Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


What you call this then? Balance? Gets back to 100% hp when destroying towers, & the defender seem like he knows what he was doing as well. Surt got rage drain then just waited to used the instead 3 rage back to used “ Ragnarok” then reap.


I’ve seen that video and it’s not Odin, nor is it post nerf.

Edit: I don’t think level 52 is obsidian, someone else a long time ago mentioned that was an obsidian drag and clearly it’s not

Vanguard vs Vanguard, I don’t see what the big deal is, seems to me like that dragon would have died had the middle island been defended better (ie superhsots saved for it)

Granted that flyer had poor rage management. We are literally rehashing shit that we’ve been talking about for weeks. Give it a rest


One, my apologies I thought it was one of Odin videos, we can both agree it’s not his video.

Second, he shouldn’t be able to restore all the way back to 100% hp when he destroys 5 towers that’s to much hp % ‘s he gets back per tower he destroys.

Finally, he should not be a tank/warrior when taking incoming damage. He’s a sorcerer, there know for there strong AOE spells not there Damage take in. I’m just saying is to change his resist that’s it, all the other spells are fine at the current state there in. I honestly don’t have a problem with that at all.

I’m just staying the facts, I’m not making all this up.


He’s not tanking by means of health. A sorcerer in the rpg world can tank magic and such, so I’m not too sure that’s an issue as “elemental” is similar enough to magic. What is truly missing is an effective non elemental tower. It’s been missing for a long time, the creation of surt really brings that to the forefront. And I don’t know if you remember or not but vampiric and healing mark can damn near bring ya to 100% when runed properly.

That said, if they decide to nerf it more, then healing factor could get looked at. But again, as effective as this dragon is, there is a very fine line with keeping him effective vs making him trash. You can’t just change everything you dislike about him and hope he’ll still be good. His game mechanics don’t allow it. I’ve brought up the point before and now Gox has mentioned it. (Not A quote) This dragon needs to function basically the same for those who bought him and have him. Only minor changes should be made if at all past what’s been done.


Yes, he’s tanking Damage like it’s nothing unless there a non-element tower there he won’t be taking that much damage then.
Yes, they need to do 1 or the other… simply change his resist or change his healing %’s when destroying “A” tower then I’ll leave him be.

Pg isn’t saying much atm about him yet, so we got to wait & see what they got planed.


Leave the resist alone. There are lots of sorcerers and warriors that have elemental resist too. And he really needs the elemental resist or he wont last more than 2 seconds. I think BH should cost 1 rage, same as Bloodlust or Bloodfury.


Only 2 sorcerer got elemental resist ( not including Surt) an those sorcerer can’t heal or can heal for a small amount.

Warriors with Elemental resist is fine, there a post to take heavy damage.


They also both have invinceability shields, so they don’t need to heal. Surt doesn’t have ANY way to avoid damage, so he needs a way to heal.


Yes they do, but it don’t last as long as a actual “invincibility” Shield.


Well Jorm can also freeze all towers, which is basically the same effect as his shield. Sylphen locks towers down, so they don’t damage him either. I’m just saying, Surt needs the elemental resist to be viable. There are other ways to tweak him, like adding a 1 rage cost to BH. Or reducing his healing.


Keep in mind Sylpen can’t heal & Jorm can heal with “Tidal Wave” for a small % of Hp( Tidal wave got a 3 second cool down)

Both those sorcerer have no way to dodge mage drains, Surt heals a lot… an on top of that got a way to gain 3 rage back, so a rage drain isn’t really a problem with him.


Adding one rage will make this dragon a 1 island pony


What are you talking about? Jorm has a rageless white shield that blocks all mage shots, and Sylphens shield leaves rage marks behind on monuments and towers, so it’s not hard to deal with rage drains with him either. I’m telling you, if you take elemental resist from Surt he wont last long enough to fire off Ragnarok. Resisting one flak wont be enough, especially below vanguard tier.

And btw, it’s called Tidal Surge, heals for 10% of HP, and has a 4.5 second cooldown.


Most bases only have 1 island anyway, until close to endgame. And there are still ways to make him work to ensure you always have 1 rage remaining to cast BH.


I got the “Tidal” part right :man_shrugging:t2::joy:


I always kill Jorm on my teammate base, he doesn’t make it the first long Island he approach.

Here’s a Situation, just say both of these dragons got to go through a mage drain island long/short they both got hit by 2 mage shots before approaching the kill island so they got 1 to 0 rage once arrived at the kill island. They simply die after that, they don’t have any way to gain rage back from getting drain like Surt dose.

Honestly I don’t mind at all if Surt have his rageless rage gain spell it’s the fact he heals so much back in a short period of time. He can easily go back to 100% hp after casting “ Hatred burn” & “Ragnarok” at the same time.

All I’m saying is to change is resist or reduce the healing %’s per tower he kills. I’m not saying both just one of those two. No one should change there base around for one dragon, that will leave a big window for other dragons to take advantage of the situation.




Yeah that guy doesn’t do a very good job at managing his rage and still has no trouble. Imagine what could be done with better rage management.

Doesn’t diminish the base it’s hitting is one that less than 1% should be competitive against and this dragon as it originally was would make like 5-10% or more able to do that with poor flying

Well if the attacker doesn’t have maxed gear it means gear is less valuable, and so defense is less valuable. I really don’t see why people think the top echelon should be degradable by a large number of people using a single dragon without setup. It’s already pretty tilted towards offense.

It’s not like all vanguard towers are equal anymore than all vanguard dragons are

If that’s not an HP tank, I don’t know what is. Try any vanguard warrior on that base and let it soak up that much damage and survive more than a few seconds more.

I’m not sure it’s not as balanced as it will be, but it really isn’t balanced as is. At least the damage of the dragon is somewhat limited now.

It flies a lot like corthanak now,
Except health doesn’t diminish as you progress through the base and you never reach a point where free rage is limited in any way.

Personally I think the rage spell should either consume 1 rage, be colored, or cost some life. And heal should be tweaked back just a little. (Possibly bt changing runes). But it probably won’t break the game how it is, it just requires no real thought to use other than knowing when a red mage is coming.


Honestly that will take a while for them to Implement a new non element tower into the game.

Pg simply haven’t post any news on any new towers getting released.


Hp tank is by having a ridiculous amount of health vs tanking via a skill. Tanking via a skill or resist fits a sorcerers mo as does ability to heal. I did not say he was not tanking damage. I was just stating the difference between two kinds of tanking.

GFS doesn’t believe a sorcerer should be able to tank as he doesn’t think it suits a sorc. But it’s just simply not true. A sorcerer tanking via a skill/resist is perfectly viable. Now maybe they could of added a modified version of Nexryx’s spell vs having elemental resist.

As for the free rage spell, if they do anything to it, I think they should just make it cost health. Anything else will be too dramatic imo.

Ultimately like I said previously, while surts balance is currently a “problem”, it’s not the source of the issue we’re having. A dragon like surt should be allowed in the game but given the fact that the only good towers in the game are elemental, it balances too far in Surts favor. PG should have alternated elemental and nonelemental tower releases