Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Discuss your thoughts about the upcoming changes to Surt here. Link to the full announcement:

Pre-Nerf Surt( Pg 🤦‍♂️ You don’t get it don’t you?)
Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt
Noooooooo say it ain't so surt gets nerfed
How “Surt” should of been balance/nerf/buff POLL
Pre-Nerf Surt( Pg 🤦‍♂️ You don’t get it don’t you?)
How likely is the nerf for ragnarok?

6 minutes with no response.

I think you broke the internet. You’ve stunned them into silence.


Stunned the what 5 people that have surt.


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Bah. This change does nothing.

Surt’s survivability needed to change, not it’s damage output.


I would like to know what the Game Play Faction thinks of the up coming nerf as I do not trust pg to do it themselves which is eveident by the initial release of this dragon


Don’t worry, that nerf is coming in about a month, as soon as they stop selling Surt.

Edit: Actually, they’ll probably wait until they’ve sold the next tier of towers too. How do the whales stop an unstoppable monster? BIGGER TOWERS!


And the people will feel like chumps for paying for it.


They suckered me in good with Pathox. Not this season. No thanks.


I’m not endgame. Don’t have Surt. Have never seen it fly firsthand. But I don’t think the issue was that the “wombo combo” destroyed islands. The issue is that it’s incredibly easy to pull the “wombo combo” off, heal to full every 3 seconds, and infinite supply of rage. You “fixed” the one thing nobody was complaining about.


Ffs this doesn’t fix anything


Looks like end-tier obsidian Surt naked will one-shot end-tier naked 75 dark flaks (tower with most HP in the current game). The same will hold if you match gear for gear. Though defenders can buff the base more than attackers can buff their dragons.

I think the result is that you have to be low harb to solo defended JL, instead of max obsidian? :thinking: Pure theorycraft here. It’s nominally a nerf, I guess . . .


I’m going to use JL’s base stats = red mage HP = 69M (see Salti’s vid).

So, what level Surt can one shot an equivalent tower with Ragnarok (yes I know Rag is red, that’s why I said equivalent tower) now that it’s changed to 10x damage? The description in the announcement says AP, but since that isn’t an actual stat, I’m assuming it means DPS. So, let’s work back:

Damage output: 69M
Max DPS: 6.9M
Take away research 15%, consumable 30%, rider 80% (average rider) - base DPS: 3.1M

So, PG expects a level 36 Surt to be able to one shot JL.

Good work PG! Well done! :man_facepalming:


@Crisis please help me to understand the figures.

You’re speaking of modified attack power, kindly tell us what that means.

AP can’t be meant bc this dragon has like 7BN (times 10 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:) at vanguard expert with max gear.

Did you mean dps? If so let’s say a naked harbinger Surt has 7m dps times 10 so his ragnarok does 70m damage (btw no tower will survive that).

If so that’s not a nerf at all. So it must be wrong as well.

So kindly tell us what modified attack power means. What figures are we looking at and where to find them?


I’m assuming DPS - but the only other thing I can think of that potentially makes this nerf make sense, is that they scaled the spell to 10x ONE FIREBALL, which would be approx DPS/3.

Let’s see what she says.


Math Example from Lawson:

  • An Obsidian Surt (Level 25) has 640,000 attack power.
  • At launch, Ragnarok’s original damage increased Surt’s attack by 10,000% (100x), resulting in the spell doing 64,000,000 damage.
  • A max level (Level 75) Dark Flak tower has 23,800,000 health.
  • An Obsidian Surt was able to overkill max level towers by an unacceptably large margin. 64,000,000 is almost three times 23,800,000, so Ragnarok’s damage was killing this max level tower by 300% of its health.
  • With the new value, the same Obsidian Surt will do 6,400,000 damage with Ragnarok, killing a Level 54 (beginning of Harbinger) Dark Flak tower.


Attack Power is the amount of damage a dragon deals with one hit of its breath attack (so one fireball of a Sorcerer’s trio and one fireball from a hunter). 100 times Attack power essentially means the amount of damage you’d deal if you attacked the tower 100 times.


So nothing about that whole “get 3 rage for free” thing? Why can’t it just cost 1?


the original announcement said damage output not attack power



Is there any way to see “attack power” as a stat in-game (since it’s evidently very different from the Attack Power stat that’s presented to us)? In the data files? I’m trying to evaluate this but can’t because it’s based on a number that doesn’t seem to be exposed to us.