Upcoming "World War Season"


I’m with you here, but the thinking was to make Level 4 and 5 land that much more attractive, in addition to the boost in relative bonuses they get.

I think the current suggested implementation has merit. Also, given that merchants change once per season, having a low % chance of a timer merchant on level 3 and below land won’t do much.


Haha! I get where you’re coming from.

More than likely everyone (new teams) is just going to scramble for land the first couple of days. As they got no troops, they won’t be targetted for world war either. :man_shrugging:

I’d much prefer to allow new teams time to get oriented in Atlas before chucking them into what could be (if everything pans out according to design) a massive bloodbath as you said…:joy:


Massive bloodbaths builds character I hear


I’ll let Dave give you the details, but my understanding is that the relative # of level 3 and above land to total teams in Atlas will not change.

E.g. if it was 1 level 3 land to every 20 atlas teams currently, it will remain that way. Only change will be that level 2 land, will change from say 1 level 2 land for every 2 atlas teams (I’m making this up) to 1 level 2 land for every 0.8 atlas teams (again making this number up).

Not sure if I explained it well…:man_shrugging:


Mostly the fighting will be over land, not specifically for the WorldWar points, but they will earn them.

I’ve watched the past few land expansions… :see_no_evil:

This time there is supposed to be a lot more level 2 land coming, so it shouldn’t be AS bad, but it just means some teams will think they can snatch up 20 cities right away… and then lose 18 or 19 of them the next day :joy:.

@Panda lots of character building for sure… :thinking:


Remind me to stay in my little corner of Atlas. Don’t come near me!


Maybe a quicker refresher on how Glory works, because if it is tied to how many troops lost, doesn’t this incentivize attacking poorly?


With new upcoming update, is it in the foreseeable future to have the remaining sapphire teams included in Atlas? And when will it disseminate to the platinum leagues?


This should be awesome and have more impact than people realize as it hopefully destroys the land extortion market as well as hopefully providing a home (with risks) for everyone.

This is exciting to me. Providing the benefits of leagues without the stagnation of them. I suspect it will be a little less than perfect in the top and bottom brackets.

This was also needed. I’m not sure if this will be achieved, but sustainable battle is one of the missing aspects in Atlas. Staging for weeks just isn’t the daily enjoyment I’d want.

I think these are great. The biggest annoyance is how clock merchants are only available to level 4 & 5 lands but I think this is necessary as there isn’t enough incentive to want these lands without and the main games timer balance issue doesn’t have to be fixed here.


@PGDave are you able to expound on this please? At what point is a team too low relative to attacker for season glory to be zero?


This seems to address my issue with high-level players bypassing Primarchs and attacking low-level players from the Garrison. Thank you. Attacking the Garrison

And this seems to address my issue with the consequence for a loss or low flame attack. Thank you. Poll: Troop Kill Ratio


Question about this - What happens if a L300 hits a L100? Does the lower level player receive the lower glory payout and lose the troops?


Outside of your own territory you mean?


Interesting proposal and most of it sounds great, although I wonder who those early birds are and how many of them have been in the Beta from the start.

Here are my questions:

Why should glory depend on the team and not on the player level?
Are mid level players going to be punished for being part of a top ranked team?

What’s wrong with the Bazaar and what will be different in the Armory?

What can we do with infrastructure from lower level castles that go into storage when we only conquer higher level territory?

I like the overall idea of choosing tribute, but I doubt that teams will take the risk of conquering new castles solely for the merchant that will move every season (same as in the Beta). Will it come down to randomness and waiting X Seasons for merchants to come to your region or can we just make it fair and offer the same items/tributes for everyone and let the players choose?

How long is one Atlas Season? Are they synced with the Event Seasons (or can we sync them although the first one will start a bit later than the Spring Season)?

Is the Animated Portrait also Custom? Or will the #1 team get all 3 Portraits?
Custom Portraits remind me of the team portraits from the Great Contest so it sounds like the best prize of the 3 :smiley:


Disgusting. How does replacing visible prizes with hidden prizes benefit the customer more? OH…wait… :roll_eyes:


What about armors buff to 80%? @PGDave


I am curious about the “early birds” atlas is already considerably in balanced with the lions share of troops and power being controlled by the few teams that were given early access to atlas. Will this early bird status continue to expand this imbalance?


Hi @TheMalcor
The ‘early birds’ are a handful of players who actively contribute here in the forums. They have a special place to discuss (argue about) these types of proposals before Dave makes a post like this one here in the forum.
The ‘early birds’ DO NOT have early access in game. There is no ‘Beta’, and these players have no advantage, other than kinda-sorta knowing what PGDave might say in one of these posts. And even still, Dave posts to the whole community before a launch, so everyone has an equal opportunity to prepare.

I trust this puts your mind at ease.


The majority weren’t in beta, and there’s a variety in current Atlas influence. :slight_smile:


Everything! YES!!! Especially Nr.4.