Upcoming Dragons and Rider of the Summerflare Season!


Kirin is technically the first festive, because the rest were called “bonus” :rofl:, but they were meh. Anuba is good for XP runs, though, and is stronger stat-wise than the other legendaries in its season, e.g. Necryx. I don’t have Anuba, haha.

Necryx was just discount.


I wish I had gotten Necryx and some of his stones. I only got to his egg :cry:


What about nydyr? :thinking:


:rofl: Is that a question about bonus or good?


Nydryr was a contest dragon


Oh, that was a question of first festive dragon


Oh, it was a serious question :smiley:
It was the first bonus, yeah; if they lump bonus/festive together, then it’d be the first one.


I think that Coffee will stick to his word, because he knows that people will say that they actually prefer Tea otherwise… even himself. :innocent:


PGCoffee doesn’t like coffee, but instead likes tea? How interesting :joy:


I call anything that starts from Red tier “Festive”.

Anything that starts from Green and is discounted is “Discount Seasonal”

Anything that starts from Green and isn’t discounted is “Seasonal”



Anuba, Kirin & Nydryryryryryr were all festival to me too.


:thinking: I don’t recall that dragon’s name being quite that long :sweat_smile:


I don’t know how many of each there are so I elongate for effect :grin::grin:


That is my first seasonal, and I guess the only one without vocal…


Leos is my go-to tank. Maybe another shiny, new destroyer is in order.


I’m trying Tez out (or whatever he is called). Incubating now.


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