Upcoming "World War Season"


So maybe I’m missing something. The daily tokens we currently get from having infrastructure upgraded and having the proper infrastructure points, those will be going away? Or converted to having a choice? Or only a choice on certain level lands? Or is this in addition?

Honestly, I don’t see a great reason for a choice between timers or tokens if it’s not in addition to what we already get. I would think it would benefit a very small amount of teams and players to pick timers, as most of us need tokens so much more than timers. So. Much. More. So I guess it’s cool to help out the few teams that always have a lot of players with all dragons bred.


Individual players choose the tribute they want based on the merchants available in their territory. Low level lands have higher chance of getting token merchants vs higher level land. Timers only for level 4/5 land.


Choice is always good.
Personally I would go for tokens, but the teams that own lvl4-5 regions might have a lot of players that are in Harbinger Tier but need to uncap their dragons as it’s incredibly hard to level up at that stage.


Wait what? Who came up with this :angry:


It is to incentivise teams to go for high level land


Increasing Level 2 Density

What does that actually look like? In future land expansions there will be will be even less level 3 and up land becoming available? If that is the case, that seems a lot less likely to promote balance and drive away stagnation. Otherwise, teams will just hoard level 2 land, still. There should be a slight decrease in level 2 land density and an increase in higher level land density. Thatll funnel higher active teams and established teams to taking high level lands while adding more high level lands and letting weaker and newer teams get level 2 land that gets vacated.


I think he worded that poorly. With the clarification, it sounds like only level 4/5 land have the choice for timers. No one else does.


I believe this is how it will be implemented


He said:

That makes absolutely no sense at all. Why would higher level land have a worse chance to get token merchants?


Firstly because they also have timer merchants so that’s 3 options instead of 2. Secondly I’ve seen the draft %s :joy:

Give your feedback. The idea is that lower level teams would value tokens more. And lower level teams will tend to have lower level land.

Re the timers, I fought for timers to be for all land, but to make higher level land more attractive it was decided to make timer merchants only for level 4/5 land :man_shrugging:


So again, what does that really look like? They have all this land we can’t own but see, so are they just releasing more land in the next expansion and making sure they unlock more pieces that are level 2, or are they converting safezone land to level 2? Are they shrinking size of those laid out but unreleased lands?

I’m just skeptical of actual practice of how this gets handled because I’m skeptical of PG, no matter how good to us PGDave and PG Echo always seem. So if behind the scenes the amount of higher land gets changed, how do we know? The map is rather hard to just survey as a player. We’d have zero check to see if they change it or not, we’ll zero feasible check.


I believe safe zone will remain safe zone. They’ll release whole new tracts of land.

As for checking maybe ask Dave to confirm here? I trust him.


Well that idea is plain wrong if it indicates that higher level teams would value tokens less.


Make your case here and get support and I’m sure Dave will consider it. This proposal still can change!

Also, it’s not just about tokens it’s more that timers are valuable so restricting them to level 4/5 makes the land more attractive.


I already asked Dave in a previous post to have more choice about the items/tribute from merchants so I’m looking forward to his reply.

Many teams will be pretty pissed if their daily token payout is being taken away.

And noone will guarantee that no early birds will get hurt :roll_eyes:


If you’re concerned re tokens then I think your team just needs to Conquer more level 2 land with token merchants in it? Also level 4/5 land will still have token merchants in them depending on the RGN result :man_shrugging:


I thought top teams should not be incentivized to own low level land?


They’re not really incentivised. It is much more valuable to own level 4/5 land. But anyway there’s a cap on level 2 land to prevent land banking.

Ideally a top team will own a variety of land to get all 3 boosts each season, just like they do now to get all shard types


Hello, I am one of the 10 players on Dave’s “Early Birds” team. I won’t list everyone, the others can sound off on their own, but you should be able to pick them out pretty easily as they are the folks helping answer questions about these upcoming changes, here and in other chats :blush:.

For my part, yes, I was in the Atlas Beta since day 1. I have actively provided feedback and helped with the shape of Atlas in the past, and I am happy he chose me to help with this. We have spent MANY hours discussing options and many drafts have been made and discarded.


You should effectively always be able to choose egg tokens. You won’t need to go capture lots of lvl 2 land. Even if you happen to only own a pair of lvl 5 cities snd nothing else currently there is almost a 50/50 chance of having an egg token option. Add a single lvl 3 or lvl 2 land and the chance jumps to around 95%, and that is random odds… if you can see the lvl 3 or 2 land before you capture it, you turn that into a 100% chance.