Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Warriors are the most popular class after all (according to PG) although the forums are full of hunter fanatics :smirk:


Shush. Your not supposed to talk about the hunter club! It’s the first rule!

Side note this is pretty much spot on. Most of the player base likes pretty relaxed dragon styles. It’s why warriors and sorcerers are popular. He’ll tune into most streams and warriors and sorcerers are most talked about in the chat from what I have seen.


Unless the defender is a noob, UVS is hit by the mages SS when he comes back once the Alter fate is done. Yes, you can fool a defender, maybe, but two defenders … you are done. And it’s all because of the 1 second delay the Alter fate has before engaging. You wait too much, the first SS gets you, you dodge it, the SS from the second mage will not engage and you’ll get it in ur face when you return. I know very well how UVS works and I doubt you can compare him with Surt.


Hunter + iOS notifications = :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

maybe that’s why :joy:


I am not trying to compare him with Surt. UVS has a skill/timing component that Surt does not have. I was merely correcting you about UVS. Btw, UVS will still dodge the mage shots with the 1 second delay. And yes, he might get hit by another mage shot when he teleports back, if the defender is smart, but he will still have another shield at least.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yeah I have to be careful the notifications I get. I’ve disabled getting banners for text messages on my iPad (which is what I play my main account on). I’ve gotten kicked out of PVP event runs a few times by an ill timed incoming iMessage :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:


Hunters: better have great reflex if you have a notification to 1) stay pushed onto the notification (games doesn’t close) :worried: or 2) avoid the notification popup :hot_face:

Sorcerers: don’t swipe on the low part of the screen, there is a little grey bar that change applications on iOS :sweat_smile::sweat:

Warrior: press your finger on your screen making “8” shapes and keep talking to your wife pretending you listen to her :innocent:

Ps: there is no personal experiences onto this flying style description…almost…ok, all the above is 100% true story :see_no_evil:


That’s not true… but hey, you sure know better.


Of course it can dodge one SS from a knowledgeable defender. And I can even dodge the mage shot at the landing point, where Alter fate stops, but he gets the second mage SS right in his face once he’s back to the start point where I engaged the Alter fate. If the Alter fate cooldown would have been 2 seconds instead of 10 and no 1 second delay on Alter fate, UVS would have been finally a great warrior that requires skills to run it. As he is right now, he’s just a shiny no defenders base runner.


With all the bellyaching going on about Surt being nerfed and last month it was Pathox, although both are still OP I want to lodge my complaint that UVS can’t take out a base more then one level higher then himself without skill. I want push button UVS and for him to have more power. ~ being overly sarcastic here.


me two


I dont understand, why would you get hit with any supershots here? Unless the defender saved one, you should dodge them all. Also, the 1 second delay does nothing, he still dodges everything in the air when you activate Alter Fate.

The 10 second cooldown is the exact amount of time the shield lasts, so you could theoretically go through a base with a shield up the entire time.


Because defenders are smart ? I don’t know… When you know the dragon weaknesses you know how to kill him quick.
And no, during that second the mage SS can get him, even if Alter fate is engaged. A smart UVS rider does not Alter fate the moment the first SS mage is shot, he waits a fraction of second to have the second mage SS blast to him too, then he engages Alter fate. If that second SS doesn’t come, well… guess what … it will welcome you when you come back.


Yeah sounds super difficult to dodge those shots. It’s almost as if Alter Fate works the same as a white cloak, with the added effect of giving TWO shields that combined last 25 seconds. That’s definitely not good enough, let’s just give him an invincibility shield that lasts the whole battle. /s :man_facepalming:


It’s not what I said, but from my experience, when people are shown that they are wrong in their assumptions, they tend to become sarcastics rather than admit they were wrong.

I merely compared Surt to UVS, two mythics of the same season, which are not even close in comparison but who cost the same.


Have you flown UVS?


I have it at Vanguard level. And of course I flown it. A lot ! To learn where the Alter fate lands on the map, when it’s the best place to use Time stop to kill 6 towers and so on… I can say I know how to fly him good enough. And I know how to defend against him also.


It’s interesting that you started out thinking UVS didnt have a shield at all. After I corrected you, you still didn’t seem to understand how Alter Fate worked, and in fact were asking for it to be changed, because

Which I’m sure many many people would disagree with. So yeah, I got sarcastic, because I am having a very difficult time taking you seriously. Especially when you started trying to compare him to Surt. UVS requires skill, Surt does not. That doesn’t mean UVS is weak, it just means that if the flier sucks, then the defenders win :man_shrugging:


They really need to change his “time shift”(red frozen AOE Spell) to something that will increase his Attack power by like 100% while active. Honestly his white spell it sucks, like the ideal but the cool down is way to long in my honest opinion.


Wait you mean his white blink ability with two shields that is pretty much the only thing that makes this a fun and engaging warrior?

Honestly his white spell is the best part. Also this is kinda off topic