Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


@Bunbun’s favourite word to describe this epidemic is mediocre…:joy: Seems like we have lots of mediocre players around.


I guess someone has to be average in order for insanely good flyers like Lutrus to shine like dragon pilots with divinic abilities among the lowly peasants that make up the masses of dragon lords :sweat_smile:


I’m sad that I’ll (potentially) never have Ignias. My team at the time that portrait was available was lame and never unlocked the shrine. Seems ridiculous to me after having unlocked it in the first 24 hours this go around. :sweat_smile:


My team at the time of that portrait wasn’t lame :sweat_smile: but we didn’t manage to have things together enough to beat 5 shrines that event and make it to the middle island… And if I recall correctly, I think I was on vacation when that particular event ran so my participation was sporadic.


Yup! Can only do what you can do, and sometimes that means getting creative! Take for example that events generally start about an hour into my shift at work. That means if it’s Fort, I’ll be locking myself in a bathroom stall to catch the first 10 minutes or so before the deforestation :joy:.



My main account is on my iPad so going into the bathroom at work with that isn’t exactly an option :rofl:


Get a pair of outrageous old lady reading glasses and fold it up inside a newspaper. :rofl:


Pull an Al bundy, and tuck that sucker up under your arm and march in proudly


Our team finding center shine too difficult. Reg drgs not maxed and even tried Jarl but can’t get past 39% due to mages and ice twrs.






Amarok with summon warrior


Tried that and the reverse and freeze


Add a rider? I did mine with a naked Amarok and Summon nearly to 80%


No rider lv17 Amarok


Den capped? If no, level him up.


Can’t put a rider on since can’t move to active since healing and den no longer allows speed up healing


You can heal from the shrine attack interface, I believe.


For the Orange Shrine here’s what I did with my mostly mediocre flying skills:
-Orange Aster lead, used to take blue mages off of first couple Islands using burst/cloak strategy. (orange aster is weak @ like <150k AP).
-Expert Amarok the plow through as much as he can, with a red spell equipped (depends on situation, mostly freeze or summon).
-Clean up with expert enki. Burst fire, cloak, deathgaze, cloak repeat type of thing.
This worked for all of the bases. But if you are trying to tank with Ama you really need him to be high lvl or expert.


Pfft… hardly :roll_eyes: