Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid

Greetings, Dragon Lords -

This week, Temple Raid returns to Dragons as the weekly PVP event! Coming with this event will be a couple of changes to Temple Raid, described below:

  • Storm Cycle: Moves Every 4 Hours (previously 3)
  • Supercharge Bonus (for reaching the Temple first on a supercharged island): x3 (previously x2)

Please Note: These changes may not be reflected in future Temple Raid events, and we will continue to update everyone if they become a permanent addition to the event.

P.S. The Guardian portrait for this week’s run of Temple Raid will be Fluxias, the Wind Golem (the electrified one seen here).

Best of luck in this week’s event!


Isn’t Sylvinias the Earth Guardian and Fluxius the Wind guardian?

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It’s Fluxias. There was some confusion


Innnteresting. It should be possible to get even higher scores (and more individual points) than before, with the improvement of the supercharge bonus. Looking forward to that!

Should be interesting, too, to see how it changes the rush to be first on those supercharged islands. One supercharged one can now make up a lot of ground.


Don’t tell em that! They’ll increase the amount of points needed for prize payouts lol


If I remember correctly, the supercharge bonus only applies to the first team that enters the final temple after the storm leaves the island. That temple only gives team vp and not individual points. So all they are doing is making the team points go up.

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I would still like to see something changed about the way teams enter the temple. Either make it so that an officer must move the team into the temple after the 4th guard is defeated or put a 100 point spot between the last guard and the temple so that multiple players attacking at once cant accidentally force the team in


Hopefully they lowered the attack rates of the temples shrines towers some. They were doable yes, but insane also yes.


I hope they didn’t. I found them to be a fun challenge.


Agree, don’t touch anything about the final shrine guardians (except for certain spells not working on the enhanced towers, please fix those). It makes the avatars worth something.


The supercharge bonus is usually claimed by the same teams every time. They simply dump 5000 megas to get the bonus. ie: only the richest teams get this.

This change will only give the same teams more points, changing nothing in overall standing.

Challenge is one thing, the shrine, the temples I was referring to, was a step past a challenge.

Not if you know how to fly…


Whole thread to yes, I started off with saying doable yes, doable, but also transferring of riders and gear plus only hoping for 70% not 100%.

No need riders. I never used one.


They only need Expert Amarok and a few more strong orange?

These portrait rewards skilled pilot…
This is what I get when typing at 4 am. :sweat_smile::sleeping:

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… I would like a skulled pilot avatar. Except it’d have to be from a super hard series of bases with set dragon’s/runes etc that everyone has to use.


Hey Lut, no chance of animated with only lokan and opes right? :cry:

@Grumpybigbird I couldn’t get through it with mine last time around, but my Lokan, Opes and Estril were only L16 at the time. They got smoked. They’re a bit higher now, so I’ll have to see how it goes.

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Damn. Oh well next time then