Upcoming "World War Season"


Earlier we announced Alliances & Flying and discussed Castle Troops. But in the meantime we’ve been working out the other elements of this major release along with “earlybirds” from the community who have been providing detailed feedback throughout! We think it’s ready to share and hear from everyone now … without further ado, here’s the tentative plans (feedback welcomed!):

Goal: promote large-scale warfare between equals

(i.e., competitive fights over griefing and trading)

1☆ All teams should be able to own territory

  • Increase level 2 castle density
  • Limit level 2 castle ownership to a maximum of 20 per team

2☆ Encourage evenly matched PvP - glory reduced vs weaker teams & players

  • Enemy who is >=70% of your level or level 300+ → full glory; <33% of your level → zero glory
    • You always earn full glory for killing enemy ships at a castle your alliance has owned for >24hr (i.e., you have the right to defend your territory from any aggressor).
  • Teams are ranked on Influence (refreshes roughly daily … may rank alliances in the future)
    • Rank based on team rating (elo), aggregate land quality, and troops (killed & trained* this season)
      • *=includes troop balance at the beginning of the season (revivable troops count fractionally)
    • Reduced glory for fighting weaker teams (potentially none!)
    • Cannot earn Atlas Season Glory (see below) for offense until you’ve been in the team for > 24hr

3☆ Make a day’s worth of troops more meaningful - make 1 battle take roughly 1 day to recover from

  • Reduce max troops killed per attack to 7.5k from 15k (can repair 7,405 troops/day with no territory; double that with max territory) (two-way limit; not one-way like now … so you can’t lose more than 7.5k even if you flub your attack [of course you’ll kill very little / even less in that case too])
  • The Bank (gold bonus) and Tower (training time bonus) can now be upgraded to max level regardless of the region’s level. (bonuses to compete / fight can be fully developed by ALL teams)

4☆ Replace Trading Bazaar with an Atlas Armory - convert keystones to chests

5☆ Meaningfully incentivize higher castle levels - everyone should want to conquer stronger castles

  1. Raise tribute & xp buffs from one level to the next from 20% → 48% (same as KotH’s Ashengard vs Bizencor)
  2. Higher level castles come with higher level buildings
    • level 5 buildings for a level 5 castle; level 3 buildings for a level 4 castle
    • infrastructure from a higher level castle can no longer be restored on a lower level castle
  3. Custom Daily Tribute - players choose tokens or timers or troops daily (if their team has territory with this kind of “merchant” [no relation to merchants from ages ago])
    • Monthly Payout w/Max Buff (per player) - 64.4k tokens or 310x12hr speedups or 26.4k troops
    • Clock merchants only spawn on level 4+ regions.
    • Each region has a random merchant type (token, clock or troops) - the tribute buff will be stronger based on the merchant type (e.g., takeover castles near clock merchants to boost speedup tribute from your Fort upgrades). Merchants move every season.

6☆ Atlas Seasons - meaningful PvP rewards (earn season prizes by earning Atlas season glory)

  • Same familiar UI as regular seasons!
  • 1 season section for each element with amazing limited edition gear (both defense & offense) as well as Primarch and Gold boosts (lasts until the end of the season) and clocks, tokens, troops, etc.
  • Novel Prizes for Top Teams (!!)
    • Team which earns the most VP - Custom Animated Portrait
    • Next 2 best teams - Custom Portrait (each)
    • Next 7 best teams - Atlas Season 1 Legendary Portrait
    • Flags - lasts until the next season (each team only gets one flag [i.e., you can’t get silver & bronze])
      • Top 10% - Atlas Season Gold flag x 10 + Atlas Season 1 Gold Portrait
      • Top 20% - Atlas Season Gold flag x 4 + Atlas Season 1 Gold Portrait
      • Top 33% - Atlas Season Gold flag + Atlas Season 1 Gold Portrait
      • Top 50% - Atlas Season Silver flag + Atlas Season 1 Silver Portrait
      • Top 67% - Atlas Season Bronze flag + Atlas Season 1 Bronze Portrait
  • Victory Points determine who earns novel team prizes (this is the only purpose of VP for now)
    • Each castle earns some VP per day based on its level.
    • If a castle is conquered, 30% of the VP is destroyed (the rest stays with the castle).
    • A team’s VP is the sum of the VP attached to the top 20 castles it currently owns. Novel team prizes are awarded based on team VP at the time the season ends.
    • Anyone can view how much VP a castle currently holds.


  • VP-based system for top teams
  • Disable old glory events (Bloodlust, Poacher Wipeout, etc.) (prize value subsumed in a big way by Atlas Seasons) … now you can effectiely fight whenever you want! (well, except when the event shields are up I guess)

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Yay! :fireworks:

Particularly excited about the vast increase in level 2 land, and no caps on bank and tower infrastructure :+1:


Thank you. Sounds like good content!


Are you implementing new mechanics for Dread to war itself? Otherwise, we don’t have anyone to war.


Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to conquer every single level 5 land in Atlas. This message will self destruct in 5…4…3…2…1…:dark_sunglasses::bomb:


I will war you, @Zi1ian ;). Though more seriously, you’ll be able to war teams whose ranks are near yours – even if you hold on to #1, there will always be someone ranked #2, etc. You can also help your alliance defend or repel invaders (assuming you setup an alliance when they come out).


I think there’s much to like here. Since a pretty diverse group contributed feedback, not everything is exactly to my tastes but I am hopeful that it will address/improve many longstanding issues and hopefully incentivize more peer vs peer action. Will be interested to see what feedback these proposed changes get from the wider forum community.


Sounds exciting tbh, do you have a timeline of when we can be expecting this as well as the flying primarchs update?

V4.15 - V4.16 delays?

Time to apply for another team… jk lol

Want the portrait


It’ll be interesting to see how the new influence metric works out :smiley:

I think that some of the smaller teams who haven’t been able to hold their own territory will appreciate the L2 and infrastructure changes as well.


Tentatively, at the very end of March for everything but the Atlas season, then 2-3 weeks to iron any surprises, then we’ll kickoff the season (hopefully along with an enormous influx of new teams … many have been dying to join us here in Atlas land for a while now, and I think after this we’ll at last be ready!).

Atlas roll out to more teams?
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Oh Look! That same thread again

What happens to all the other islands they own beyond 20?

So no clocks for anyone else?
Why not let them spawn everywhere but at reduced rates Vs none at all?

Lvl 5 = 400
Lvl 4 = 200
Lvl 3 = 100
Lvl 2 = 50

Something to that effect


You won’t be able to conquer any more level 2s if you are at the max. If you’re a legacy team with 20+ level 2s, then you’ll also be unable to conquer more … but you won’t lose them either (until a team steals them or upkeep isn’t paid, etc.).

Clocks on higher level territory is a special reward for competing at that high level. And an incentive for the strongest teams to fight for those territories, instead of weaker ones that are probably better left to teams that are still growing.


Wouldn’t the reduced amounts of clocks per missing chevron still provide motivation to get a higher level land? Yet still provide some aid to the new growing teams?


Unless @PGDave snuck in a change, then teams with only level 2 and 3 land will not get to choose timers. They will get eggs or troops. To get the timers choice you will need to own lvl 4 or 5 land.


That’s what we’re discussing…


Can we have the massive influx say a couple of weeks BEFORE season starts? Give everyone time to bed in first?

In other words, can we have the massive influx sooner? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@PGDave I’m assuming that if said team “conquers” another level 2 land that there is a mechanic that allows them to choose which level 2 land they want to keep/discard?

How about if said team conquers another level 3 land - will they also then be forced to discard a level 2 land until they are within the 20 limit?

If not I suggest this could be something that is implemented? Otherwise land bankers today can just still land bank in future.


Does that mean you’re planning to let out more higher level lands? I’ve only been in atlas the last 2 months or so with my current team… but even level 3 regions seem to be scarce, my best scouting efforts of the map have found some randomly placed ones


Well… if it is with the start of the season, then that opening bloodbath is all points towards rewards in the season!

If the influx is before the season, then the killing won’t get rewards… even though it gives the teams time to prepare for the season… so there are pros and cons.

If I was going to be new and going to have troops being slaughtered though, I’d rather get points and rewards for it. :wink: