Upcoming Changes to Gauntlet - v2

Happy Monday, Dragon Lords!

With this week’s Gauntlet event, Gustav’s forces will be doubling down on their efforts to fight off your attacks! He’s planning to bring an elite, seasoned squadron that will also reclaim lost islands more quickly. Here are the details:

  • Sapphire and Diamond Leagues Only - Difficulty for all of Gustav’s Islands will increase.
  • All Leagues - Respawn Time will greatly decrease, allowing you to battle Gustav’s forces for event points more often. In other words, Islands will re-appear more often and within a shorter amount of time than before!


Following our previous update to Gauntlet, these changes will most likely become permanent for runs of the event moving forward, and we will update players accordingly if anything changes further.

Best of luck in this week’s event!


10%, 20%, 600%? 1 MILLION percent? (Asking for a cat, We don’t want Mr Bigglesworth upset.)


All islands will increase in difficulty by 1 million percent…except Warrior Island, which will increase by 2%. Also, a Chunk island will spawn, where all towers are replaced by Chunk.

…that said, reduced spawn time is good, and a request that’s been a round for a while. So PG gets points for that.


Why not platinum league increasing in strength as well? I understand not doing gold leagues but platinum leagues are littered with multiple people 300+ in level and being one of those people I literally fly equestor all event and let his minion destroy everything without touching the screen. It would be nice if this stretches to platinum leagues as well.

The lower cooldown is nice I will give y’all a point for that one but only 1 point.

How about energy cost reset? Any update to that?


Noooo how will we ever pass???

Platinum is tricky, platinum 4 is also still littered with level 30s. It should be done by sub-league really, to work for platinum.


While that’s true if all the islands scale so each one gets a little more difficult with the final one ending with say emerald or obsidian lineage requirement to be able to beat I think it would be ok. It all just depends on how exactly they are scaled. Sapphire divine dragons easily beat the final bases and platinum dragons can easily do it with a little planning.

Even if the handful of lower members cant take the final island or two they have multiple other island they can still be attacking, even more so now that the time before respawn has been cut down. We always provide backup to any little on our team so they can get better points anyway. I realize some teams arent as helpful though.

I appreciate the effort to improve things and I feel these changes are a step in the right direction. However, I really believe the respawn rate for all islands should have dropped a minimum of 50%. Some of the lower islands did but the upper ones only dropped by 33.3%.

That is just my opinion though. I am happy to see some improvement none the less.


@Crisis Can you elaborate on the change in difficulty of the Gustav islands

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That is a good change.

Though I wonder why they haven’t introduced the same mechanism for auto adjusting the levels of the bases like they do for the Atlas Invader bases. They can leave the differentiation between the islands in the chain by aggregate team damage. This would at least make it less dreadful for higher level players and for those actually leveling dragons, could use them to gain XP without taking a major loss on their progress (or providing value in using health potions).

However, maybe they can scale the last 2 or 3 islands with a multiplier on the tower HPs, something along the lines of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, which may make it hard for players with underdeveloped dragons, but those who’ve invested time into at least getting their dragons to expert could find some challenge.


Greatest. Event. EVER!!! :heart_eyes::chunk::chunk::chunk::heart_eyes:

Keep throwing wood at everything.


That information is classified (they could tell you, but then they’d have to charge you).

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How do you know? It could be good, but it seems some basic information is missing to make that judgment.

How about PG stop making changes and fix existing issues, as the new changes usually do not work properly and just creates more issues that do not get fixed!

How are PG supposed to encourage higher level players into the higher leagues if every time something like this comes up they are asked to improve conditions for higher level players in “lower” leagues?

I am so happy with the decreased island respawn time. It was always a struggle to even score points in this event.

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You do realize that that’s what they’re trying to do here, yes? Existing issues included “Islands take too long to respawn,” and “Teammates have to compete against each other for points, especially in the higher leagues.”


Energy cost also needs to be updated since you’re making the island’s pop up more frequently. Needs to be reset every 6 or 12 hours at least.


or they leave it as is and force players to spend more???

If they do this, they will scale all the prize tiers up accordingly, forcing you to use just as many energy packs as before, and even more time and inner fires.