Upcoming Balance Changes


There is no dps increase.
Chompa is only in my roster at this point because he easily runs a maxed invader with his frozen tomb. I don’t need him to kill real bases anymore.

However I feel thunderstorm should have never been given to Sage/warrior in the first place, should have been taken out of forge long ago and should have been left alone after the first nerf. It worked fine on sorcerers, Yes it was the odd one out spell. Sorcerers still took damage because it wasn’t an instant kill spell and it was no longer OP. Now its useless. I do understand all the reasoning that has been given in this thread on why. I just don’t agree with it.

Yes I read and followed the endless thread


My sorcerers do not kill towers with one blow, so no faster killing for me. Just longer waiting untill you can shoot the next shot.


If its faster on the 1st its faster on the 2nd and so on…


Ok I see your point, but then we talk about the final blow being a tiny bit faster. Because the time in between 2 shots doesn’t change.


Yes and that can make a world of difference sometimes


In the absence of any other factors, you will kill a tower a split second faster as all the fireball speed improvement does is shift the entire attack phase forward by that small split second. It’s not a dps buff at all.


True. Lets see how it works in real.
Haven’t been able to test bigger sorcs on real bases today.


This is incorrect. DPS = damage per second. The attack arrives sooner and then next attack can be cast immediately. it does the same damage per swipe/attack. This results in more damage per second if you are using it to it’s max effectiveness. It is very obviously not reduced damage per hit, but also that would not be balancing in any way.

I will agree it should not have been on a warrior. They SHOULD have made a unique spell at that time, but in the real world stuff that shouldn’t happen does, and it did. Not much use lamenting the past.

It didn’t work fine on sorcerers, because it was a false spell that was blue. It SHOULDN’T have been blue to start with. Mechanically I see why they did this, and it worked for a period. It shouldn’t have been forged as it was either, but that’s why they created super thunderstorm.

This is all just growing pains, and I think it is better in the long run. It prevents additional shoulds from being created. What we should be focusing on is that they are focusing on fixing spells. No longer do they make blue damage spells. No longer do they use the same spell for sorcerers, hunters and warriors when their effectiveness is based on a state that should be balanced differently between classes.

Again it sucks that one of your goto dragons changed. It is always possible we can find new ways to use it, or that this will pave the path for more exciting dragons in the future. And we don’t know if PG is done with it. You never know, additional changes could be made still as feedback from the community arrives. But it certainly isn’t fair to say sorcerers are worse… I just tested Spindra and was definitely more powerful.


That’s what we thought when the balancing changes were first announced but PG engineers confirmed that dps doesn’t change. I can’t find the post but I’ll link it when I find it.


It is making a significant difference on big towers, at least in XP bases.

As I understand it, this was done so that the sorcerer has a chance to kill a mage tower before it dies. (And cast a spell like a shield or an damage spell)

We shall see if it is sufficient to make them useful


Yeah it’s some kind of terminology gap. It is delivering more damage faster. Otherwise it’s just a graphical tweak with no balancing impact. I heard that too but it makes no sense to only make it appear to go faster and call it a balance change. The damage per second of a sing cast is probably the same. But you can cast it more times in the same time.

I can clearly see towers taking roughly the same damage as before but I can deliver it faster now.


Aren’t the balance changes out already. Maybe this thread is redundant now.


They actually said the interval between casting doesn’t change. I specifically asked if we would have to wait for the second shot in the event the first landed very quickly and that was their response.


I haven’t stopwatched before and after, but there is no perceived delay between when cast arrives and next cast starts. There is however a very noticible travel speed increase of projectiles and what seems to be faster second cast. I don’t have a scientific comparison, but it seems pretty obvious it’s faster


Yeah I agree. I was skeptical of their answer but just putting it out there that that’s what they said.


It doesn’t make any sense as a balancing change without.

DPS is probably a stat for a per cast or something, which doesn’t change. I think it’s just terminology and misunderstanding.


That is also the reason why i dont believe frenzy does anything for beam weapons…


I can see it making a diference on runs - the first shot lands faster, but then there is a bit of a delay before I can fire again.

So I’d say the DPM is the same, but the DPS is slightly preloaded, in that the First tick can occur a few halfs of a second earlier.


Do you have a before and after stat?

Spindra is killing the same towers so fast there is over a full second between when the shield explodes and casts healing marks and before it used to die at about the same time.

There was a significant delay before. I wish I had time to do a before recording. (Was at work when it rolled out)


Yeah, no stats. I can just clearly see the sorcy is doing better.

So although damage on impact is same, the shots definitely getting there faster, so avoiding maybe a shot every so often.

Nice change