Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


Shrine bases were way different the second time then the first, they upped the speed of the towers by the amounts Orca showed further up. I don’t recall the speeds being as predominant the first time. There was a change for the more difficult.

Not arguing with what you mean, but questioning how you see a speed boost the second TR as easier than the first. You responded with the elements guardians are easy, which is not shrines, trying to get you on the same page.


The towers were exactly the same both times. And don’t tell me Orca said they were different. She didn’t.


Never said Orca said they were different, I just didn’t remember first instance it being so major. But looking at video on YouTube from 5 months ago it seems they were. Question now is what made the second running seem worse where more took notice of it?


I never had a major problem with any of the guardians :woman_shrugging:t2: Never added a rider, just made use of equippable reverse, summon, and invincibility spells. 1-2 dragon every one 100%.

I’m just happy for a reason to use the abundance of extra spells I have!


I’d like to see the addition of a tier of guardians between orange and harbs, probably sapphire teir

Orange tier: give the normal guardian portrait
Sapphire tier: gives an animated version of the normal guardian portrait
Harb tier: gives the uber and animated uber portrait


Then why would someone do the harb tier if they already had to beat the other two to unlock it and you get the same reward you just previously got?


More people getting to both temples and shrines due to reduced path length; having different level and different dragons available, faulty memory…?

Players can at least opt to prep for this if they understand the event well enough to figure out what they’d need. I bred some epic blues, not having anything decent in that tier, did a bunch of xp runs for a bunch of dragons, and held Axi back at orange.


Yeah, I always wondered why there was such a massive gap between orange and harb :rofl:. Orange is pretty easy to get to with decent activity/team.






You’d still be beating the harb tier to get the uber version, you just would also get an animated version. Nothing would have changed for Harb except also getting the animated version. Also you’d still get event points


A bit confused on how my name is mentioned several times…

I compared Boss towers with normal towers (latest files).
I said nothing comparing different Temple raid events…

Also, I’d rather the boss towers stay the same.

If it’s about points, why worrying too much?
Shrine can only be completed once per event, so that’s not overkill to make the shrine as skill challenge.


Ah then they would have to introduce 2 new portraits per element and run the event for 5 more times at least. Not a huge fan of changing things mid cycle…


Or they’d just add the animated version of Ignias, Glacias and Flaxias to anyone who already has the normal or uber versions unlocked and then after that you’d have to clear the sapphire guardians to get the normal animated portrait

TR is presumably going to be around for more than 5 rounds which means either they’ll need to re-feature the previous portraits or they’ll need to create some new ones. Personally I dont care if they change things mid cycle, they’re just portraits. Of all the things they change, I think portraits are very minor


Na végre valami jó is.


Well, finally, something good.

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Does anyone have videos of beating harbinger guardian , I am currently lvl 309 and have only Morthil and Shezard , is it possibe to do it with them if geared ??


Lutrus had one, but with Lokan, Estril and Opes i think when he was 305.


300 and Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid

Morthil might work since he has ice resist, but the other towers might do him in. Not sure though, worth exploring :man_shrugging:t3: