Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


Again, I don’t see the problem in having at least one or two prizes in the game that are not automatically handed to anyone with a pulse. Meaningful achievements are rare enough in this game as it is.

Edit: and as Orca said, it doesn’t require a rider or anything. Skill will work as well. And if you have neither, why should you get the portraits?


At the time I got Ignias, I have no rider on my dragons, not even expert Amarok.
You don’t even need to 100% the base. 70%+ should be fine


I did as well, but doesn’t mean the level wasn’t a tad on the crazy side. Also I said above that previous thread had multiple saying only hope for 70% instead of the 100%. This I feel is a let down as one should always strive for 110% ya know. 70% is settling not striving to be better. Thanks for the numbers above, wow.


:thinking: Isn’t it better to strive for 70% on more challenging base rather than 100% on weak puny base? (A little hyperbolic, but still, more challenging means more fun)

Want it easier? Use a rider.
Even easier? Use the gears.


Can it not be ok to want the strive to be 100% on a challenging base?
Is it really that common for people to be fully in or fully out? A list is growing with whom think I’m saying make a weak freebie.

Marathon runners it’s good if the masses pass out at the finish line just to complete no matter of position? Should runners be tired at the end, but still able to walk away? Exaggerated example trying to explain my difficult to understand talking, sorry for talking funny.


I was level 39 when I got my lovely avatar :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Edit shows unknown soldier in here, but it is Glacias in game


But that’s just the thing. Good flyers with good dragons trash these bases 100% no problem, just like marathon runners don’t even look tired after finishing.

And yet “the masses” seem completely worn out by the end of a marathon, and a lot of them can’t even finish it to 50%. Does that mean the marathon is too hard and should be shortened? Or is the marathon just fine and does the very fact that it’s hard mean people can take pride in finishing it?


Why not?
However, that doesn’t mean reducing the base level, but rather having more skills to beat the base perfectly.


I’m hoping I get the dark guy! His purple is beautiful! Uber sylvinias is what I want. Hope I get to 300 by then :see_no_evil::cold_sweat:


Fair point. Since this thread was about new changes to TR I asked if speed had been lowered some. The speed was a big talk after last event so was wondering if it had been analyzed by PG on its amount. Analysis from here is skewed and that line is hard to find without full data knowledge PG should be using.


I didn’t find the orange tier center island thingy super hard :woman_shrugging: I think I only needed to do a couple of them more than once, if that? You only need 70% to win.


Thanks for info, Please edit once you reach the bottom of the thread lol edit: further talk down from the message you’re replying to has info regarding your response.


The difficulty curve of the bases that you face in the center island are fine. It’s supposed to be a challenge, not a “you showed up, here’s your participation trophy.”


Psst…let’s keep it from getting all personal attacks and what not.


I honestly didn’t find any of the bases that challenging. Don’t get me wrong I haven’t done the harbinger ones yet so I can’t comment there but for the rest I enjoyed the difference. It was nice to have to think about flying for once. Hell having to use dragons you haven’t used in ages and actually work out which would work best was awesome. I’d imagine it helps players understand the kits better.

I’m completely against a nerf on the bases tbh. Hell I would love (at the tiers I’ve done so up to garnet) a harder version. Ideally one that would encourage players to use crafted spells. If we are concerned about pay to win and such just disable riders and gear on it. That way everyone’s on the same page. But I think we need more of this. Stuff that actually challenges people and rewards skill.


it would be fantastic and highly appreciated by everyone., increase the points earned by a single attack.


Furthering the marathon example above, agreeing with Morreion and I think most here too including me, challenge is great fun, but the lvl shouldn’t have seasoned marathon runners tired after a fun run. Uber portraits should make seasoned runners sweat most certainly. Different lvls of difficultly.

Lots of teams lower then the average of the forums struggle enough just to make it to the shrine. Setting orange difficulty to were lots fail is a straight slap to the face after what it took to even just get there. The list is still growing of ones thinking I’m saying freebies or participation trophy, idk how else I can say that ain’t true.


And that is the best part of this event, old dragons and no backup


When you take the data point of a level 300 with level 16 harbs taking a max base of mythic harb worth of towers, plus a specialty tower, and say, “it took you that many times to do it? Shouldn’t we make it easier?” The answer is no, bc it’s baby legendary harbs we’re talking about, as soon as you get to 315, you can use your Divines and it’s significantly easier, and then when you get to expert mythic harbs, it’s even easier than that. So if pg does as you are suggesting and make it so it’s easier for baby harbs to complete, it’s gonna be a walk in the park by the time you introduce Divines and expert mythic harbs in the equation. Do you understand the implications of what you’re suggestion now? Do you understand I didn’t go 0 to 100 but instead merely saw the whole picture and the implications of such a suggestion based on a narrow minded data point?


Have specified Uber ranking could be correct, talking orange level of the masses ability.

Do you now see there can be a difference for orange vs Uber that makes sense? Do you have an open mind to get data points from others and analyze? Your recent responses have been pointed at topics not even discussed above.