Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Actually - you just described the perfect change… :rofl: That’s balance! 50:50


As long as it’s possible to hit a full base 1 tier up it wasn’t too heavy handed and it seems the original scare was just a scare @Gox1201 the base you attacked also utilized warriors as perches I take it?


Literally no one? Really? I went from farming 3B bases to getting shot down by 300mil. For those of us who purchased Surt this has and will have a significant change in our gaming experience. An experience we paid quite frankly paid a lot of $$ for. I understand that the reactions are 50/50, which is most likely a long term balance. I get that’s a good thing. That doesn’t excuse PG for not compensating us for the difference in value we get from our gameplay from this change. They sold us on X and have changed it to Y. Fine, then return us the difference.


What tier drag?


Level 40 Harbinger


Vid would help, what gear? Att/hp?


Getting shot down by 300m? That doesn’t sound right at all…all 300 m bases I’ve seen were under level 60 towers

His survivability alone should allow you to,clear a base like that


Astrid Rider w/ level 2/3 gear


It happens now. Not all the time, but never before the nerf. I was shocked… ragnarok bounced off storm shielded buildings.


Ragnarok never penetrated shields


You’re kidding, right?


Umm, if you’re saying ragnarok went through a shield then no I’m not kidding


I think you may be confusing Ragnarok and Incinerate…

Edit: And what I mean by that is Incinerate kills red mages even through a shield. Ragnarok has never been able to hit through a shield.


Defenders and shields haven’t been a problem before


I am sincerely hoping you are…


As I was saying:


Maybe I need to add “and understands game mechanics” to the condition :thinking:


Are you guys actually flying this dragon or just going off of what you read?


And that was an unnecessary low blow. Beneath a moderator.


Nothing penetrates shields but flux type spells like incinerate and crumble to dust type spells. If raganarok penetrated shields he’d have been on a whole other level of OP…he’d have been god, likely a garnet or sapphire could have been causing significant damage to vanguard bases lol…maybe, I don’t know what the health and damage is for those dragons in relation to towers haha


Ragnarok has never penetrated through shields.