Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Surt is 1/4 the price right now with the red envelopes.


I’m beginning to think you work for PG, Lutrus. First you tell everyone he’s unstoppable and OP, etc… then you tell everyone he’s on sale… :thinking: :joy:



:rofl: I just tell it how it is :man_shrugging:t3:


“But wait, there’s more! If you act now, you will get not ONE, but TWO Surts for the low low price of $999.99! Don’t let this deal pass you by!”

-Lutrus, 2019


This is more than an impression.

It’s fact. Maybe itz shouldn’t have undying will or maybe it should be less, but I have no issue defending itz except by extrodonary fliers. I can defend triple itz, but people who I’ve seen flying warriors and don’t know to hit the story or earthflak first, waltzing through. There isn’t much strategic choice unless there is double red mages and even then it’s way harder than dealing with fire flak ice flak and dark flak… double shadow strike is 10 times harder than anything surt does unless you touch the screen someplace accidentally.

It’s just a fact that while itz could need attention, it’s nowhere near as bad as surt

Again I think the issue is that people find it’s hard to fly bases with good gear, of which their competition has. And that’s by design. The degree of gear Improvement is what I see as problematic.


Self-marketing products?


Hehe as Eidolon said, I’m by no ways special when it comes to flying (execution) - I’m decent at figuring out HOW to do something - making it so not always.

As stated here, the problem with Surt is he is highly effective even if flown with 1 finger while having a cuppa.

The real question for me is where do J Average THINK he should fit in vs defenders (1 and 2 defs); equal tier

  1. clear 6 sometimes, die sometimes
  2. clear 6 always, die on 5 without killing it/kill 1 tower
  3. clear 6 and 5, die on 4
  4. clear it all

Would like ppl to answer that and give a reason


As soon as 80s come out Surt will be garbage defended. They nerfed him too much considering fire flaks will reduce ragnarok by 50% since that spell is linked to attack. I just did a run on a defended base with empyrean Surt and his ragnorak failed to kill the level 75 towers in one hit. Dps is 22.6 mil. Maybe my spell glitched like that happens sometime but meh.


Most players have a 1-3 base nowadays :joy:

But equal tier 2 defenders I’d expect to at least get thru the kill isle so #3.?


Seems your gear is as bad as mine, for interest sake whats the target base dp look like?


Not true, his vanguard iteration can handle maxed bases. So I think his empyrean version will handle 80’s just fine. 85s? Probably if you got amazing gear…


I’m agreeing with Grumpy here except I think if he is honest he will admit that if Surt clears the kill island then he will clear it all. In which case the answer is 4. May not be the answer Gox wants to hear, though. Unfortunately, most good bases I deal with have 1 kill island so either you clear it and win the base or you don’t and you’re dead. lol It’s a very binary thing. I’m not that familiar with higher level bases that have longer set-ups so I can’t speak to that.
I guess my answer is really more like 4) Clear it all most times, die sometimes. But maybe I’m splitting hairs. I don’t necessarily think he should be a sure thing in 100% of defended runs. But we are talking about the same tier so I think he should be able to clear it unless there are really good defenders on a really difficult base.


change Surt’s Elemental Resist to one Resist ( Dark or Fire Flaks )


Yeah true. I was answering more from my expectation as a player, rather than as someone using Surt though.


Good point about the fire flaks. Clearly indicative of an unstated but likely effective anti-Surt defensive strategy. Hard to argue that 5x ragnorak is still OP.


assuming the fireflak hits before he casts ragnarok


Highly effective? Wait 2.5seconds and base evaporates. Shoot before it lands base is gone. Swipe with ragnarok = base gone.


You honestly think a mythic should clear double defended bases of same tier?

So irrespective of base, spend $500 get iwin button?

Ok. Interesting.

Can’t pg then just give us said button? You buy it and you get infinite nuke consumable that 1 shots base till next season? Would save hammers and time?


Oh good lord. Don’t give them ideas!!!
Next patch we find “mega nuke” in the forge for only 500 rubies each…


Maybe it’s different at the very top, but at least through emerald, that’s pretty much what any good mythic divine (and frankly, many well-flown legendary divines) can do, unless it can be held off by hammer-spam. And I’m of the opinion that hammer-spam is a horrible mechanic that really shouldn’t exist.

I’d happily agree that it shouldn’t be easy for top-tier dragons to sail through top-tier bases, but unless PG does a lot to tip the balance back towards towers in the lower tiers…well, it seems like a bare minimum expectation down there.