Upcoming Lineage Dragons Preview

Be sure to check back each day as we slowly reveal the new tier of dragons. :skull_and_crossbones:

Wrath Tier - Information | Status: Jan 25


Ice - ?
Fire - ?
Dark - ?
Earth - Invoker

Riddle form - not revealed yet

Noooooooo! REVEAL ALL AT ONCE!!!



New dragons and discounts, let’s GO! Yay


Let me go ahead and provide full season details.

  1. the Hunter will be the best
  2. the warrior will be decent
  3. the invoker could be good, but still not likely
  4. the sorceror will be the worst.

They said lineage not seasonal dragons. The lineage dragons lately have been less predictable thankfully.


Nope… there have been Ralen class hunters. However, they better give us another Sol or Quilleth.

Ralen wasn’t that bad, though. It was good enough. We just had Barbend, was all. :confused:

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Since the dates are read differently in different countries, where it is the first day, then the month.
I made you two dates. Read the one that suits you.


I wonder their element :eyes:

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:skull: Welcome to the battleship of Wrath! :skull:

I hope you all are ready for a new kind of reveal :grin: here is what you need to know.

What do you need to know about Battleship?

This part of the reveal is based on the game Battleship. Here are the rules for the set up.

  • The ships must not collide against each other.
  • The ships may not be built around corners or have bulges.
  • The ships may also lie on the edge.
  • The ships may not be placed diagonally.
  • Exception of the original game: 2x 5 tiles, 3x 4 tiles, 4x 3 tiles and 4x 2 tiles

About the reveal?

Every ~2hrs (probably shorter, depends on the responses :relaxed:) (except from 3pm-1am PT, bc of my timezone) you have the chance to choose a specific tile through voting.

1. Round: You have to dm me for the first round

How to dm me in the forum

click on my forums picture > message > you choosen tile like 1A or A1 > send

The first tile will be chosen via the highest votes in my forums DMs.

Further rounds:

Right choice - nice!

If the votes get a tile with a picture behind it, I’ll send you the picture and you’re able to put it in the following raster. Each tile has a name (data name), so you know where to place it.

One right tile and the next is coming - if you get a right tile, I’ll start a thread poll, so you’re able to vote where you like to continue. For example A1 is the right tile, you can choose between A2 or B1. The most popular vote will win the round - good luck!

Uh oh - empty tile!

If the votes get an empty tile, we repeat the 1 round again and you have to DM me. I’ll mark the wrong tile with an :x:.

Your resources





If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out- have fun!:smile:


Im going to guess the warrior will be earth again. We had 3 back to back wind warriors and now 2 consecutive earth warriors. Ice would be nice though since we’ve literally had 1 lineage mythic ice warrior and that was in way back in Harbinger

They really need to put the least amount of effort into the hunter, we’ve had too many fast hunters that dominate the meta. It would be nice for once to see a sorcerer get most of the attention in a tier. Nova was such a disappointment despite looking really cool


While I agree. But the ascension costs are a gamble. Ascend a dragon and block research advancement, or don’t ascend and leave underpowered. This is the system.

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Sounds like a boring name to me just saying, but at least it’s a new tier.

Says “This user’s public profile is hidden” when I click on your profile picture.

I get messages :sweat_smile: and I can see my profile

It’s hidden from me too @Tami

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You can try to message someone else, swap out the name for tami, and it should work


Brilliant! :star:

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Hmm, anyone knows where I can change from private to public?

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