it has been a bit of an “I win” dragon. Level 59 is 1.46m food to level also. 7 more levels to go at 22m+ xp each level.


Sooo… will we see the day where those change will be implement?? Might play a major roly in choosing or not that new wintertide warrior…! If rajuvenate is pimped maybe it will be more temping to go that way…!


New warrior is not better than Leos


Depend on the boost/protection the shield actually gives…! Its it is invis shield with 100% increase dmg it might be cool…! Lol
With that, the booster rajuvenate and sacrifice instead of seismic screech, it could have been a great warrior but well… PG dont like to please their customers


May we have an update to this, please? You’ve clearly made some tweaks to this plan.


Please check main page. They already posted what they did.


Its a sad day for the sorc lovers out there!


What am I supposed to see? :thinking:

Edit: oh red thunderstorm - gotcha


Red thunderstorm I think.

Edit: :zipper_mouth_face:


U stalking me Grinch? :joy:


An unintentional day late dollar short job of stalking trust me getting tired of you at this point lol


Cheer up

Sorry that your favorite sorcerer doesn’t work how you like it. There are plenty of good sorcerers without thunderstorm. And the balance change should have increased DPS for sorcerers.


Im a sorcerer fan and in no way has this effected me negatively. Also it did not increase the dps but did allow sorcerers to kill towers faster :slight_smile: