Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Lol! Was it naked?


Maybe naked plus zero research…


Or the defender had a beast of gear


Meh my surt has died to lvl 65s when I fat fingered ragnarok into the ocean. Its soloed 600s defended.

Its still op as f


I have a friend with level 72 towers who says he has configured his base to take down Empyrean Surts and he has done it multiple times.


Does it stop anything else now?


It doesn’t look like that bad of a set-up to me in terms of stopping other dragons. It just has 2 red mages on the long island.




I guess every flier is not Gox? :woman_shrugging:


I saw three of them in one battle the day before last. They took out diamond teams bases double defended like they were nothing. The only thing that stopped them was through attrition because it’s harder to attack than to defend when u have to go back to wherever staging area u set your home to than it is to defend a castle where u can respawn on the spot or next to it and instantly have a full prim again. So yeah pretty much a lot do have him. It’s like saying not a lot of people have Pathox. He’s in almost every battle Ive seen recently. I don’t know cause I don’t have him but I think the main problem is being able to gain full rage with zero. It should cost at least one rage. Or giving him a white death stare instead of basically spell flux are both the best ideas I’ve heard.
Maybe pg designed it this way because the more troops are lost the more pg wins right?


Since when has a sacrifice type spell cost any rage? If anything make it cost health


That is also an idea


Lust and blood fury both cost rage.


Oh and I don’t think it was a coincidence that we all got legendary and didn’t some get mythic sorc hp glyphs in the prizes last event. After the nerf. Isn’t spells based off hp now? Either way I don’t see a difference after the nerf


No, ragnarok is based off of attack, but incinerate is based off of HP.


While it’s true Gox is well above average in flight, and I’m by no means insulting him, there are many people better than him by his own past admissions.

This means the 50-60% for sure could not, but probably more than 25% can pilot surt like he does given the right knowledge.

Feel free to correct this if anyone thinks I’ve misjudged.

Now imagine what 1/4th of the game from all tiers could do with surt…


Thers a lot of pilot@fail.user.exe arround, they kill everything just not towrers🙈


Frag when i was coming up my base got destroyed all the time. it still does. there are plenty of drags besides surt that can do it like oni and jorm. i expect it to happen. so i just keep rss in bank and when i get attacked try to make em take two dragons at least. i think the issue that most have with surt is the impression it requires less skill than say itz.


1/4 of the game who can afford to get Surt


Thank you for clearing that up. So how do we know what spells are boosted by hp and what ones are boosted by att runes? This is for another discussion perhaps but I have a lot of dragons that all feel different. For instance my Tez echoing blast seems more powerful and he has all mythic or legendary warrior att runes on him.