Upcoming "World War Season"


How would it get expensive? For instance say that you were a very ummm wide spread but not very infrastructure oriented team that had like 1 level 5 land and 75 level 2s that were all barren/barely a fort there.

You could say to your other buddy team, hey help me flip our level 5 land 75 times to get 75 level 5 (minus 10% for packing) upgrades for all of our level 2 lands for free.

Both teams spend minimal troops flipping and storing and are left with hundreds of millions in free upgrades from level 0 to 5 on their small lands


It’s been said infrastructure can’t be moved from higher land to lower land with this update


cant put the infrastructure from lvl 5 on anything but a 5,

level 4 can only be put on a 4 & 5



Well it‘s a good question from mechengg.
It can‘t be moved to lower level castles but could it be exploited for let‘s say duping lvl4 castle infrastructure to set it up on other lvl4 castles a team owns?


yes it could, but their level 4’s would also have level 3 infrastructure…

I guess only “old” level 4s that somehow didnt get upgraded before might benefit. Not sure how many of those there are out there


Only if they are newly conquered after this patch, or if they didn‘t already upgrade the current lvl4s above lvl3 buildings I guess.


Figured it was worth the question since it took me all of 3 seconds to notice that there may have been a gaping hole in something.

Good to know that infrastructure can’t be moved down, can it be moved up?


yes it can be moved up


@mechengg You’re right that this could be an issue – that’s why infrastructure that comes with castle level N cannot be restored onto a castle lower than castle level N (“infrastructure from a higher level castle can no longer be restored on a lower level castle”).

EDIT: Ah, Enigma beat me to replying, oops :P.


No not a typo. Level 5 land has higher starting infrastructure to make them more attractive


Checked the current params and with PGDave, and they are showing level 5, so I’ve changed the original post to reflect this. It could change in the future, or between now and when update v4.15 arrives, but for now, 5 is the correct number.


:+1: ok that’s not what he told us but ok as long as it’s consistent with game parameters!


Just wanted to confirm. This will likely not make it into the 4.15 release?


@Grumpybigbird Yep, sorry – still tweaking the details (and probably will be forever). On launch day I’ll post the full set of changes/additions.

@Panda This is all intended to be a part of the 4.15 release! The Atlas Seasons will not kickoff until a few weeks later though. That way we can work out any unforeseen kinks in 4.15 and give new teams a chance to start engaging in Atlas.


May I ask if there are any plans to make the currently viewable world even bigger and add more lvl5 regions or will only be the tons of lvl2 regions with a handful of lvl3/4 be opened which we can see right now and which are “controlled by Gustav” when selected?


More teams will lead to more land. The level 2s will get the most attention, but other levels will get attention too. As we add teams in lower leagues, the land will start to skew a bit lower (e.g., we’ll stop adding level 5 lands because lower level teams aren’t going to be competing for those and we don’t want to dilute competition at the upper tiers). All tentative, but that’s vaguely the direction we’re heading.


Could you kindly confirm whether the release is on schedule, ahead of schedule or behind schedule? Is it also possible to share approximately how many plat 1 teams will make it into the atlas grouping being added and whether that population has already been determined (as in teams making the cut have already been determined) or whether that’s yet to be done? If that’s yet to be done could any further details be provided as to when that populations will be determined so that teams pushing to make the cut have a projected deadline to work towards? Any updates you can provide will be greatly appreciated. :grin:


On schedule. The cut will be determined closer to the rollout. Stay tuned!


I’ll grab for more details but understand if they can’t be shared. Since population hasn’t yet been determined, could you also confirm the approximate number of teams from plat1 that your team is considering as making it in this rollout? Plat1 comprises about 125 teams I think, just curious if it’s closer to top 50 making this patch, top 75, top 100 from plat1. Are bribes accepted for more details :rofl: (I make a mean chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie that I’d whip up next time you visit Spokane if you ever do)?


@PGDave is there any further info on Alliances and how that will be handled?