Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


So I guess the best thing to do is never spend money or really try very hard in the game either cause whatever your working for probably won’t be worth it… right lol…or get nerfed.

This way… your not disappointed when they fark it up :grin:


Honestly if you go for a season mythic I say he need to be “op” at a small degree.As well as “Require Skills” to fly him not just pressing 2 buttons then I win.

Honestly there people out there that will complain because they can’t fly him or willing to try & learn to fly effectively against bases for that they will demand a change to make him easier to fly. That shouldn’t never be the case, no one is a pro flyer over night, it takes practice & errors to get a feel of the dragon spells & play style. Before being a “good” to a “great” flyer.


How did you come up with this?
The only ones mad would be Surt owners who wanted a dragon behind 3 tiers to be able to one shot maxed kill islands lol that’s insane!

If you have an emerald Surt or a Garnet Surt he will still be able to one shot entire kill islands of the next tier higher.
Still gets all rage back for free, still can kill everything of the same tier and a tier beyond! The dragon is still overpowered
But people seem upset like he was nerfed & useless lol


Yes, he’s still “op” at the point were he can’t kill towers above his actual tier lv by 4 tier there for he’s able to kill towers only 1 tier above his actual tier lv.

He can be in “emerald” tier & kill “obsidian” tier towers, an honestly that’s ok. Like I said above he should be “op” at a small degree( check :white_check_mark:) but not to “op” like before the nerf he was one shooting any tower lv regardless it being Max’s out towers.

Only thing he’s really missing is “Skills” to fly.


In future we might well see this patter: mythics become more and more powerful as more and more players are wary about the nerf and don’t go for them. That forces PG to make them even more powerful than what we have seen so far. So it is a downward spiral of mythics becoming more OP all the time to lure new/inexperienced players to get them, and ending the story with spectacular nerfs that have no financial consequences due to game regulations.

The ONLY way to break this cycle is for PG to realize their mistakes and design balanced dragons. But we all know that this is an unlikely scenario…


They simply don’t care about the “GPF” that actually spend time flying & testing the dragon out before release to insure he’s balanced.

But pg don’t care even tho they should, that’s the real problem “we” as in the community should speak out about that problem.

Like honestly, if your not going to listen to the GPF hard work on making balance dragons in game, what are there here for?


Old news. I had the warrior buff glitch quite often and was unable to kill that one tower which had lightyears beyond the 30% hp boost.

Itzani, pathox, oni, barely could kill it. Then on the next base it’s not a problem anymore.

Glitch is glitch


Well i have Surt at low tier, and the nerf was really needed.


That’s a glitch?
I honestly never heard of that one until now when you brought it up. :flushed:


If you spent money on surt you wouldn’t be trolling … the point is very clear. I spent money on a dragon that was op. Is that my fault? PG needs to sort out its dragons before they release them 10000% is just stupid. And now it’s fixed. I don’t
want it. So refund my money. How is this a consumers problem. Refund my damn money PG. same crap different season. #Huitzil #Corthanak


PG won’t do anything, but if you go to Google or Apple and explain the situation they will most likely refund you.


Yea, going to thrown the towel on spending money to get “Surt” the way things are going with him is just going down hill pretty much a lost “COST”

Lesson learn Pg, make sure your “Product” is tested throughly & Balance before releasing it to the community. Then we won’t be in the current situation we are in now, it’s just a mess. Honestly. Let the GPF do there job don’t get there hard work & turn it into a different product at the last minute because your $$ sales are not going up, just be honest & straight forward then you will see the money coming in( good way)

Make sure next & the next an so on season mythic’s are required “SKILLS” to fly not just a 2 button pressers then I get a “ I Win” dragon that should never happen.

An I apologizes ( Really Pg should be apologizing here) for everyone that spend money on him & at the end you got screwed over by a different product that was first “advertised” but was modified at the end. Hope you guys get your money back or rubies back.


Seems to clear lvl 600 base with 1 def just fine post patch.

Surt: 3.3b; consumable used: yes

Base 11b, two islands with double red, long has 3 reds in total


The double double red island made it significantly harder since my gear is quite bad and almost died from holding back consumable for use on long. Best chance to stop me was on 8 funnily enough


Maybe rather than give halfway accurate advice, you should tell people to talk to a lawyer.


Yeah pay a couple of hundred to speak to a lawyer so he can threaten pg so they can remove your game access completely…


Yeah, it’s much better to get inaccurate information for free on a forum.:joy:


I dont even have the dragon but this is grossly unfair to the people who worked / spent to get it.


why is this any worse than a 3 itz attack. Sand just shuts everything down


That’s what I’m saying, pg showed a very OP dragon to everyone to buy/get. An they are fully aware they were going to nerf him from the start. So I’ll keep my money to myself & spend it on something more important then there lies.

To top it all off, they don’t even care about the “GPF” that actually test & balance the dragon for everyone to enjoy.

Anyways let hope next season is better then this one & they release a balance and skill needed mythic dragon.


Someone prove me wrong, next season will be some OP must have Mythic that everyone wants/needs that gets nerfed, we cry about it on the forums, and fall for the same exact ploy again 6 months after that. Rinse and repeat.