Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


Would really advise you not to pull that right now. I was responding to your comment of:

Which was responding to my attempts of getting the animated portrait at 300. I didn’t ask you to respond to me, but you did.

If you wanna talk about the orange tier shrine guardians, I’m gonna call bull. My alt completed it with a level 19 amarok and orange tier Kirin. If you have an expert amarok, all you need is reverse projectiles for every boss except ice, where you need summon. So no, I don’t think orange tier boss is ludicrous.


Thanks for a complete response. My response was targeted and I apologize. As you can most likely relate to and has been gone over before, repeats from people not reading the thread is just :man_facepalming:.
Edit: With the orange level as stated it’s derived from all the talk after the previous event about the crazy speed and no talk from PG on a change to it.


But that’s actually a weakness of the base. You literally just run 3 dragons with reverse projectiles and win.

You talk about seasoned runners vs fun runners. What about low level players who want a challenge? If you scale it by level, by default you are removing a fun challenge from those who can do it. That’s analysing it from a single data point, that of those who want easier runs. There are SO many easy runs for players. Hell look at all the gustav bases you can fight to get to the temples. Look at every pve base for every event and invader. Why not have a few challenging bases for people to balance it out? It’s a single event so it’s not replacing everything and making events only for the elite. That I would be strongly against. It’s a single thing for those that are better fliers and it’s something for people not so good to aspire to. That way everyone has something


Go here and search within this topic for “shrine”, not a single data point.

It says by many exactly what I said as post 7 here, possible but loco.

For the lower lvls isn’t it all a bit of a challenge already? For the other events being to easy walkthroughs they got their own thread about possible solutions.

Why we gotta drag this out as a who’s right and who’s wrong? Lots talked previously about shrine speed so was it analyzed by PG? As that thread didn’t have a response from em it’s good to bring it up in this one about TR changes. If they decide lvl is correct then ok, also with new spell scaling implemented it should change things so we can wait to see how that effects too.


You mean Lutricrous?



Reference didn’t click with me? Yours ain’t even giving a google reference?


I substituted a version of Lutrus’ name for ludicrous…

Sorry, thought it was funny.


It was


I completed the Orange center shrine on first try with Amarok and Enki or something and I’m shit. It’s not hard.


It is hard, but doable, had no gear nor rider


Do you believe it’s posible to do the guardians on the secret island with Hildr, an expert Darja and Hati & Skoll?


My Durga is only lvl 1 but an expert one might be useful. Divine’s are pretty weak at Orange tier though. I got an Orange Tez and Axi specifically for this and they don’t fare too well.

Amarok does most of the work for me and sometimes Enki.


Not everyone has every dragon in every tier at expert. That can make certain orange or Harbinger levels much more difficult that for someone that collected the entire set.


I have never ever used rider or gear to get the Orange portraits. They are immensely achievable by all types of players.

Edit: Just read through the rest of the thread. You are referring to Orange as ludicrous - I’ll have to disagree. You also said:

I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination - but seriously, the first time the event was run it was a challenge simply because I didn’t expect the super cannons, but I still solo’d it first time. The second time event was run, I closed my eyes and cleared it all. IT IS NOT HARD!


I remember first TR shrine being difficult but good to fly. Second TR shrine was way different from the first. You commented on the thread I tagged where lots said it was different, harder, and crazy but doable. I don’t get where you’re saying it was easier.


Why you make me do this?


That’s the Gardians, not shrine.

Your and the next post from that 1


Why you quoting that? Ask yourself - what was I responding to?

Maybe you think you’re a mind reader - but you’re not.

My comment on it being easier was simply that - it WAS EASIER. Doesn’t matter what shrine, what level, what colour.


You were responding to I believe just from memory of reading that thread like 3 times today to Orca mentioning the cannon barrages.


Yes exactly - it was a statement of FACT - the super cannons are only for Shrine guardians. It is not any reference to how difficult or easy it is. Anything else?

Can’t believe you’re arguing with me about WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY STUFF… :man_facepalming: