Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread




I’ll sleep on that :joy:


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I don’t believe the 54 is a typo because as Crisis mentions an obsidian surt with 10x will do 6.4 million damage and kill a level 54 dark flak which has 6.2 million health. That is the correct health for a 54 datk flak without warrior perch or gear. A 56 dark flak has 7.65 health but that does not have the warrior perch factored in. With the warrior effect it goes up to 9.56 million. As I mentioned these are emerald tier towers and not harbinger towers. An obsidian surt with the new 10x will not be able to 1 shot these towers based off its attack power of 640,000. This is without gear. Most players have better gear on their bases because their bases only require one or two sets while you have many dragons that each need a different set of gear. The beginning of harbinger towers is builders hut 37 and that is dark flak tower 62. The hp of a dark flak level 62 with taking in warrior perch effect is 15.7million.
So 15.7m ÷ 640,000 = 25x
Therefore 25 x is needed for a middle obsidian surt to kill a level 62 beginning of harbinger tier dark flak.


That depends on whether every remaining tower is vined, sanded, etc. In that case take Ember with death gaze and take each one out providing that you wait until you’re off it’s radar first so the tower doesn’t get off a shot.


PG also mentioned level 25 Surt which is beginner level obsidian. So we need to consider that


But not the farms…


Isn’t 54 mid Obsidian? :thinking:
While it’s true that it requires Emerald egg, but…


I thought vanguard was 65-76 and harbinger was 55-65. Leaving 54 and under for obsidian. What do I know lol


I had 54 towers while I had only emerald dragons and so did many of my teamates and friends. Some of us had 56 towers too. So I would qualify those as emerald tier towers. If you get the eggs from breeding emerald dragons those should be considered emerald tier towers.


Not really.
Please check dragon manager, and see the level requirement, then compare it to divine evolution dragon level requirement.


Exactly wtf that’s just wrong


I agree that Surt was stupidly overpowered… but that is how it was advertised to be… that is what drew people into wanting to PAY for this dragon… PG is responsible for this and at best people that paid for him… if they are happy with this then great keep your surt.
Hes still a good dragon… if your Not ok with this this… these people should be refunded… you can’t advertise something with an “armageddon” button… use this to draw every player into buying it… and then say oops… its too strong now everyone is whining…
Even if this is or isnt illegal as false advertising… this will still continue to stick in players minds that no matter what I purchase it won’t stay if it’s too good…

YOU WILL NOT BE SEEING ANYMORE OF MY MONEY ON SEASON DRAGONS… plain and simple… yes I get you all made a mistake… and that sucks… but that’s on you pg… not the player… you advertise this dragon as total devastation… such as it should stay… I didnt get this dragon so I truly dont care I learned my lesson from other divine nerfs in the past so I knew better. :joy:

Total refund should be given and then let people purchase him again if they still want him… most fair solution to all of this.


You would still get the reason I said what you quoted if you had read the whole reply. :unamused:


Yes, I have.
Also, I think GPF is more shocked than us during the announcement, and the changes were after 4.94.


Pg simply don’t care about the “GPF” that’s a problem as well, GPF know what there doing pg just don’t care & they should.


;/ I guess they are surprised because they flew a totally different dragon or their feedbacks haven’t been taken at all.

Either way, the absence of NDA would have prevented this overpowering at release as spoilers would have brought much attention and demand for balancing… before the actual release. :X

Nerfing after release is, imo, what caused the whines.


So pg is ok with false advertising? People bought a promised product. And after purchased you change it. ANYONE WHO GOT SURT SHOULD BE COMPENSATED. im not saying in just cash back. But at the very least a substantial amout of rubies, eggs, and timers. Not just the typical 2 gold chest apology for a major mistake. This isnlike a 100 gold chest mistake or refund the money spent this season for those players. But gold chests cost pg nothing in the long run


Your dont buy the dragon, you buy one in game currency and use that to get another currency, and you claim the dragon with it. So all those claims arnt valid.
And it isnt anything new that everything in an online game can change, has worked like that forever.

All is done at own risk and noone should get anything back from it really.


Your honestly right.