Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Yes, but they shouldn’t have made ballistic type towers obsolete to begin with. They should have made elemental towers to work in complement with ballistics to allow greater variety in base design. Elemental towers should do damage less than their ballistic counterparts but have improved utility features (stuns, shields, etc). So ballistics would give more damage with less utility and elementals vis versa. You are totally right this will not change anytime soon as at this point it would take a big overhaul to get things in balance.


Yes, a sorcerer shouldn’t tank damage like a other class. That class is called “Warrior” class there the tanks in this game, hunters are more In control with there fire power then the other 2 classes( take out towers faster then any other class), & sorcerer are more as a clean up dragon( follow up dragon with there strong AOE spells) once the mages are take out from the lead Attacker from hunter/warrior so it makes it easier for the sorcerer to use his whole spell kit effectively without worrying about getting rage drain.


Yes I agree with you, they should of made a counterpart Flak for the “Ballistic” tower like they did the other no -Element towers.


Except Jorm will be going into the kill island with full rage, because he has a 0 rage cost white shield that blocks mage shots :man_facepalming:. No offense but that’s just shitty flying if Jorm gets rage drained, unless you have an ice flak to break the shield before activating mages.


Yea your right, but on his base he got ice flaks on most of his island so I Ss the ice Flak then drain him while I stun him with Dark Flak an let his Archer/cannon towers go in on him & he dies quickly.


If the flier was good, he would use Tidal Surge on the red mage from the turn and freeze the island before any of the flaks or mages could hit him, but we know most fliers are average at best. Anyways, we are getting off topic a bit. I still think Surt needs the elemental resist, but tweaking his healing from BH would help balance him.


Yes I agree, but pg need to do something with his healing. He’s simply healing way to much, once you think your about to kill him then he activate burning Hatred he goes back to full health after casting “Ragnarok” it makes it very difficult to even kill him while defending.

I say reduced his healing from 25% to like 10-15% per building he destroys then 25%. Honestly they should buff “Ragnarok” to 20x’s not 10x’s but that’s just me.


So a thought. Apart from new tower levels do we have any idea what the new towers will be? Flaks are finished with earth. Elemental resist may mean nothing to the new towers that replace flaks. Does that mean people will have to buy the new towers to counter current Surt at end game levels - yes. Are those people likely to have those anyway to beat the other dragons with elemental resist - yes.

Another thought, bases are already being modified that seem to have a chance at stopping Surt, double red mage etc. Is at least part of the issue that the defense strategy against Surt is not yet fully formed because too many people are crying OP without pausing to think how to kill him? Or because their base designed to kill the current kings should easily kill the new? Defense strategies do lag offense. I am aware of base cost vs dragon - that is a PG mistake.

With the current change Surt should not have a shelf life that is tier +4. Maybe still tier +1 (against strong bases with gear)? I am not end game and not bothered to look at that point. Assuming it is tier +1 then this is all a storm in a tea cup that will disappear in time. Corthanak caused a stir when it first came out and it is now irrelevant, cannot clear a base of equal tier against defenders.

For those not at end game is it even relevant which dragon blasts through their base? In Atlas you have 400+ attacking 200+ bases, no defense is stopping that.

In the end forum players are a very small percentage of player base. I would assume PG will make a decision based on metrics across the player base as a whole, so that will account for “casual bad flyers” as well as “WD junkies practicing hours”.


Yes surt does exactly this. It doesn’t need a skill. It’s just insult to injury that it can fully recover. He is a hp tank. the resist helps but warriors with it do similarly. It shouldn’t really be in the same ballpark.

Enduring damage via shield or other spell is fine but I think you are missing that he simply has so much hp he can just wait stuff out. That is why it’s an issue. The recovery is another entire issue on top of it.

I would be okay with this. I don’t think it would change anything. But if the spell is used elsewhere it would not be balanced. It only works on this setup. Spells should maintain proper costs so they they don’t break the game in the future use of them. (Among other reasons)

I honestly think the health should go down as it goes through the base so that it can’t completelt recover with no loss…

I’m not sure I agree with this but can agree to disagree. I just want there to be choices with trade offs so that it isn’t autopilot to win the strongest defense possible. Rage should come at a cost. Health shouldn’t be 100% (even consume won’t 100% heal you) etc

Maybe their plan is to beef up non-elemental towers next. That would be a thing that I think is good for the game. But even with that it’s not really good to have binary impact (kill towers or don’t kill towers but not any degree between)


Interesting. Make the free rage spell almost a kamikaze. It takes away half health if you use it. So u can’t spam it


What the hell this thread is still going on. Get over it :rofl:


Nooooo, Surt is still Op. I should be able to kill him on rage drain island.


1st quote: While I agree a spell is more akin to sorcerers like a shield, it is not unheard of for sorcerer classes (not necessarily in this game) to have higher elemental resists (it is actual quite a popular idea) vs other more physical characters.

The 2nd:
My point in saying a dragon like surt should be allowed in the game is directly related to the rest of that paragraph. If the game were more balanced with non elemental and elemental towers, surt wouldn’t have had nearly this much discusssion as there would have been more efficient ways to defend against him. Yes you would of had people groaning about the lack of skill but not every dragon should require perfection. But I do agree we should have more Hau’s in the game and we are still lacking in that department

Geez Thor, don’t be ridiculous.


Yes Surt should be 100% allowed in the( look wise, he looks amazing) game as long as they test & Balanceed him out before Implementing him in game.


Agreed, but there are two ways to have balance. One is: balance a dragon for the current game. Two: if you want a dragon to have a certain playstyle (ie Surt) ensure towers are balanced enough to be able to defend against him.


Super storm tower! Storm tower shield can’t be broken through with incinerate and cost only black pearls and eventual embers to upgrade


Agree, I honestly don’t see Pg releasing a new sires of towers any time soon tho.


You’re too optimistic :smirk:


I’m not trying to being “ Optimistic”, I’m just saying :man_shrugging:t2: If Pg were going to release a new series of towers they would of give us a hint already like saying there something new on its ways or something in that form.


All of you asking for a new line of powerful projectile towers …

You are literally begging pg to do this? Whats wrong with you!?!?!!

You have been warned