Upcoming "World War Season"


Oh i definitely didn’t mean instead of.
In addition to :slight_smile:

Or one chest at the end of each run so they don’t have to worry about programming (AKA just pillage style from events)


how about an Atlas chest when you kill the Atlas home base castle?


Good idea but I‘m still not comvinced that this makes it the better system :thinking:


I’m not advocating for it over the bazaar. Just working with what they are changing.

If we were sticking with the bazaar i’d say earning 1 keystone for every run for killing the home base castle would be a good move. :+1:


It’s not listed in the changes for 4.16, so who knows if that is still happening.

I can’t recall anyone specifically wanting the bazaar removed, but I believe the intent was to either move the main game towards a Bazaar system or move Atlas to the gold chest system (for consistency)


“for consistency” lol

In other words they want it to be a gamble so they can slowly water down its contents more discretely like they have golds over the years. great!


Well. While there could be a more nefarious reason, there is definitely a lot of good reason to use the same code that is used with chests in the main part of the game.

That being said I think if they had decided to convert the main game to using a bazaar style, I fully expect it would have been diluted more to maintain the same level terrible drops and useless items. But I could be wrong. Both games have a heavy degree of chance to them and lots of filler. The bazaar only has choices you can make to lessen that chance. But those choices are also entirely at the mercy of chance.

So I don’t think they intend to change the odds but change the presentation. Which if I understand they didn’t feel enough interest was in the bazaar so it should eventually become gold chests. But I also don’t see it on the change list so I’m guessing that got pushed out or maybe they were convinced to keep it.


The transition to chests coincides with some of the reward systems in Atlas Seasons, so it’s planned to release concurrently.


But why mke the change at all? The current system is much better than a blind random chest system…


Is this coming soon? @PGDave @pgEcho


No. Not this upcoming season.


@PGEggToken @PGDave will the new land be open so those of us that just got in can participate?


A few things: egg token doesn’t do atlas, I’m pretty sure wh echo said thursday, and seriously… if you’re a new team, good luck getting land


Why would you only count the top 20 castles owned when determining VP? It seems like that would disproportionately reward teams that hold onto small numbers of high level castles. I would suggest you count all castles, otherwise, one might advance theories that you are trying to provide advantage to specific teams.


Yes lol, that’s literally the idea


The basic premise of quality over quantity. Looking at any basic mechanic, having a system where the goal is to hit the LCD as much and as hard as possible means a game where the goal is to attack down and through the easiest path rather than work up, makes sense.

So the goal is to have more…not improve? Have you looked at the result? Like…at all?

You were going to advance theories anyways though.


Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the post, but it seems like the idea is to encourage combat and expansion. Hence all castles should be counted. Rewarding only the top 20 castles would encourage monopolizing level 5 territory. Hiring mass quantities of guards. Maxing out forts and towers. Parking primarchs on the castles. In other words, building up, but not participating.


It is…if you READ what they said. It is to encourage it BETWEEN EQUALS. They literally italicized it in the title so people knew…not sure what more they can do, bold it? Put flashing lights around it. I am not sure the exact method, the core ranking uses an ELO rating system. It is merely shifting who the target is.

Or encourage the best teams to fight over that instead of over the level 2 land.

Define participation? Attacking mostly level 100s and the lowest ranked teams? Glad you mentioned that. They also modified glory so you get less from attacking weaker targets. Seems to make sense.


Which should incentivize trying to take them away by teams who have the ability to do so. Fact is it wasn’t rewarding enough before to own high level land and it wasn’t worth competing for. I’m not sure that’s fixed, but this certainly seems like a step in the right direction.


Your assumption the goal is to try and be better. What if your goal is to attack the smallest/lowest level teams? And just amass land of lower value? Then, this would be conunterproductive to that plan. The logic makes sense…hit the most of the least valuable target and be rewarded! I dont see any way that doesnt make sense.