Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


Are you using equivalent gear to the base?

I’ll try see if I can get some numbers, can someone tell me what the max obsidian level is in live for Surt?


Hard to say without messaging the base owners and asking. The gear I have on him is nothing special, maybe a 40/40 total boost including Astrid.


Atlas riders are the best rider in the game, they give you extra Hp/Ap & depending on what dragon class your going to put it on it can be Extra Ammo, Increase Rage Generation, or Extra Hp of course depending on what dragon class you decide to put him on.


basically what I’m saying is we have 3 tiers of dragons spread out within what 6 tower levels. I have emerald right now with capped 52 towers, I’ll have 54 before I even get my first obsidian. So with emerald dragons ideally I should be able to kill my own base, but seeing as Harbinger starts at 56, I guess my towers would be in the obsidian range. there is a large gap with tower balance in relation to breeding schedule. After reaching obsidian, I’ll gain like what 2 levels in tower level until I reach harbinger? If I breed all my obsidians before harbinger I could even reach level 60 towers which is half way into harbinger. Granted that’s a stupid breeding method but it’s still possible.

Point is if emerald towers stop at 52 that means (unless it’s 51) then there’s only 3 tower levels in obsidian, all because they screwed around with towers at that time


Yes the problem is old and not new.

At a specific point you can build towers that you cannot beat with your current capped tier.

I always find that stupid as hell but those who have these stronger towers of course disagree lol.

And it makes money for PG :+1:t4::man_shrugging:t2:


Actually, Astrid currently has the highest stats of any rider available, she just doesnt have the special class skill of +1 hunter ammo, 10% rage, or 10% warrior HP.

On the bright side, I’m definitely not worried about Surt soloing my base. It would take one much higher level than my base to do it, and at a higher level there are plenty of other dragons that could also solo my base anyway :man_shrugging:


In case anyone was wondering, here’s what it’s like to fly Surt against all of the top D2 bases: Surt Gameplay Analog


See what I mean, I rather have extra Ammo on a Hunter then more Attack of course if I don’t have any extra ammo rune/glyphs atm. I can rune a hunter simply with Hunter Attack I got plenty of those, when I come across getting Extra ammo rune/glyphs in silver chest the chances of me getting one is slim to none.

Of course I been getting mine(Extra Ammo) from season branch’s for the most part, so there’s a trade off really :man_shrugging:t2: If you got any extra ammo rune/glyphs yes use Her if not then I highly recommend getting a atlas rider that can Substitute for your lack of extra ammo rune/glyphs.


Feel better?


Please keep it civil.


smart end game base owners have already figured out how to shoot surt down.


All of them know how to shoot him down?
Please tell…


Nerf Surt.


I like your thinking, simple & straight to the point :joy:


Sadly this has become part of PG’s business plan. This, in my opinion, is a very shady business practice and players should be pissed. Ethically PG needs to make admends. They can start by listening to the player’s faction up front and not after the fact.


Honestly when next season begins let’s all post is this the “Actual” Final!!! Product?..(season mythic spell set of course) before we all start going happy crazy like we did this season with Surt.


Even if we ask “Is this final?” PG will never ever answer yes.

I doubt that PG will change the behavior if not money will speak. So if everyone who can will grab the Mythics right after they are available PG is fine. Look into the last three seasons, only when mourning gets to loud there is a corrective reaction, otherwise there is total silence. As with Huitzil, Pathox after Spell Scaling, Surt this season.

On the other hand, I do not intentionally chase for the mythics, but I get them as a side effect for getting chests for timers eggs and ember.


There is no Final products in everlasting development apps like this…
“Client” decides all


I understand, Huitzil actually is a great warrior out of the past mythic warrior( Season Mythic) very Balance.

Way to Heal :white_check_mark:
Way to gain rage back :white_check_mark:
Got a defensive spell( Shield) :white_check_mark:
Got a way to increase overall Damage :white_check_mark:
A great resist :white_check_mark:
Takes actual skills to fly effectively :white_check_mark:

It actually takes some thinking to use him if I’m honest, I thought it was just spam his spell then I win but oh boi was I wrong :sweat_smile: :joy: ( I own him)

Way to heal :white_check_mark:
Can gain rage back quickly :white_check_mark: (Spectrum form)
Way to dodge Ss :white_check_mark: (If timed Correctly)
Increase overall Damage :white_check_mark: ( His Passive)
Actually takes skills to fly :white_check_mark:

Over powered :white_check_mark:
Way to heal back to full Hp :white_check_mark:
Can tank incoming damage :white_check_mark: (Like a warrior)
Hard to kill :white_check_mark:
One shoot building :white_check_mark: (If he Doesn’t get hit by the Fire flak Ss or have crappy gear)
Requires no skills to fly :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Balance :x:

What can I say :man_shrugging:t2: Pg nice job :+1:expect for Surt :smirk:


I’m just saying that’s it, it would be nice but unfortunately I doubt it will ever happen.