Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Where is it inaccurate?

If they would have market surt pay 300$ get surt an amazing dragon and supply the specifications then it’s another ball game.

People should learn how the online businesses work, its been the same for 20 years, wd community is by far the worst I’ve come across , way to many people feel they are owed. Instead of striving for a better well balanced game.


I wish I can prove you wrong unfortunately that’s pg ways now. They paint a old broken down car with a very shiny gloss paint job then when it rains the paint comes right off, then you see the real car as it is.


No one is talking about defence riders vs surt. I dont care he can one shot your towers that his ability that’s what it does. But will a medium geared surt destroy a max geared base. And let’s be honest set the base to defends against surt. We all know there is no one trick build for all dragons so do and honest testing.

  1. Because the 3 Surt attack can come from Obsidian-tier players, while Itzani can only come from Vanguard-tier players.

  2. Because current-incarnation Surt will be blowing up bases long after Itzani is unable to do so. While the Empyrean nature of Surt’s final evolution are a component of that, it’s a true statement to make that Surt will be blowing up bases long after the rest of the Empyrean mythics are useful, and after the Unobtanium mythics have been released.


By the way Itzani takes skill to fly & why 3 itzani? when you need 2 of them to get 5 flames in war?(Of course if they can fly him/her effectively)


Yes a medium geared surt (3.3b)(mine) destroyed a max geared (11b) lvl 600 base, with 1 defender, with a specific anti surt setup (2x islands with 2x reds on them) post patch


Question: what tier is your “Surt” currently in?




Ah yes. But without this nerf your Surt would have been able to do the exact same thing anyways! That means! …nothing has changed. And the dragon is still a nightmare at end game. Gotta love it


Thank you, by the way does your rider got legendary gear? ( of course if you don’t mind me asking)


Yes the nerf was meaningless, they need to just change his resist & change his “Incinerate” to “Death Stare” so it actually takes skills & timing to use him effectively :weary:listen Pg please :pleading_face::man_facepalming:


Full lightning 8? :eyes:


I’m guessing the answer is “YES”…

  • Change his resist to one resist & change “Incinerate” to “Death Stare”, So he takes more Damage & requires “skills” & “ timing” to use effectively. An buff “Ragnarok” by 5-10%.
  • Leave him be.
  • Buff “Ragnarok”
  • Reduced his healing %’s.
  • Nerf him more.
  • Option #1 & #4.
  • You don’t care.

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Yes, at the start “Surt” was killing way above his relevant tier lv by 4 tier without any skills needed.
After pg nerf his “Ragnarok” they limited his kill “potential” in that part Pg did good.

Skills & Balance was missing from the start

Firstly, there should never be a dragon like “Surt” in the game that require no skills from the start.

Secondly, change his resist to one resist so he can take more incoming Damage that makes it fair for defenders to shoot his down while defending. He’s a sorcerer there are know for there powerful AOE spells not taking Damage like a “Tank/Warrior”

Thirdly, change his “incinerate” To “Death Stare”( A form of “Death Gaze” but white with a 3 second cool down) with this change it will automatically eliminate the problem we’re Surt will carry “Ragnarok” in his mouth.
That said, he can’t hold both spells in his mouth at the same time before casting it.

With “Death Stare” it will actually involve skills & timing to use Surt effectively. When a Storm/Earth tower Ss is active it will protect all Surrounding buildings, an “Death Stare” CAN’T Penetrate through the Storm/Earth Shield while active. That’s where the skill & timing comes in play, if you miss or are to slow to take the red mage out in time before the Storm/Earth Ss is active your going to take heavy damage or even die for a simple mistake.

I know there people out there that will 100% agree with me & some that don’t. That’s totally fine it’s your opinion let it be heard!!!


This right here.

I was sensitive to it being over nerfed; however, everyone who seemed to speak unbiased has felt the change was good and still plenty capable.

The above just proves be point. Go ahead and double red mage and make the base easier for other dragons.


FYI I think the real option I’d have voted for would be to wait and see how it is in the Wild before changing it further.

All the unbiased feedback I’ve heard seems to suggest it’s good as is.

I think possibly a lot of people have a desire to not need expensive gear to compete at their level, but that is what their competition is doing to make their base so good. More of a problem with inflation and perception I think.


Your right.


sees Forum post about Surt being too op
nerfs Surt

1 day later
sees Forum post about players threatening to refund because Surt is too weak now


Jokes aside, If they were gonna make a change that half the playerbase thought was too heavyhanded and half thought was too lighthanded they might as well have not touched Surt at all :laughing:


Literally no one thinks it was too heavy handed. No one who’s actually done analysis and not just knee jerked reacted.