Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


Ahhh, fair enough. And of course you’re better at finding the source than I am! :joy:


Because it’s green? :eyes:



And yeah, I have a better memory for random WD things than I should for other things :sweat:


Worst portraits ever…just saying. Yes; I got both last time.


I think @Lutrus did it last event…

Don’t know how many rubies he burnt though


@Lutrus definitely did it with those but again, that was a huge amount of effort from him - should’ve gotten ultra-uber :rofl:


I burnt around 120 energy to figure out what to do, execute it properly, watch it not count, make a ticket, get told I’m SOL, spend another 80 energy getting back in the grove and doing it again. I only had level 16 estril lokan and opes though. Having morthil or rajin would have been way better than opes


I remembered you bought some forged spell as well…
:thinking: heal potions too?


And y’all don’t see that as a tad to high on the dial? Challenge is one thing, ludicrous mode is another.


You think that having baby harbingers should be a walk in the park on a base of 65s plus a specialty tower? really? would that make you feel good if you won?


THAT is the sign of a true hunter flyer. Thousands of boosts…12 heals :joy::rofl:


ftfy :smiley:


So, having low timers due to forging heal potions doesn’t count? :cry:


Haha. I suppose it does. I forget about that, as Atlas throws more 1hrs than I could ever use for potions at me.


When have I ever said walk in the park? Is it only 0 or 100 with you? Is there no balance? You’re making points like I said one thing, when in actuality I said nearly the opposite.

The forums is mainly the top 1%, example not actual 1%, of WD so a bad place to speak of the masses balance. If it’s good for the 1% then it must be good for the rest? It’s not. No where is it said give out free handouts.


Catering to the masses is one sure way for this game to atrophy. Simply because on average people are just not very good at this game.

Keep the bar high. That will cause players to strive and thus get better.


With ya Grumpy if you can’t tell that. But there is a line to that where it’s pushing the masses out with frustration. The speed lvl of those towers is walking that line leaning on to much I think. [Edit: I honestly want to know what % they were/are? Then if speed buffs are actually active in our bases as they should be?]
Regular portrait should just touch the fence but walking on challenging side as it’s the masses main goal. Uber ones are for the big dogs and the challenge level for those might be correct atm from what y’all saying.
Regular portrait difficulty: 75 Uber: 90, not both: 90.


They are different towers.

Other than stronger stats

Archer Tower

  • 233% attack speed boost

Cannon Tower

  • 150% attack speed boost
  • Unlimited Range


  • 100% attack speed boost
  • Unlimited range


Regular portrait difficulty is really quite low already. All of them can be done with near-zero skill by just slapping a geared rider and an equipped spell on expert Amarok. If that’s still to hard it’s pretty cheap to buy one or two season dragons and keep them at orange for a true cakewalk.

If someone has no resources AND no skill, then they don’t get a portrait, I don’t see that as a big problem either.


Shouldn’t require a rider and gear as masses have either very weak or none in this department. With the third boosts on multiple maxed lineage dragons previously was anger fest to complete if I remember correctly, seconded by the thread about it during that time. Using divines at Orange is an option that stunts usability of sigils for other things for a weak prize.

Masses completing regular portrait should walk away going “Dang, that was hard, whew” but if memory serves last time was “Mf, gd, ****, ****, :rage::rage::hot_face: