Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


you mean that WARRIOR can do some damage? :open_mouth:


Morthil is objectively the greatest dragon in the game because of one simple fact: cloven feet. Yaks are the superior organism. Yaks have tremendous capability. Morthil, being modeled after a yak, is therefore the greatest digital asset this game has to offer. If you don’t have Morthil or don’t plan on getting Morthil + experting Morthil the day you hatch him, you should just uninstall the game because you’ll never reach the pinnacle of success. You’ll only reach the pinnacle of succ.


G1 first tower of Wind island base name of Battu. These three islands are visually frozen, not attacking or losing health. They do die just not visually.


We finally conquered one temple and our points don’t count, we are all stuck on Fang


It’ll give a resource error or whatever that’ll eventually go away; servers can’t handle the load or something. 5-15m and it should clear, if it’s like before.


i see, thank you


This is going to be an incredibly dumb question: How do I get the portrait unlocked in the event? :weary:

I apologize in advance if this is too simple and I simply don’t have the smarts to grasp the concept. Do I have to defeat all tiers of guards? What if I don’t have all the tiers of dragons? Or is it something completely different?


From the shrine in the center

Have to unlock by defeating each of the elemental islands first


The portrait is obtained by beating the 5 orange or harbinger tier shrine guardians. The shine of the elements is the spot in the center that is covered by clouds. The first time your team reaches the temple of one of the islands (meaning you’ve beat the 4th temple guard of that island) 1/5 of the clouds on the center island are cleared away.

Once you’ve beat each elemental island at least once then all the clouds will be cleared and your team will have the chance to attack the shrine. Unlike the regular temples, the shrine has no time limit. Once you clear all 5 of the shrine’s orange guardians you will unlock the normal version of the current portrait, in this case Fluxias the wind guardian. If you have Harbinger tier dragons then you can then attack the harbinger guardians and if you clear them all you’ll get the uber version of the portrait. it is automatically added to your portraits but you’ll probably need to reload the game


Thank you very much for taking the time to give a detailed explanation. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Detailed :+1:, simple is you and your team have to beat the 5 outer islands to unlock the center shrine. You alone with strong orange dragons have to beat the center to get the portrait.


Nobility. You mentioned capability; but I feel it is important to assert the unflinching morality and honor of the mighty Yak.


Anyone got the Uber portrait yet? Haven’t seen anyone wearing it :thinking:


For me personally, it’s my least favorite of the 5. The purple one looks sick and I know sci is waiting for the green one.


I’ll assume sick = amazing in this case :grimacing:


Rumor has it, after obtaining all 5 Uber portraits, you get to face the final boss and unlock a yak portrait.


There had better be a captain planet portrait at some point once all 5 have been collected.


I agree! Way overdone!! Doable with maxed dragons, particularly dragon and runs sets… Cmon- we don’t need that shit! All overdone way too hard!! Stand on the ground one and make it similar as real base 4 the lvl!! UberGuardians R WAAAAY overdone! Show me a real player’s (who runs harbingers) full base with all lvl 65 towers!! Delusional!!!..


This is sarcasm right?