Upcoming Balance Changes


Equestor is indeed killing invader faster, but this is purely my view not proven by stats or numbers at all.


Do numbers and stats of AP and DP matter at high levels? I suppose its the feel in the end.


Uhg. Why did you nerf Chimerak? His instantaneous attack was one of the things that made him unique. And it made him actually useful too. Now he’s just another lame warrior.


What u mean instantenous attack? I dont own chimerak, but i just don’t see what in this notes that could have make him worst then he is…! Just tryong to understand lol !


Has anybody noticed noctua has delayed attack now! From when u tap screen to the shot being fired is delayed? They made Sorcerers faster yes but slowed down noc. Wtf! What the point of wasting any money in this game if eventually you wont get what u paid for! Its like buying a ferrAri then ferrari takes your car back and puts a honda civic engine it. What are u thinking !


maybe not to Hau’s level. That dragon was viable for far too long IMO. i liked Morph, great if you could fly, but it did need some skill to do it. which every dragon should need. Dragons should be more in line with Morph than Hau i think.


Did they really? I find it hard to believe only 1 hunter would have its attack rate decreased when my hunters are fine…unless the reason for it is due to the glitch with vine spell being abused.


It’s all hunters but only noticed on faster ones

And it’s not impacting the rate of fire but the projectile speed. (It may impact if your ammo is out)

I can still tap in rapid succession with all ammo arriving at the same time, but the time it takes for the projectiles to arrive is longer.

Necryx who always had slower projectiles is hard to notice a difference (if there is one)

There is a thread on this


Attack rate is same thing considering the rate at which they reload is not able to be controlled by players.

I see it, i just dont think its effected me negatively in even the slightest way.


If it takes your projectiles an 8th of a second to go from the bottom to top of the screen before it may take a 4th now. (Slower)

To destroy a tower that requires 3 taps you have time between taps + projectile speed.

If you tap really fast it’s almost entirely the projectile
Speed slowing you down.

It’s not impactful for skilled hunter users but it’s impactful for those who just go in without a plan and wait to tap as the tower health changes.


I guess i should just say that i fail to see any sort of problem what so ever lol


There is clearly and issue and to say so many people are wrong is an insult! And to question peoples flying habbits is stupid what difference does it make if your a skilled flyer or not! U should still be able to tell if its slower and clearly it is. May be a glitch so all wouldnt be effected by it but still dont mean theres not a problem.


Post video please…then we will talk more about this.


Do you fly hunters? What kind of phone do you use?
I use iOS and all my hunters are slower now. Hope you’re not a troll.


Post a video of two after runs with noctua. Lol. You will clearly see a difference if i do that


I use an iphone 6s plus and until there balancing had no issues


Im on android and i have yet to see evidence to support your claim but i have seen evidence other than my own experience that there is in fact no change implemented on the hunters attack rate what so ever…


I’m feeling your pain also. I thought I was experiencing horrible lag for a few hours until I watched other people’s chimerak flying. They boosted warrior breath attack speed and brought chimeraks speed way down to match the rest. Very frustrating as it was a huge selling point for me when I decided to get all of his stones.


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