Upcoming mission balloon update & payout of eggs egg mission

Hi to all,
I know we have an upcoming update to mission balloon to add a choice of timers or eggs.
I suggest that there will be no choice and we should receive both since the rise off eggs to breed I cant afford to miss any egg offering or can I pass on timers that r so needed to get through the 400 wall.
Also one more suggestion a while back you gave us the option to increase egg mission payout by tier of dragons u have. As I go up the tiers that increase is very small another 4 eggs per mission is not very good.

Even if receiving both means you get half as many of each item so they add up to the same amount?

For you see no matter what pg thinks is calibrated it is able to give out, they give value to both resources, so if you are getting both you won’t be getting more.

I personally like the choice. If somehow I needed egg tokens I won’t want to be getting less egg tokens. If somehow I need timers I won’t want to get less timers. I will personally prefer the most direct source of what I want/need.

Not sure if they couldn’t offer a third choice so you had

a. 100% tokens, 0% timers
b. 0% tokens, 100% timers
c. 50% tokens, 50% timers

Where they are a percent of whatever value pg is decided on.

Edit: my bad for not seeing there was already a topic on this. Please always remember to search for similar topics before starting a new one. It’s not usually a lot of work and it keeps the forums cleaner and easier to find information on a topic for those searching.

I respect the choice of either/or, but I would like to see the timer and egg boosts rolled into one branch.


Exactly. Someone go put this in @PGawal ‘s ear. This is the kind of brain dead money grabbing we refuse to endure. Increasing the amount of sigils a season costs each season already and then adding more sigil options on top of it without increasing sigil payout is a no from us.

Why couldn’t they simply have two balloons, one for each? This would give players the choice to grind out missions for both.

I think it’s cute you think this would somehow require two balloons :slightly_smiling_face:

But the reason is that PG are quite reluctant to give away more free stuff, as demonstrated by the amazing daily gifts from the bounty harbor as well.


I think this request could be done especially now with the boycott discussions and how to improve game economy since it rewards progress and activity in game

No need for two balloons, they have the UI already if they want to make it parallel



No need for 2 threads on the same issue/problem/suggestion?

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Even better!

Please follow the linked discussion regarding timers.