Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


Need estril to set up lokan :cry:


Damn. Only have 2. :man_shrugging: And I ain’t breeding before next week :joy:


Nice @Lutrus ! Nice touch equipping Invincibility Shield and Death Gazes. My hat is off to you! :grin::beers:


Amarok :heart::heart:



Time to start making offerings to our temple raid god


I may throw my new 62/58 geared ice rider on Amarok just for the fun of it this event. He breezed through last time without, but this would be super fun :smiley:


Would a kickass rider on Lokan and a decent one on Opes make a diff? I’m gonna try but not holding my breath…


The thing is it takes 3 GOs (at least pre spell scaling, it might take 2 now) to kill ice turrets. That’s a lot of rage. Also, the approach estril used on 7-8 is something lokan can’t bc he doesn’t have CC and is going to get double ice blasted. I’d be very surprised if lokan gets past 7, and don’t think he’d be able do enough on 6 to make it so opes can do something. Also, my opes didn’t have spell scaling last time so maybe he’ll do something for ya.
Only advice is to double tap reds and GO blues :man_shrugging:t3:


We shall see! I’m expecting not to even get past 7 :rofl:


I hope that you are pleasantly surprised then @Grumpybigbird ! Good Luck!


Get the animated @Grumpybigbird
I’m sure you can do it :muscle::bird:


I’m going to have to practice so hard with Lokan sigh.


Good luck to you as well @mechengg ! I hope that you and @Grumpybigbird can do what I could not last time around. :see_no_evil: I sure hope the Spell Scaling makes a difference this time.

Good Luck Gentlemen! :beers:


Last time i didn’t have harbs, now i have a handful (well 6) to play around with plus some decent gear for some of them. so here is to hoping they are decent.


:sob: Will the ubers stay Harb for at least a full cycle of the avatars? Looking at the order, Sylvinias will be the last one.


6… Pfft I only have 2… :cry:


I only have lokan, estril, morthil, opes and rajin… which combos do you think can get past those harb islands?


And I was too shy to write Please re post the picture



I can’t seem to find the post, but I’d swear they’ve said that there are no plans to make the Ubers higher than Harbinger.

I suppose if anything, it’d make sense to keep them at Harbinger, and introduce a third tier of Unobtanium portraits at some point.

But then, Orange is four tiers of dragons up from the bottom, and Harbinger is eight beyond that. Even if they intend to add another portrait tier eventually, it seems unlikely that it’d be for at least a few more dragon tiers. After all, Empyrean isn’t even out yet, and that’d be only two tiers beyond Harbinger.


Coffee is the one who said that it’d stay at harb, but he’s not there anymore, and there’ve been a number of “interesting” changes. It’s pretty much the only other avatar of interest so far for me :stuck_out_tongue: