Upcoming "World War Season"


Hah… which I’m sure you make up for in daily token payouts for league standing and Atlas land.






League standing? Everyone in our league gets the same number and atlas could always improve.


You said “teams like mine”, I think the whole league applies. And it’s more than you would be getting without Atlas.

But I will say the new monthly payouts look really nice, but that will definitely widen the gap between people with and without Atlas. A few speed ups, tokens, and gear shards here and there, okay, but this seems like Atlas teams will eventually end up being able to pull farther ahead significantly in events because of this.


I think it’s about balance. Things get significantly more costly as you level up and as your team rises in ranks. And honestly, the extra tokens for the daily league payout just isn’t sufficient to really promote balance.


That’s true, but I would just hope that they’re not ‘balancing’ this a little too early.


I felt the same way til I decided I’d waited long enough and I found an Atlas team to join.

I have to believe that to some degree if you wanna be there, you gotta go get it, it’s not just going to come to you.

And there are plenty of people below level 100 in Atlas…


@PGDave I am not sure how easy it would be but would be pretty interesting to see a timelapse of the change of land ownership on the map during an atlas season.


Can you define top chunk of platinum teams please? Is the goal only p1? Or are you targeting more?


Nice info


@Sha see pgEcho’s recent post here: Adding Teams to Atlas


Thank you



5☆ Meaningfully incentivize higher castle levels - everyone should want to conquer stronger castles

  1. Raise tribute & xp buffs from one level to the next from 20% → 48% (same as KotH’s Ashengard vs Bizencor)
  2. Higher level castles come with higher level buildings
    • level 6 buildings for a level 5 castle; level 3 buildings for a level 4 castle
    • infrastructure from a higher level castle can no longer be restored on a lower level castle

:point_right:Higher lvl castles “come with” higher level buildings? Really? There will already be maxed infrastructure on the new castles?

Also, the second example says lvl3 buildings on lvl4 castles… don’t you mean lvl5 buildings on lvl 4 castles? Or is there some sort of cap scenario?

Looking forward to your response.


They nowhere near maxxed, infact they are hundreds of millions of gold short

(lvl 5 lands go to level 12 buildings)


The new castles I mean… They will be maxed 1lvl above the castle lvl according to the post. And it says they “come with” buildings ??? :woman_shrugging:t4:


Yes, the tier four land (3 chevron + tiny star) and tier five (single big star) will start with infrastructure.


@BAZ1NE Not all castles will start off with infrastructure when conquered. Level 4 and 5 castles will have infrastructure provided, but 3 and below will not. Level 3 buildings for a level 4 castle seems correct, but I will need to defer to @PGDave for the level 5 castles (I think the “6” might be a typo).

Also keep in mind that the castle infrastructure cap is determined by 3x the Castle level - 1. In the case of level 4 and level 5 castles, this cap is level 9 and level 12 infrastructure, respectively, so the default infrastructure is nowhere near maxed.


Can you pack up this infrastructure when it’s defeated?

AKA could this be exploited a bit by taking over a level 4/5 land, getting the infrastructure, then having a friend pack it up, them earning a fully built set and yours going into storage, then repeated multiple times until you have a bunch of level 5 equipped infrastructure packs to put on your other lands (using the same friendly conquer technique)


You would still lose levels so this would get a bit expensive I imagine.