Upcoming Changes to the Winterjól Mythic, Surt

Greetings, Dragon Lords -

We have been keenly aware of the power discrepancy that the Mythic Dragon Surt has currently introduced to the game’s meta and have been keeping a close eye on the various forms of this feedback from players on the Forums, social media, and through our Customer Support team.

Ultimately, we want Surt to feel great for players that obtain the Dragon and maintain this feeling of power. However, we do acknowledge that Surt is currently overpowered in relation to the defenses available in-game, and we are taking actions to reduce Surt’s overall damage output without fully diminishing its potential.

For this reason, we will be reducing Ragnarok’s power to 10x that of its modified attack damage instead of 100x. Ragnarok’s original description (seen here) is: “Deals massive damage at 10,000% of Dragons’ attack power in a large area of effect”. Currently, the Ragnarok spell is able to destroy any tower in the game with one shot. This change from 100x (10,000%) of its power to 10x (1,000%) of its power will preserve Surt’s existing play-pattern of the Incinerate / Ragnarok wombo-combo, but the Dragon will no longer be able to engage towers well outside the Dragon’s level (as is intended). Our goal with this change is to have Surt feel the same when attacking bases roughly 1 tier higher (For example: A mid-Obsidian Surt will still perform the same against mid-Harbinger towers - click here for further details).

When Surt first launched, it was able to one-shot any tower in the game. We want players to feel that their bases are powerful enough to withstand opposing Dragons, and Surt was damaging this power balance. This change is to prevent Surt from reaching outside of the reasonable bounds established by other dragon-tower interactions in the game.

This upcoming change to Surt will be releasing tomorrow, February 5th, around the same time that the 4.95 update is live. Thank you for your patience as the team decided what the best course of action was to execute. Happy Flying!

Edit: Corrected “damage output” to “attack power” to more clearly describe the stat used to calculate Ragnarok’s damage.

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Math Example from Lawson:

  • An Obsidian Surt (Level 25) has 640,000 attack power.
  • At launch, Ragnarok’s original damage increased Surt’s attack by 10,000% (100x), resulting in the spell doing 64,000,000 damage.
  • A max level (Level 75) Dark Flak tower has 23,800,000 health.
  • An Obsidian Surt was able to overkill max level towers by an unacceptably large margin. 64,000,000 is almost three times 23,800,000, so Ragnarok’s damage was killing this max level tower by 300% of its health.
  • With the new value, the same Obsidian Surt will do 6,400,000 damage with Ragnarok, killing a Level 54 (beginning of Harbinger) Dark Flak tower.