Upcoming "World War Season"


@PGEggToken has an FAQ/release notes that he’ll share in the near future!


Many saphir and platinum teams are interested in, when they will be invited .

Is there a date which you planed out for next sub leagues ?
I hadnt seen any information so far, if there was, sorry :slight_smile:


I am also curious. He said late March about a month ago… well it’s late March…


pretty sure that “late” is something like a few hours before April. or at least a few hours before the next event (12 hours maybe?)

Other company like Valve/Steam has their own translation of time. Next week might be next 2 days or that next month can become next week or 3 months.

It has its own Wiki for the sake of the meme.


If PG pays the same attention to the calendar as they do the new features and updates, I’m assuming the think it’s november still.


March 2019


Damn I always forget to ask them the year… rookie mistake.


There’s a lot of things coming with the next feature release (more than we’ve ever had as a matter of fact), so our previous timeline has had to shift to accommodate. I know everyone’s excited to experience what’s incoming, so thanks to everyone for your patience!


Looking forward to it! Sounds like things are gonna get craaaazayyy (in a good way)!!!


Let’s hope not too craaaaazzzzzyy broken with bugs😅


Commenting a little late, I suppose.

The Bazaar is vastly preferable to any other “lottery” system in the game. If PG is removing it because players have complained about it, I am left wondering if this is the same set of players who didn’t like the bonus meter?

If PG is removing it because “finance” decided it was not profitable enough, shame on them.

Remember the bonus meter? I hope you’re enjoying the mega coins.

I’m calling it now–Remember the Bazaar? I hope you’re enjoying your Atlas Chests.

@PGDave @pgEcho

If it’s not too late, please keep the Bazaar (I know, it probably is too late). I can almost guarantee that whatever the players think they want, they will want the Bazaar after it is gone.


I would be glad to host a seminar explaining how to use the Bazaar to maximum effect. It will be 30 minutes long, at the most. Cost is 1,000 rubies. Refer a friend to save 50%. @MareZ will also be speaking, and a panel of experts will convene afterward to answer any repaning questions.
Send your questions or reservations to ThisISsarcasm@NOTpg.com


I can’t believe you are even asking this question. OF COURSE they are changing it because it benefits them financially and not because the players are asking for a change. Have you MET PG? :joy::joy::joy:

See the events of the great Mega Coin debacle for evidence:

  1. PG releases the Mega Coin
  2. Response from players is clearly, consistently, and OVERWHELMING negative on the forum, on Facebook in chats on Streams, etc…
  3. PG announces that “data shows” that the Mega Coin is well liked, so they will be continuing to use it.

Bottom line, PG may say that they are doing it due to player feedback, but it’s always about the $$.



I don’t know what data they are looking at… So, I was trying to pretend like they were looking at valid data and making truthful statements. Perhaps one of these two is true.

Losing the Bazaar is a terrible idea.


I agree with you. I don’t think anyone is really asking to have the bazaar taken away. It is definitely better than the chest system, for sure. And, if nothing else, it’s nice to have something different.
The worst thing would be if they merged the two together and started adding Atlas items in with the regular game items in chests- thus drastically diluting everything. I think the entire player base would rage quit at that point. lol


I am sure I have said it before…the problem with bazaar was NOT the format, it was the cost. There is no way to grind keystones.


Does that mean that the new chest system will either lower the cost for our desired items or offer a grindable resource?

That’s as hard to believe as PG increasing gold chest contents or make gold chests grindable, but I’m always open for surprises.

So far I haven’t seen any hints from PG that we won’t be much worse off with the chest system.


Atlas monuments drop atlas chests :man_shrugging:
Filled with shards, gold packs and glory potions?


I had the same aspiration but I bet atlas chests are going to be like keystones - a handout for event rewards.


From what I’ve seen the chests will replace keystones and the bazaar, so it will be random rewards and the chests will be earned in events. I love @mechengg’s idea of grindable chests - but that would be way too awesome.

Should we push for grindable atlas chests on a new thread?


No, please no. We need those monuments to continue dropping the bronze chests we get now so we can get the sigils and timers and healing pots we need! Any new kind of “Atlas chest” should be in addition to, not instead of these…