Upcoming Event Changes Teaser

Twitch Stream Notes: Featuring PGCoffee & Crisis
More in-depth information will be released via the social channels in the coming weeks.

Minor Event Change

  1. Team Quests! - Daily quests that contribute to the team chest that will be awarded at end of event.
    *Timeline: Will try to roll out during next weeks fortification event.
    *Will receive 3 quests daily (easy, medium, hard). Quest completion awards coins that unlock team chests (lvl 1-10)
    *Quests will reset every 24 hours.
    *Quests will be different for each player
    *Some Quests will scale based player level

Major Events Changes

Key Elements of Change

  1. Skill, Strategy and Coordination

  2. Reward Different Styles of Play: Bonus Meter 2.0

  3. Impact of Individual Effort

  4. Event Stability

Upcoming Changes

  1. New Major Events

    1. Emphasis on the key elements of change: in particular team strategy and individual impact
    2. One to release this spring (preview soon!)
    3. One to release early summer
  2. Bonus Meter Variation (In Development): Will be released during this spring season

  3. Team Quest: Will also be in Major events

  4. “Retiring” Old Events

    1. Capture the Flag
      a. Too Similar to Fight Pits
      b. Unlikely to appear again

    2. Conquer the World
      a. Little strategy and personal inpact
      b. Unlikely to appear again

    3. KOTH
      a. unstable - developer end
      b. Has similarities to upcoming New Event
      c. Retirement Party
      I. 4/4
      d. Unlikely to appear again after 4/4

    4. Gauntlet
      a. Stable
      b. Currently unique to other events
      c. Will remain in rotation for now


Thanks for the info. I wonder if they will do any kind of exchange for the sieges in our inventory. :thinking:

So what major events will be left? Pits, Gauntlet and then the new event? Only 3?

Oh thank goodness they are finally killing capture the flag!! :tada:


Bonus meter 2.0 is exciting. :heart_eyes:

Coffee did say there would not be any sieges in the chest drops during the event. He mentioned they would look at exchanging for some other PVP event currency for players who have a large amount.

large amount concerns me it should be replaced for everyone with any amount.
This is not against you @Exeus just replying.

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All I can think of:



I think I have about +1000 of the rare siege ones … hope it is worth something.

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This sounds great! Excited for more quests! :smiley:

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Perfect it looks like they spilled that fort then KOTH are the next two events :slight_smile:

Just wondering what’s the feedback to fight pits. Never heard positive word about this stupid event. So maybe something “new” could be retired as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::pray::pray::pray:

I’m watching the stream now…I’m still waiting for something in exchange for all my useless Baby Valors…just saying.

I thought they did away with valor when they did the mega coin. I recall a friend getting a mega coin for his great valor.

Yep, but they gave nothing to people that had 100+ Norma valor’s, just took them.


Doesn’t sound great for my situation then :pensive:

Are team quests replacing the team achievements then?

Be great if you would summarize everything from the stream, and not just a portion of the event changes.

There were actually SEVERAL bombshells dropped in that stream, event cadence, free egg tokens, etc and not just these (relatively few) event changes.

OP was just giving an overview, and like he said PG will announce more in the coming days on social media platforms. I missed the stream entirely so any info is helpful

Right, I get that. But SO many OTHER important things were mentioned :man_shrugging: