Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


I won’t reqote the same line you’ve referenced above, but I supoose @AeanaeA has made a very good point. Perhaps it would be more fair to have a supercharge that starts at 3x then decreases for each team that claims it. Such as:
1st team- 3x
2nd team- 2.5x
3rd team- 2x
4th team- 1.5x
All subsequent get base points.


So something I noticed this event

  • They fixed the glitch where we could use the dragons on our perches which would create a clone of that dragon in our den

  • Dragons that are not in our roster but used to hit guardians can for some reason then be targeted by egg missions as if they were in our roster but because we cant heal dragons in our den we cant add those dragons in to use them.
    Example: I just used Coatl to hit the emerald tier guardian. Coatl is my only dragon with thunderbolt and hasnt been in my roaster since hitting the wind island 2 days ago yet when I sped up my 24hr mission it needed Thunderbolt used 6 times. Yesterday I had one to use Rizar 3 times after using him on the platinum guardians

We really need to be able to heal dragons from the den


I had the egg missions from an old dragon tier issue too - but just once. I would rather abort the mission and spend rubies to speed it back up than to have to deal with support, so that’s what I did.

I had a strange issue… my expert Amarok seemed weaker relative to the guardians than it had previously. Last time I had zero issues with the orange guardians… this time I expected to cruise through like last time and I actually got dropped on the ice level. Ended up setting it up with Enki, then following with Amarok and got it done - but seemed odd. I watched Salti’s vid in the thread he made, and his Amarok was way more powerful than mine (both expert) :man_shrugging:


Guess the percentage of players who don’t undetstand, which island is marked… Can’t blame them, though.


The Rizar one I had to abort since it was asking for him to be used 3 times and he was at his max heal time. The thunderbolt thankfully I could get done using the red version. By the time you’d here back anything helpful from support you could have missed 20 missions


Yeah, they have a 50/50 shot when the bullseye is in between. Be nice if they could put it directly on the island that is targeted.


Or maybe have a bunch of giant arrows all pointing to the island to target? Though target on the island would probably be easier to code and look better too :sweat_smile:

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Maybe make some sort of highlight or aura around it

Like sun rays or these lines that indicate brightness / lamp is lit. :high_brightness:

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Or maybe have a bunch of giant arrows all pointing to the island to target?

I used that way in our local team chat - basically it’s the only thing that works :slight_smile:
Of course, for those, who read that chat…

Design lvl: Empyrean, lol. Sorry on this :slight_smile:

Before event start:



Subtle, yet effective. I like it.

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Is this going to be the the same for this event?


@Crisis @Arelyna
Also, has the Elemental Mayhem bug (against Shrine Guardian) been addressed?

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We are going back to former values for the Storm and Supercharge bonus!

Checking in with the team on this now. :slight_smile:


So, it’s x2 this time?


Are the supercharge bonuses actually going to work this time…so far they have failed at least twice on every event thus far…

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I just saw the in-game mail that there was one more twitch stream, for two hours, with words Temple Raid quests and XP bases. It is 2:00 or 3:00 in my timezone (deep night), and 2 hours long, so … Can anyone shortly tell, what was mentioned there, the most important stuff? Just wondered that there was no any announcements regarding return of old 3 hours and, may be x2, so, may be something else.

UPD: nevermind, looks like just some random guy, talking with himself for 2 hours, and attacking xp bases.


It was x2 before last event, so looks like yes.


What why? The x3 actually made the supercharge worth fighting over. I guess we go back to this being a 100% pve event then, where everyone just does their own line wherever it’s quiet.