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Right here.

I get the downward negative upward positive lens you’re looking through. I’d much rather that than downward positive given the anti-griefing I already mentioned. Don’t forget if you’re in a higher ranked team, that means you already have either a significant troop count advantage, land advantage or both.

There are plenty of targets - you don’t need to hit someone from a lower league team. That being said, if this lower league team builds a whole heap of troops, they’ll move up the rankings.


Your source is only about the odds of the items that are presented. In fact the thread you posted proves my point.
When you use the “Buy All” option, your chance to save keystones is 0% and the chance that you get your desired item that was shown to you is 100%.
I’m not going through every single case so let’s just pick the most likely case in which you can save keystones:
When you open one card after the other until you have opened 8 of the 9 cards, you have spent 190 keystones (first one is free, or 200 if it isn’t) instead of 250 for the buy all, so you definitely saved a good amount of stones. Chances are, you got your desired item(s) without paying the full price. If you’re not ‘lucky’, you still don’t spend more than using the Buy All. The more you do this, the more you will realize that quite often you will end up not paying 250 (260) keystones.
Basically, as long as you don’t use the Buy All, there is a chance to save keystones, whereas there is no chance for savings if you use the Buy All.

Also, there is no discount for using the Buy All with keystones. If you press the “!” next to the Buy All you will see the cost for every open and the total at the bottom. That should be sufficient proof.
The 50% discount that is advertised only applies to rubies. At some point the explanation was changed ingame so there would be less confusion, but most players still think they are cheaper off or getting discounts using the Buy All (maybe conditioned by the way chests work).

Almost forgot to go back on the actual topic, why the Bazaar is better than the Armory:

  • The Bazaar is (1) transparent, you don’t spend if you know that your 9 card pull isn’t what you want. (2) It gives you the chance to get your desired items without paying the full price.
  • The Armory has (1) no transparency, you never know if you open a really bad pull. (2) You always spend a fixed (= the maximum) amount of resources to open chests, which is usually advertised by a discount for opening 10 instead of 1.
  • Imagine if Gold Chests worked like the Bazaar: You would see the next pull, only go for it if it had items you want in nice quantities, and you would have a chance to get those items without paying the full 4k rubies. Sounds amazing, right?

But all I see here is encouraging sandbagging and upward griefing. I’m not for any kind of griefing, neither upwards nor downwards.
I might sound like Panda now, but please tell me why I should be punished for being on a better team? Why should my ratios or rewards be LESS than anyone elses?

Atlas Legendary Gear Cost Analysis

There is a discount to buy all. Trust me I’ve made that mistake once and I won’t again. I don’t know exactly how much but if you open the cards one by one and open all 9 it costs much more than 250.

There’s no reason why they can’t make chests more transparent. Suggest that and maybe @PGDave and @pgecho can take that into account?


Man you’re really stubborn. If my explanation isn’t enough to make you admit that you’re wrong, maybe you believe the admins:

Yeah. Or we just keep the better and more transparent system.


:thinking:I’m pretty sure I got burnt but it was a while ago. Did they change the card costs recently?


Nope. They just explained it better in the info screen (see the thread I linked where PGEcho replied).


Ok I take it back then! :joy:


Thanks, it’s all good, glad we solved this :+1:


Two things about this.

  1. it presumes you are using keystones
  2. it uses current data, which may not be how it always was.

I have absolutely confirmed its cheaper in Rubys for buy all when I first tested it. I can’t say with certainty that it didn’t change or that the keystone version is better or worse. I’ll retest…

By you are not being very friendly. I asked for info and you wouldn’t even say (but did for grumpy).

Egg token again same thing. I’m certain a paid player won’t care about tokens as much as timers once you are sufficiently progressed in the game. Timers are far more valuable and limiting your progress.


The thread she references PGecho said ruby buy all was the only discount. So buy all is cheaper with rubys. Just not with keystones (apparently). Not even sure keystones didn’t used to be cheaper to buy all. But I definitely used rubys when I tested the two methods.

Both sides are right. Both are stubborn too.


Lol. :joy::+1:



Did I hurt your feelings?
You‘re claiming a lot of “facts” that I don‘t see any proof of and try to influence others with your “knowledge”.
You claim that there is a lot of negative feedback about the Bazaar? Prove it before trying to replace a working system.

You saw how time consuming it was for me to prove the buy all option with keystones being a bad deal.
Save me some time and don‘t post if you can‘t proof your claims. Or let us know that your post is your opinion.

Again, your opinion, not a proven facts that applies to every single player that spends an undefined amount of money on this game.

It‘s not on you to decide who needs what most.
Let’s give players the choice and let them decide.


First of all there are plenty of posts on this and I’ve seen lots of talk in both Facebook groups and line groups. So it seemed obvious that if you didn’t live under a rock you might be aware of them.

I don’t really owe you any prooof. Take anything with a grain of salt, but not need to be hostile. No you did not hurt my feelings, but you were disrespectful. Some people may have instead said things more akin to “where are you seeing this,” or “I disagree,” or almost anything else.

I don’t need to prove anything but if you are asking nicely I can look around for some specifics.

Most of the dislike is over the way it incorrectly displays 9 cards of equal chance scrambled once, when it’s quite clear that’s not how it really works. Infact the card is not decided until you click on one, and the true number of cards is many many more than 9, with each 1* having many copies in the pile. The only thing that is honest about it is the cost and the fact that once you draw a card you won’t get another one like it in that set.

One thing of note, I’m not trying to replace it. I actually don’t have a problem with either system. I simply don’t oppose a change for the purpose of consistency. I do think gold chests would be better if there was a button to show all possible drops and their weighting classification. (Increased transparency) and I’m against winning by gambling in general. Everyone loses when a strategy game is more gambling than strategy.

I don’t really know if it took you 5 min to write that or an hour. You could just as easily ask nicely for how I arrived at my opinion. And everything here is always everybody’s opinion. Except maybe in the case of official PG posts. I never framed anything as not my opinion, but yes I have validated my information within how it matters to me. If you would like to work together to understand the differences then I’d be happy to take the time if you are too.

So first off. This feature specifically gives players a choice. That is the whole point.

Secondly, I don’t see how you can’t easily see token purchase in gold chests easily is more available than timers. Certainly you must have heard other players say as much as well?

If you take dread’s daily token rate for wars, add in atlas land tokens, add in lots of grinding. And compare that to a single $100 purchase of gold chests, which value do you think is higher? Now take a single high level tower, easily 40-60 days of timers depending on research and atlas defender and such. At high leveled you need to do than 2-5 times depending on what level you are to earn a single level. Max level harbinger mythic requires player level 357. Timer availability is harder to add up on a daily basis but in that same gold chest (which spenders buy on the regular) you drop more than enough tokens and not nearly enough timers. I’ve been living this for a while now. I don’t know specifically at what tier it flips but it did. Also, anyone who has completely bread all dragons, I don’t think it’s hard to see the value may be less for them.

How specifically would you like this proven? And what’s the point since we were opting to let players have a choice. No tokens are being taken away. We are giving a choice that instead of tokens, timers may be chosen for players on teams who have level 4/5 Land with a clock merchant. (Also that’s not me but i wish it was because I could use the timers)

So again the proof seems self-evident and I kind of don’t care if you disagree. But I will work with you if you do care. It doesn’t benefit me at all. (So asking me to spend the time is kind of silly)


I think the most negative feedback of bazaar is not getting what they want when the free one comes up.

Edit: another one is visual presentation. The chance of drawing the 5 star item and a 1 star item isn’t presented visually. It looks like its 1/9 chance. The 5 star items should be as small as you can barely see/tap on it. Maybe equip a standard magnifier lol


All I was asking is that you specify the “tons of negative feedback” that you claimed you have seen, because I honestly haven‘t. Now I usually seek quality feedback on a forum with experienced players rather than a quantity of facebook posts if that‘s what you call living under a rock. I could say the same about people not knowing the odds of drawing a 5 star item but I don‘t.
I assume that negative feedback can come from a lack of information provided (like PG explaining the odds ingame) as well as from players not understanding the system or not willing to seek information.

Yes, this wasn‘t clear at first but others explained it so this seems to be good.

I think this is a little narrow minded. You can‘t pin down the availability of two items by only looking at chests. There is a number of possibilities to aquire those items. Some sources only offer one of those items (eg. the forge or Atlas event prizes), other sources are grindable (eg. missions) or available as daily payouts.
Also different players have different needs.

I‘m aware of the situation for many higher players that you explained and most of them are hopefully happy about timers beind offered in lvl4/5 regions.
Since it‘s clear that there will be a choice between tokens and timers, this topic is solved I guess.
(I think the argument started with the misunderstanding that only timers would be available in lvl4/5 regions which turned out not to be the case)


We don’t get a high token rate for wars unless declared on. #2 team gives us like 15 tokens. Buying tokens is faster


I suspected, I was giving an upward boundary. Trying to show if it’s not good in a better than best case, it won’t be good in reality. (But trying to do it without spending a lot of time)


I think the possibility of more tokens or timers, troops should help disadvantaged teams like mine so I’m looking forward to it.


There are several in game mechanics that circulate around that ‘rule’, one that is pretty similar being gear and the chances of getting a certain rarity.

What’s interesting about the bazaar is that it’s different while still providing the same thing as chests would be able to. It’s extremely obvious that rates are going to be lower for better items, that’s how every single game out there works.

I don’t think those two phrases/words belong in the same sentence.


We only get like 5 egg tokens per war :frowning: