Upcoming Changes to Temple Raid


Much appreciated, sir :sweat_smile:
I just mean I’m nowhere near a Lutrus, Rag, ProudEnemy…etc. I just make a good show off it with Pros :wink:


Amarok can be over 2 million power, easy to do those guardians😏 add summon warrior spell helps also.


Over 2m? I assume you are talking about with a very good rider and fully runed? Mine is expert and I’ve done all of the decent research through gold tier and he’s still only just under 600k. That’s with no rider and only 1 expert epic explosive shield rune though. I don’t feel like getting carried away pimping out a dragon that only gets used during TR lol.


Expert Amarok, rider, no runes and little gear, 1.65m on mine.


How do we get the Temple Raid Portraits? Do you have to beat all of them including Harbinger to get Portrait or do we get Portraits for clearing Orange, Green & Gold guardians?


You have to defeat the shrine guardians. Orange for the normal portrait and Harb for the Uber portrait


So when do we get it? I defeated Red-Gold first day and no portrait?


And the shrine is the center island where there are no green or gold guardians, just orange and harbinger. If you’re looking at red through gold you’re in the wrong place.

Red through vanguard guardians exist on the five elemental ring islands. You have to unlock the temple on each of those five to unlock the shrine in the center island; then you can fight these final orange and hard guardians for your portrait


Ok thanks


So we’re getting near the end of this installment of Temple Raid; what did you all think of the changes?

I personally really enjoyed both the longer storm cycle and the 3x points from supercharge; in conjunction, they allow a team that plans wisely to coordinate a push on a freshly supercharged island for a truely rewarding amount of points. My team has had great success using this strategy.

I think these changes should be made permanent!


The x3 is definitely nice, makes it worth racing for first place. The storm speed I don’t really care, both the old and the new worked okay.


Fixing supercharge. It didn’t work the majority of the time so there was definitely less incentive for folks. I also think that random supercharges may be a nice thing to throw active teams and teams that can adapt quickly a bone


Sure, why not!? Sorry to hear that so many teams had issues; the event has gone rather well for mine.


Supercharge worked fine for my team every time we got it. The changes were ok, though can’t say they made things demonstrably better or worse…

I know I’m the exception here, but I hate this event so very, very much. I mean, it’s great for easy points I guess, but if they want to make an event with challenging PvE… Make a challenging PvE event. As it is, this is hours of mindless slog against weak PvE bases and the weakest PvP base that gives you max points you can find, followed by the same N weak PvE bases that I use the same 1-2 dragons on every time, and THEN you get a bit of challenging PvE… Though since I figured out how to do it last time around, even that was easy.

I have no clue why anyone enjoys this trash.


It was nice not to get the sync error after every guardian attack this time. What took me an hour to an hour and a half last event (with no losses), took me 25-30 minutes this go around because no error messages.


After this event, I’m not sure I’m for or against the changes. I really appreciated the extra supercharge points when we got the bonus, but I do wonder if it screws up the competitive balance when the first team - and only the first team - gets such a big advantage. Being second gives you only 1/3rd of what being first does, and being 25th gives you as much as being second.

The slower storm timer seems unnecessary, at least in the lower tiers (I can’t speak for Sapphire or Diamond). The teams that fight for the supercharge bonus are done with each new island in less than 3 hours. And the teams that don’t fight for the bonus still have far more time than they need to clear the island.

Also, there have been massive and widespread problems with joining attacks and defenses - often the popups aren’t even appearing to join! I don’t know what caused them, but they definitely made a mess of things.


This has been happening for quite some time, and not just the event banners are affected: the green ones as well. (the best one is when I can’t defend myself , and I’m attacking myself with my alt for the SS quest) :man_shrugging:

Other than that I share your opinion about the x3 multiplier and the extra time. It’s okay, but I could live without them.


I hate the 4 hour storm … lesser shperchq4ged islands and whales meeting like mad after an island gets supercharged . No chance when it comes in lesser iterations and 8 hour gap means people can sleep enough in between, wake up and start megaing mad.

Our team had 15+ online and doing mostly supers and few megas . And enemy was at 100% while we were still chasing 50%. And we are not like bottom feeders. We are in top 5 in event . :expressionless:


True true. We’ve been holding a slim lead in 1st and 3rd place has less than half the score of second. I would not mind a shorter storm cycle, it’s mostly the x3 multiplyer I like. Makes the battle to the temple worth something.


Was thinking about that as well. In platinum the things are more calm and teams fighting for the first place actually ride close to each other, but in middle sapphire this time there was one team that was spending mega like crazy. They have won almost all temples, except first round where all were supercharged (so they got only 1/5 of that round). And every next round there were about 4-5 teams fighting from first seconds, including mine, and all were very competitive and going so close it was very interesting, except that super spending team that immediately was far ahead all of us, when after first attack they were already at first tower. So right after 1st team finishes, the whole challenge and competition makes no sense for the rest of the teams, even those that are competitively going close behind. So the competition dies immediately and no reason to try and finish it fast. What
for example team that comes 2nd and 3rd received a little bonus too, that would raise competitiveness, and encouraged to continue fighting with other teams. Of course not as big bonus as 1st team, but still more points for being able to clear the path ten times faster compared to other teams.
That’s probably one addition I’d appreciate. Other from that the changes are good.