Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Honestly shocked, people see this as a good thing :joy: I want to see their reaction when PG introduces a whole new currency for these towers and then make every other dragon you own completely irrelevant :grin::grin:


I didn’t say anything :joy::flushed:


That’s the business model isn’t it? :joy:


That’s not true, everyone are not going to give up on flaks because a new Series of tower comes out. Even if they add the new series resist to new future dragons Flaks will kill them :man_shrugging:t2:
An a lot of mid & low lvs spent a lot of timers building those flaks so I highly doubt they will replace them.


To me it’s more like will they stop releasing powerful new game changing towers? I personally think the answer is no. Won’t matter how much we beg them not to.

So it’s more like what will the next tower be. Projectile seems among the top choices.

I’d like to believe the new towers that I believe will come no matter how much we want them to will be ones that add balance and strategy, but it will probably just be dark flak with a new twist and not a flak. (You know one tower that is always the only right choice if you don’t buy it)

With elemental resist I do think it makes sense for non elemental towers to be viable. But there are lots of other possibilities.


Yeah I’ve noticed and thanks


None of them understand the cost. All of them have very long bases…
I’m also going to bet none of them have replaced storm with Earth or at least leveled them very much.


Yeah, powerful projectile towers would help address Surt, but they would make literally every other dragon trash. Plus, we’d all have to spend thousands of dollars to redo our bases if we want to take advantage of these new wonders. :woman_facepalming:


I think a better idea instead of a new tower would be to balance the current non elementals past a certain tower level, like say obsidian or harbinger. I don’t think it is wise to make non elementals directly compete with flaks. Flaks should remain the top choice imo but allow projectiles to at least make a difference so that dragons such as surt can be stopped by including them


Even after surt Nerf he still is a beast


He’s going to get nerf again I Guaranteed it.


Make the following changes for Burning Hatred:

  • Instantly restores 3 Rage. Dragon heals for 25% of its Modified HP on next building destruction within 3 seconds of the spell being cast. Spell has a 5 seconds cooldown.

It will not change much but… UVS is a warrior who has no shield but his Alter Fate spell has 10 seconds cooldown. Surt can have a Burning Hatred spell with 5 seconds cooldown. @PGJared


Bro …
It last 6 seconds when active & got a 3 second cool down that brings it up to a 9 seconds before using again.

If you turn it around & make it last 3 seconds when active & a 6 second cool down that may honestly make a differents? :man_shrugging:t2:


You are extremely misinformed. UVS gets a shield every time he uses Alter Fate.

Edit: Heres the spell description.
Alter Fate - Active | White | 2 Rage

  • After 1 second, the Dragon will teleport forward and gain a shield for 40% of its max HP that lasts for 15 seconds. Alter Fate can be recast within the 15 seconds of activation to return to the pre-teleport position and will gain another shield for 40% of its max HP that lasts for 10 seconds. Spell has a 10 second cooldown.


Yes, UVS gets to use the shield 1 time on a base and if lucky, he might be able to do it twice… but don’t count on it. While Surt can use his Burning Hatred every three seconds… which is about 6 times on a base. The super shots of the mages = zero impact on Surt while the mages super shots on UVS = dead mythic.


Correction. Burning hatred can be used every 9 seconds give or take.

And I think you underestimate UVS. If you get hit by mages on UVS that’s user error


Again, you are very misinformed, or just don’t understand how to fly UVS. Using Alter Fate, you can dodge all shots on an island, appear on another island with a shield, then teleport back to where you started with ANOTHER shield, gaining rage the entire time. Keep in mind the second cast of Alter Fate to return to the starting position does not require any rage, so you essentially get 2 shields and a dodge of all supershots, if timed correctly, for 2 rage. Surt on the other hand can’t dodge anything, so without the rage regen he is worthless.

PG really backed themselves into a corner with Surt, making him all or nothing. So only slight changes are really possible without making him worthless.

And as already pointed out, Surt can regain 3 rage every 9 seconds, which is really about once per island. Not every 3 seconds.


My experience on both is different.

Re UVS: you can dodge supers once, and eat them the next time. If your timing is off you’re dead. (iceflak), and if they are clever in their SS use, you will eat them the next time.

Its also dependent on base layout, else you teleport back right into the supers (like the video lol)

Once UVS is out of rage, he is in big trouble. A useful buff would be something that helps him overcome hammer spam, not more dmg from his timestop. He could really benefit from a shorter cooldown on the teleport.

Re: Surt

He only needs rage AFTER killing an island, so he pretty much needs no rage management; you can easily manage him – ive done test runs, where you literally do nothing till at 15% health (aka you eat all the supers they can throw at you), and just heal back to full. rinse repeat.

All you need to do is flux on the turn, and preload ragnarok, and just wait…

The only solution is to tweak his healing from 5 tower ragnarok, any change to his resist will make him die before killing anything other than 1 mage, tweaks to his rage cost of burning would work, but is not my preferred choice.


Next season mythic should be a Hunter & sorcerer mythic, we had already 2 warrior mythics. One this season & one last season soooooooo…

Let’s hope they are amazing/balanced & require SKILLS!!! To fly them effectively.


Past 3 seasons had warriors -.- it’s annoying lol. We might go 4 for 4