Upcoming "World War Season"


I mean will tokens always be default? Will there be times without tokens?

I really like the new layout for figuring out what your tower bonuses are. It works great, it’s easy to plan and see. To me, this erases some of its value.

Almost every player values tokens highly. To me, Atlas can potentially really alleviate Sapphire Wall and up without Pg making regular game changes. I think there’s something to be said for that and potentially changing that seems counter productive to me.

I like the merchant idea, to an extent. But I’d like a different building for it, or make it the the Tower which is practically useless. It’s new intent will be to lower training costs, sorta, which is kinda does, but not in an effective way. Right now, with this proposal, my understanding is we will be able to fully max the Bank and the Tower no matter what level the land is. But i don’t see maxing the Tower as likely since it’s benefit isn’t really much of a benefit to many, most especially newer teams. We all want tokens and XP and RSS storage. So teams will continue to go after upgrading Fort, HQ and Bank without really upgrading the tower unless the tower has really value. We will even do the refineries first.

So anyways, my opinion is leave the token tribute be as is. Tie merchants to the Tower, and let that be what rotates. Egg tokens, rider shards, maybe rider stones, gold, so forth. We can each individually pick based on merchants.

That’s just my opinion. Unless I’m missing something and i sound retarded. In which case, my bad. I’ll go back to licking my windows.


To raise the tower and thus earn more tokens will require capturing better land or more land.

The uncapping of banks and towers is purely to allow for faster troop generation so that teams with lvl 2 land can potentially make troops as fast as teams with lvl 5 land and compete for the lvl 5 land… of course they then have to overcome the high level forts and other stuff.


Are all these custom? And why not increase the range of custom portrait. Would be nice to have maybe 10 teams fight for it or 20 teams at least makes it fair. Let’s be honest. If you make custom portrait only for two teams, you know who my biggest guess will be for the take? Obviously dread and or nmo. Secondly newer teams wouldn’t have the chance to get it based on the requirements which will be set. Well I can’t tell for sure what they will be. But I feel like it’s somehow like the great contest. Please make it available for a good number to acquire.

Does this mean that we will have two ongoing seasons? Hmm🤭 one regular season alone costs tons of money. How will the atlas season be introduced? I’d suggest it be in a way linked to the regular season. In this case the spring season.


In understand all that. The Tower is useless as is, though. Troops complete a tiny bit faster is all. It doesn’t actually help us make troops faster. There is no reason to do much with that piece of infrastructure.




lmao all good, I thought it means you can’t get tokens :joy:


My proposal was you specifically should not be eligible for tokens but others felt this was too cruel :man_shrugging:t2:


I’m guessing that low level player that got attacked will earn full glory and the high level player that attacked would get zero.


Once off way to get the top teams to waste their troops or will this be done per season?


People in land tiers 2-3 will be able to choose

  1. egg tokens
  2. troops

Those that own a level 4 or 5 will be able to choose

  1. egg tokens
  2. troops
  3. timer

So the only difference is if you own a bigger landpiece you would have an additional choice, not lose the previous choices


Thats the current season 1 rewards

I suppose they would have different ones for season 2


It does thank you. I am still struggling to catch up to Atlas and I am hoping we find a way to balance things out.


Sounds awesome, thanks for the details!


very excited for this feature!

hopefully we get also new Primarchs next season… after all this 2week-repeating Lvling Riders and Primarchs events we need more Primarchs… :see_no_evil:

Keep up the good work @PGDave :beers:


Glory is literally the WORST mechanic for measuring performance. It’s a tool to help both sides of a battle get something out of it. NOT something used to measure how effective or efficient anything is being done and requires either massive killing just to get a raw number or playing like an idiot. Since I refuse to do the former, guess the latter it is :smile:


Yep, that’s the goal.

You simply cannot conquer another level 2 land if you are at (or above for legacy reasons) the cap. The cap only applies to level 2s, so conquering a level 3 will have no bearing on the cap.


So say I have 20 level 2s already. I rock up at another level 2. I destroy all their troops (as you do, because I can and I’m all powerful). What happens then?

What if I really want that piece of land because it expands my borders and I want to get rid of my level 2 Alaska that’s out in an unloved corner of the world?


Don’t pay upkeep on Alaska and in a few days you won’t own it and you can go conquer Florida :laughing::see_no_evil:


I should just be able to cede ownership of something I don’t want - like chucking out the trash


Florida isn’t much better than Alaska