Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


What was? Describing your reaction as knee jerk? Knee jerk is defined as a reaction (often times overreaction) without proper reasoning or understanding of the issue.
Or saying that you don’t understand game mechanics? You’ve demonstrated this by thinking not only that ragnarok goes through shields, but by nominally reducing the damage would change that behavior.
Which one is false?

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If your Harbinger Surt has problems killing 300m bases that my Garnet Pathox has no issues with, I think you may want to read up on something called “user error.”


Maybe he met some monster ballistas? Cos flaks can’t drop his Surt. Literally cannot drop his Surt.


Rather than getting enraged over one critics, try to provide a video showing the flight, or take a step back and double check.

I think Crisis has removed “PG” from her IGN…


She has :laughing: it is now simply “Crisis” :slight_smile:


Soo… is anyone actually going to discuss what the numbers actually are?
All I see is back and forth arguing about general game balance and the business practices surrounding PGs mythic marketing/nerf strategy

This isn’t game balance thread
This isn’t PG business model thread



I have now trolled all the trolls who are trolling trolls… flex


Anybody else think the appearance of the red envelopes at this point in time is interesting? People who were not already on track to get Surt will be forced to spend now to get him instead of waiting until the end of the season to do any spending (because if I remember correctly, red envelopes are a better deal than super sigil chests). So if PG chooses to nerf him again later they will all be screwed… :thinking:


then dont spend on them :slight_smile:


I think people are just fed up with PG in general. They simply do not give a damn and they certainly do not listen. The game is dying a slow death. Maybe it is best to stop caring and move on. :man_shrugging:t2:


I don’t intend to, actually. But I do find this a bit funny coming from someone who already has Surt. :wink:


I encourage you to be the change you want from the world.

In games with better design, they call this sort of change a rebalance.

They also buff, nerf, and rebalance game pieces regularly for the sake of balance. :man_shrugging: It’s the only way to do it if you care about game balance over time; your players cumulatively think more about your game than you do, unless your game is a complete bomb, and they will find things you didn’t anticipate. The WD model of game pieces being laborious unlocks makes that approach more difficult; I’m inclined to call this a metalevel design flaw.

I don’t think anyone, including the devs, knows. :man_shrugging: You need emerald eggs, which you acquire from breeding obsidian dragons, so, sure? And 55s were unlocked in fall 2017, after the release of obsidian tier. No idea what sort of dragons 54s are supposed to actually take down, though. My mid-obsidian Pathox can’t die to 54s unless I badly mess up. Course, all obsidian mythics have wildly different stats, depending on whether you got yours before someone decided that subendgame mythics needed to have garbage stats, because the life of non-endgame players in this game is just too fun and easy.

Time will tell, but I suspect well-flown Itz has a lot of upward potential for setup. For a while, at least, it could be a more forgiving Hau alternative.

Because this is the Year of Our Lord MMXIX, and no one cares about wars. During Atlas attacks, 3 Itzanis flown poorly can wreck very strong, very well-built bases due to the idiocy that is Undying Will, and this will be painful to the defender even at 3 flames.

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Is it now? :grin:


Good catch. It’s early here. :joy:


So I skipped most of the above. :grin:

How likely is it that Surt will get a second “adjustment” / “nerf”?


As soon as the season ends, I bet.


They won’t have too when PG releases the Anti Surt tower that uses elemental lumber and scales up to 85 for Fort at current cost levels. :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Pathox is great :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I 100% agree with you, they need to change is resist to just “1” Resist & change “Incinerate” To “Death Stare” so it actually takes “Skills” & “Timing” to use his spell kit effectively.

The people out there that are “NOT “ willing to learn how to use Surt effectively are just noobs that just want a “I Win” dragon without even learning how to fly him.( if they change his resist & “Incinerate”)


I’ll leave the “poll” open until the end of this season.


Saw a boosted Empyrean Surt (unknown rider and gear) get smashed on a base with 72 towers. The Ragnarok spell only took about 40% of the kill island HP.

What’s going to happen when level 80 towers come out? I

Asomeone that was excited about Surt, it was depressing to see.