Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt - Discussion Thread


I spent 1300 dollars at least and time to get Surt when I saw 10000 damage. I was wowed. Never had time to work in a mythic but this one I did and I spent. Now I got ripped off because they sold me something I didn’t buy. How is that fair.


how is it fair that a $1300 dragon can take down a base that costs well over 10 times that? It’s balanced now. Plain and simple. Could it have been handled differently from the start? Sure… but it is hardly a trash dragon in its current state that people are making it out to be. Just because someone can’t hit 2+ levels above the dragon’s tier with almost no flying skills doesn’t make it bad. And plenty of games change/modify things after they are released. It’s the nature of gaming nowadays.


Or took years of committing more than a few hours a day to this game; enduring all of the glitches, nerfs, and screw ups along the way. I feel for the players who invested real money in this fiasco, I really do; but for that small group of E2P endgamers that have been grinding it out for years to have their base demolished by someone half their size who popped a couple grand into the PG vending machine…that’s gotta hurt.

Peeps need to keep a cool head and think more about viable suggestions to change the divine dragon development process to end this familiar “bait and switch” pattern.


Why can’t y’all just let us have a decent sorcerer…have not had one since Kin…so how do I get a refund for Surt since he is not the dragon I paid for and basically nerfing/changing a product after I have paid for it is fraud…:woman_shrugging:

Winterjol Dragon Changes - Discussion Thread

Many a player have gotten refunds directly through Apple/Google.



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