Upcoming Event Changes Teaser

How do I get thirty-five MILLION chests?

:rofl: I will say, noticing that got me through a rather “dry” part of the stream…

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Can’t wait for this stuff to be added soon, I’m excited!

Then maybe you could type it up and organize it and post it here for us to see? I’m sure making these posts are time consuming so we’d appreciate it if you put the time in to make an elegant post of the details you find important.

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I think you completely missed my point.

While posting a small part of it is appreciated, it doesn’t even come close to everything that was revealed in the stream. Reference the threads on egg tokens from monuments, etc.

Kinda like washing your car, but only washing one side…why bother? It’d be super fansptastic if PG themselves posted a cliff notes version, but then no one would watch the hour long stream, so :man_shrugging:

The handles and windows are the only parts you need to wash on a car. Just saying :upside_down_face:

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Headlights. You forgot the headlights.

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Down to one event i still like gauntlet. RIP KOTH. Hopefully, some new interesting events as most events are boring.

Honestly, I’m hoping this is PGs version of an April Fools joke…

@PGCrisis was this delayed??? I have not yet seen this screen in game


Frankly, I prefer KOTH over Gauntlet, so I’m sorry to see it go. I despise every event that ties you to the game and its time frame. Gauntlet requires you to be on every three hours in order to attack in PvP (however, fails to reset energy costs for those “rounds” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.) Fight pits at least resets energy, but still requires players to be on at the ends of each round. I have a life. I have other obligations and interests. It sucks that I have to either adjust my daily schedule to cater to the time frame of this game, or go on with my life, and do poorly in the event and let my team down.


Agreed. I really hope they recycle the best things from KotH into that new event.
Like the raid button and nothing that puts a lot of time pressure on players.

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As the title says, this is a teaser for what they’re working on. I’d say we get this in a month or so at the very earliest, more likely towards the end of this season if there are some kinks to hammer out.

If the raid button is added to the new event it is an afterthought. During the stream these changes were announced on, someone asked about the raid button. The response was “raid, that’s good I’ll write that down” so it seems they like the idea of it but it wasn’t initially in their train of thought.

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We were indeed planning on launching Team Quests this week, but it needs a little more love before it sees the light of day, so we decided to push it back slightly until we felt it was ready to go. Team Quests will be available within the next two events (we’re aiming on the earlier side, but as with all things, don’t want to give a hard date until I get confirmation from the team)!


I thought they were only planned for minor events so players have something to do?

I‘m all for additional ways to earn prizes but PvP events are incredibly time consuming and along with the core game (missions, RSS runs), Atlas (XP runs, gold/material farming, fighting) and Atlas events I really hope this doesn‘t burn us out.

No problems thanks for the reply. Just thought a little notice to say as such would be nice

Will the new team quest take the place of the one we have now for event point? I understand it is on another tab but will the event team quest disappear? I apologize if anyone has already asked, this thread is too long for me to read.


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