Upcoming "World War Season"


Each troop you own is capable of earning up to 1.5 glory. If you 5-flame or are attacked and <35% of your base is destroyed you will get that full 1.5 glory. If your base is more destroyed than 35% or you fail to 5-flame then you will get less (as little as 0.75 glory apiece). This assumes equal Primarchs, etc. … exact balance points can vary some based on Primarch level differences and all that. Attacking well is always in your best interests. Currently, this is a little confusing because you could attack poorly, lose 150k troops, kill 15k troops and get 11,250 glory … or attack well, lose 15k troops, kill 30k troops, and get 22.5k glory. The “loss” gets more glory, but much less glory per troop lost. This confusion will be addressed in 4.15 when we change the “attack kill cap” to be a two-sided “loss cap” … then you can’t kill or lose more than 7.5k troops in any one attack or defense. Then the above story would change as a poor attack would cost you 7.5k troops, kills 750 troops and get 562 glory … just as bad as before, but maybe a little more clear sense the number of troops killed is less crazy?

4.16 Atlas Bugs and Issues

All sapphire and a (top) chunk of plat is intended to get Atlas soon after v4.15 (before the Atlas season starts).

Atlas roll out to more teams?

Not all of Plat? Please all of Plat?


Tentative but basically fighting teams one rank below you or higher pays out full glory. Each further team down in the rankings you hit is 2% less than the team above it in the rankings. So you can hit down some without worrying about it too much, but a team 40 places you is worth just half, and it gets worse from there.

v4.15 Attacker Glory = (v4.0 Attacker Glory) * (Level Multiplier) * (Team Influence Multiplier)

(we’re talking about the team influence multiplier in your question and this reply)



No. The defender is not affected by the level multiplier or team influence multiplier. The defender always has the right to full glory. That said, don’t confuse this with defense being competitive with offense – you can only get the maximum glory (per troop) on defense if less than 35% of your base is destroyed. Any more than that, and you would’ve done better attacking and getting 5-flames.


So if some dumbo hits me and gets smashed I get full glory? Cool :sunglasses:


One design goal is to reward teams for fighting teams of similar strength. Similar to how war works. I think mid-level players will be able to find targets, and of course they can ask for backup too. But we should keep an eye on this too. The goal is for everyone to be able to find and feel good about engaging in competitive fights.

The Bazaar was an alternate take on the Armory, but it’s turned out to be less fun and engaging. It was worth trying, but there’s no need to stick with something that’s less good – if it had been better, we would’ve changed the Armory to be like the Bazaar!

Unless you’ve upgraded it so high that it’s better than what comes with the higher level castle, I guess you’ll save it for when you takeover another lower level castle in the future, perhaps.

I have a healthy skepticism too, but I hope that this will motivate some teams and prove worthwhile – along with all the other changes. No one change can do it alone, but maybe together we can make Atlas more active and fun. Let’s see!

Planning for them to be the same length as regular seasons. I think syncing them up would be less fun because it’d pile up the really excited times (it’d probably even be too much to really enjoy). Staggering seems best, but we’ll see how it goes.



I like the bazaar; it gives more choices on how to use keystones instead of chests and pure RNG from a large pool :frowning:


Currently there are about N level two castles per team in Atlas. We’ll be increasing that to roughly 2N. Also, teams hoarding level 2 lands is limited by upkeep now, and by the hard cap on level 2 land ownership in the future (in this proposal).

You can choose which land you own, and thus tailor the benefit you get to your own team’s needs (tokens or timers or troops).


Exclusivity is part of the appeal. There’s also time constraints to consider – the art is handcrafted based on original design and feedback from the winners. There will be fantastic prizes for everyone, but these custom works of art are really just for the creme de la creme. I’d love to figure out how to reward more team success too, and have received some new ideas since posting this … stay tuned for an updated post with more about that.

The novel rewards may change each season (anyone want to design a new monument, or next season’s rider or dragon?) to make sure they’re always really exciting.

Yes, though the regular and Atlas seasons have some important differences as well as similarities. For similarities, they’ll use the same UI screens and it will be easy to flip between the two. But they’ll have different kinds of major prizes (dragons vs gear) and different ways to earn them (sigils vs glory). You won’t have to worry about using your sigils in one versus the other (only glory in the Atlas season) … it will be additive in nature!

Proposal: Castle Guards (updated; formerly proposed as Team Troops)

I like bazaar…

Atleast I know what I have a chance of getting and if I don’t like them I could ruby to get a new deck


I’m a little worried, I thought Atlas was created so everyone can fight on equal grounds. A lvl400 from a Diamond 1 team that is ranked among the top Atlas teams should be able to fight a lvl400 from a lower ranked Sapphire team for example, that’s what I thought was the whole idea of Atlas.
I hope this doesn’t become another league and rank split part of the game where sandbagging will be rewarded because you can effectively hit up (bottom up griefing?) but you can’t hit down (still speaking about same levels but different ranks/leagues).

I haven’t seen any negative feedback on the forums, ingame or in any Line groups, however I realized that some don’t quite understand how they can use the feature cost efficiently (most players think the Buy All is the cheapest).
So I’m with @forScience and @FlyingP00 here, I think the feature is great and much more transparent than chests.
Is the decision already final or could we have a thread or poll about this?

@PGDave thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions. I think all the other features will turn out great :+1:


Still catching up on the thread and apologies if someone already covered this.

This isn’t actually true. There are a ton of players who find tokens to be worthless due to current gold chest and seasonal availability. There are also many players whom find them highly lucrative. This is why personal choice exists and I think while the implementation may or may not have flaws, the idea is sound and should help everyone once it’s ironed out.

I’m not even on a team that has any hope of level 4/5 lands and I can tell you tokens are currently worthless to me when it comes to daily logon quantities. Also as previously stated timers are way more valuable as even tokens will not help you progress without a much bigger base at some point between garnet and harbinger.

That being said most of my team would prefer tokens. So again choice seems good.


Why? Atlas is a team based environment and not intended to encourage solo battle. If a level 400 wants to play with diamond (diamond does t exist in atlas so let’s say top tier atlas) then they maybe need to join a team that is more with that level of competition. I believe this glory restriction flows both ways.

Is the concern that there isn’t enough competitive 400’s in diamond and you need to hit all that exist? Or is it that you want a bit of an easier fight and a level 400 not in diamond would be more likely to have a crappy base? I can’t quite see why you would want a top atlas team to get glory for killing high levels in lower teams. I’m curious what the benefit might be.

I’ve seen a ton of negative feedback. (Bazaar) While I think gold chests SHOULD show all possible drops, similar to how atlas works, the odds with atlas were actually more misleading due to how it implies a fixed number of cards with a randomized location (spatially).

I’m not sure what you mean by “buy all” not being cheaper. If you wanted a 5 Star item, your chances of getting it one at a time are very low. You are much more likely to not get it. If you do it can be cheaper but it’s similar to buying one gold chest or buying 10. Buying 10 gives you a discount compared to buying one of them one at a time. Maybe the real difference being the keystones were available at much higher rates than you could random drop gold chests. Perhaps there is a mechanic I haven’t discovered but 100% of the time it is cheaper for me to buy all vs one at a time in all tests I’ve run.


I’ve worked closely with representatives from a number of teams to try to design a team influence calculation which resists sandbagging. We tried a number of approaches with real data and people trying to poke holes in it, so hopefully it hold up reasonably well. And where we find holes, we can make further improvements. Basically, teams will be ranked based on the average of their top two ranks for team rating, land score and troops created during (or started with at the beginning of) the season.


And recalculated daily Dave?


Yes, that’s the goal. We haven’t figured out the exact implementation details of this part yet, but it’ll be on someone’s plate very soon. Other parts of the upcoming release are dominating our time for now, hence a little bit of uncertainty on this particular answer so far. Obviously faster is generally better, though we don’t want it to be too fast either – you don’t want to start attacking someone only to find that they’ve been downgraded in the middle of your attack.


I have to admit that I have no words, I‘m absolutely stunned by your two recent posts, it‘s like you‘re playing another game than the rest of us.
I don‘t have the time to go through the basics with you so I‘ll just save my breath here.
And with your comment about the Bazaar you‘re simply proving me right.


Not sure what you don’t like or understand about the post? One rationale for bracketing is to prevent griefing. If we make it a free for all, what we were going to get is a whole bunch of strong pre existing atlas teams beating up on newbies. Bracketing makes this behaviour much less likely and is a key part of the “battle between equals” aim.

Bazaar is definitely cheaper to buy all vs buy one at a time. That’s been proven and there was a whole thread about it :man_shrugging:


So again:
Why should I get less rewards/glory/… if I hit someone who is my level but several leagues/ranks below me, just because I‘m in a better team.
That‘s like putting a penalty on XP gain or RSS looted when I raid players my level from lower leagues.
The other way around: Why should sandbaggers like high levels in lower leagues be able to effectively hit upwards, hitting same level players from higher leagues/ranks but those players can‘t hit them back with the same effect/ratio?
That‘s what I call bottom up griefing or encouraging sandbagging.

PGDave already replied to me so I‘ll trust him to implement a fair system.
I only explained myself again because it seems I wasn‘t clear enough.

Okay then post your source or prove it to me.