Upcoming "World War Season"


Maybe something that actually coincides with gameplay changes (new primes) without a subscription?


I swear im ready to assemble in front of pocket gems with signs and throw old fruit at their windows. I cant belive this is the answer. Im not paying either @CheekyGrinch f*%$ im so frustrated. They have a good thing here and im watching them ruin it


To be fair, they are reducing Gold requirements for infrastructure. But the issues I had were:

  1. The jump in requirements for new Primes is TOO HIGH
  2. The reduction in gold requirements for infra is TOO LOW
  3. Atlas Elite pack is essential even with the reduction in infra.
  4. Atlas Elite rolled out BEFORE reduction in infra costs - cynical and money focused as usual.

But they don’t listen.


Sounds promising… I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned.

Also, I honestly hope you’re not merely referring to the Atlas Elite pack.


I wonder if Echo still lives in his own world where a season line costs 250k glory. :unicorn:
Haven’t seen him acknowledging the actual price of 320-350k glory yet.


@PGDave or anyone else lack of response regarding prizes for atlas season winners leads me to believe hey decided not to give out prizes and just can’t come around to officially say it… not surprising


Don’t think they’v planned that far ahead yet.


So this is the “big change(s) to the gold supply”?

SMH… It’s like you WANT people to quit this game.



I suspected something like this, just based on the icon/graphic for the event elites. They said “Atlas Elite” on them…

So, atlas is officially pay to play starting after our free hit (like all good dealers, they let us sample the goods first). After that… $5 bucks a week.

So, they DO realize the value of smaller purchases on a broad scale… But they implement it in the most FU way possible.

Create a game. Gradually make it worse and worse until you cannot even mask that you are destabilizing it (silver primes made denying that impossible). Let the pain set in. Offer a solution–that players can pay for.


No thanks.

The game should be balanced without this “feature,” and buying this should be an unnecessary advantage.


Originally I was freaking out last night when I too got the in-game message but @PGDave stated the change would be in 4.50 not last night. Call me an optimistic person but I’m hoping this is not the answer. I’m hoping the infrastructure cost decreasing is not the answer. I hope training troops will be directly impacted in a good way for players because making people pay for something they can’t 100% take advantage of even if they paid is not the answer. WE shall see…


There is indeed a new feature planned to ship with 4.50 that is supposed to increase gold and shard supply regardless of whether you have Atlas Elite. I can’t say more but Dave and team do indeed have something else in the works.

4.50 Update Delay

:cow2:. We have atlas elite but still don’t know what it was we were competing for the entire season… I wouldn’t mind spending the 5 a week on atlas elite. If the game wasn’t in such a shitty state.

Would’ve been best to release the 4.50 improvements at the very least to create some kind of hope that things will get better for your naive playerbase then drop atlas elite. :milk_glass:


@PGEggToken @pgEcho @PGDave @PGMichael @PGKharnyx @PGCrisis Season is over… can we now know what the prizes were? It would make it more competitive and interesting and fun to know what your fighting for before it ends…




when will these prizes be distributed


Those aren’t the prizes we will get.

You can find the disappointing prizes with the recycled pirate beta style portrait here.
No custom portrait for any team.

I wonder if this counts as false advertisment yet again :thinking:

In original post I was looking for feedback; we went a different direction for season 1 but I think you’ll see some of these ideas and their spirit have made their way into season 2 (check out it’s announcement post!).


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