Upcoming event is

feeding :star_struck:

Hope you’re ready for the fest :star_struck:

Yeah, I figured that since gold chests have been pumping out food packs. He he small clue there😁

Food packs come during the breeding event.

Warlord is saying that feeding is next because that’s what War Dragons event history tells us. It always comes one or two events after Capture The Flag.

Hopefully Warlord is correct and they haven’t changed things up since adding The Pits to the rotation. I got some huuuuungry dragons!

Edit: I guess that Feeding is on the calendar as the next event is also a good sign that it is the next event.

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It is the next event.

Seems like it has been forever, looking forward to it.

If you send Nier to my den, I’ll hand feed it :heart_eyes:

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Worst event ever. I cannot understand why people look forward to it.

Just my 2¢…


Because we have been made to crave it. The first time I did a feeding event it was the worst event ever. Now that I have a dozen dragons waiting to eat, I can’t wait for it!

It’s really easy to score points. Even if you don’t have drags to feed you can still apply food boosts and feed your perches and get the 450 prize pretty easily :man_shrugging:t3:

Lol Lulu the food boost will cause new threads à la „keep hitting bases and get still 0 which is that“


Exactly. This event encourages delayed growth of dragons, and, by feeding perches (which I fully intend to do), essentially wasting valuable resources which are already in short supply.

Worst event ever…




You make a good point. Why is that?

Food protection boosts.

It protects like 300-400k food and shows a proportion of that amount as raidable. But it’s not. Most diamond and sapphire teams will have food boosts activated.

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…but why doesn’t it show the appropriate amount available while accounting for the protection boost? Raaaaawr RAGE!

Hey Lutrus. Keep some food for me ok? :hugs:

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Sorry, bird, got mouths to feed :man_shrugging:t3::rofl:

@Obfirmo same answer as why you and your team mates see different defense power on your base (you see a higher figure), why didn’t they fix airplane mode yet while other developers fixed it for their games, why is matchmaking not updated in the second you load it (it shows an delayed amount like 5 mins ago due to slow server refreshing), why am I still hit by towers when I’m cloaked, why is crumble to dust sometimes not working, why do we still have no scaled items and egg tokens from mission with higher base levels, why isn’t there a mechanism which stops dropping shards from gold chest when I already have multiple 100 THOUSANDS of banked ice and fire shards, and 19 other questions.


Yeah I don’t care for it either…

It would be ok if it was mixed in with Breeding. I really like breeding so Maybe not with breeding but something with it.
So it’s just not feeding dragons or make it like a 24-48 hr event… Idk but yeah it is a really boring event looking for food that isn’t nowhere to be found for 5 days lol

You don’t want to complain about being able to feed perches. You’d be in a much worse spot if PG removed it… :rofl: