Upcoming Changes to Gauntlet

Greetings everyone,

Happy Monday! Coming alongside this week’s Gauntlet event will be a few minor changes to Island HP in certain leagues.

For those in Sapphire and Diamond,specifically, PVP Island health will be adjusted to the following:

League Previous PVP Island HP Adjusted PVP Island HP
Sapphire (1 / 2 / 3) 45,000 60,000
Diamond (1 / 2) 60,000 90,000

These changes will be in effect during this week’s Gauntlet event. These will most likely become permanent values for runs of Gauntlet moving forward, but we will be sure to let everyone know if HP values will update after this.

Best of luck in this week’s event!

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Hi @Crisis,

Did you have a chance to read over some of the other suggested changes to make Gauntlet a better event? Thanks. :wave:

Edit to add link Team gauntlet. First event summer season. New changes too


Hey LX,

Thanks for sending me that link! I will be sure to forward it over to the Events team. Mega Quit is absolutely on our radar as something we want to address, and we hope to very soon. Unfortunately, nothing substantial will be changing in regards to that for this week’s run, but it is not something we are actively ignoring and will be taking a hard look at in the near future.


And how about adding more health to the PVE islands as well? It seems a bit counterintuitive that a team event is characterized by fighting your own teammates to get the points on the big islands.

Not health to PvE islands. They need to reduce cooldown to 1-2hrs instead. Not prevent progress of lower leagues, but increase the top end of teams.

FFS the more HP they have available the more packs they will sell. What’s the downside really?


Hi @Crisis
I was thinking may tweak it a bit more, say the pvp island needs “X” (maybe 15 or 20) 100% completion hits of a pvp base to be “sunk”. The winning team is given a point for winning and maybe even another point for completing the “sinking” under a certain amount of time.
All points accumulated by the player are used for personal points and team prizes.
Team with the most points wins.

It’s a shame they could have done so many things to improve this event this is in my opinion one of the least effective ways to do it.

It sort of helps with the mega quits but I guess the biggest spenders will still use them.

Does nothing to help provide any islands to do for the player base that sits around waiting for pve to reopen.

Does nothing to fix the fact the pve bases are awful and you get nothing from running them. If they were like the guard posts in raid at least they’d drop some chests.

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Easier to keep the health as-is, and just respawn them in an hour when they sink, instead of 6 hours.

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This health increase won’t change anything.
The big spenders just will continue to spend - just even more… (was that on purpose :thinking::rofl:)
And the others will have even lower chance to kill the island faster than the big ones.

@Crisis @Arelyna

Could you please tell us about the Gustav-island levels.
As you know, its a very old event, so the level of PvE is really low compared to the people in high leagues.

It is really necessary that the levels and bases get higher, with new structure, like in new PvP events , where PvE levels are a way higher…
Because of that our earn vs this bases would be better, as points and items afterall. :slight_smile:

It would be great if something is planned for that in the near future . :slight_smile:

edit: actually the last islands are beatable easily with platin tier at highest leagues… Now we have 7 tiers above it… a fix is a must have… at least depending on league… isnt it ?


Instead of increasing the PvP health. PG could have disabled mega attack for PVP alone. This gives all the players much more benefit than increase.


Like @mechengg said the biggest problem is the cool down of PvEs. There was a topic where (from LX I believe) all islands were conquered and there was no mean to play the event. It’s the only PvP event where this happens, where players can’t play.

For me it’s the worst event solely because of that, because I can only get points competing with my teammates or a sole attack in PvP when I can. 1 hour cooldown would be reasonable

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‘In an effort to fix this event we’ve avoided the main two problems altogether. Mega quits and time between islands reappearing. Have a great time dropping 1.5x the megas and being bored out of your mind for the next 5 hours 59 minutes’


It goes from a 2-3 minute island hit to a 2-3 minute island hit with less people complaining about refunded megas :joy::joy:


I know this is already obvious to most of us, as it’s apparent from the missing emojis thread, but it’s about time someone from PG admitted there are topics that are actively ignored.

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Oh good, maybe I can get in one more attack…

Also did I miss something or doesn’t changes with s imply plural?

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LMAO you’re making a change to Gauntlet that somehow does not involve addressing Mega Quits?


So, you’re only PASSIVELY ignoring it? Or, your not IGNORING it, you’re just not doing anything to fix it?

Either way, we still lose.


You fix Gauntlet by making it KOTH, ur welcome.


If y’all harp PG in every post what’s the driving factor to fix anything? Current human nature is to steer at all cost from conflict so when everything they do is hit with harping… :man_shrugging:

Benefit of the doubt and patience people, let’s not run PG away from the game.

This has no effect on Gold so I have nothing towards the change. As for Gauntlet itself, in Gold the biggest issue I notice is the level of the PvE bases could get looked at as others have mentioned. Low enough so most all can participate, but high enough so average level isn’t bored with easy bases.


I’ve always said not needing fixed right this second, patient, but confirmation and recognition it’s on the list would be appreciated and appropriate I think.
You’re on the forums enough to know what this message is about, please don’t twist it.
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