Update 3.70 Release Notes

Dragon Lords,

Update 3.70 is almost here! This update primarily contains Atlas improvements, as well as bug fixes and general improvements.

General Updates

  • Various Bugfixes
  • Fixed a number of issues that could cause crashes or sync errors
  • Fixed an issue where some monuments could be invisible or indestructible
  • Fixed an issue where the chat button in the attack view would behave erratically when tapped
  • Fixed an issue on Android where viewing mail would cause a crash


  • Economy Balance
  • Infrastructure upgrade changes
  • More compelling events
  • Combat Balance
  • Changes to Atlas Usability

Now can we also address why the version on the Google Play Store is not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running on Android 7.0?

IGN: ZerokiWolf


I also have the same phone. I was able to download the game update and atlas files. However when I load atlas my game says world map error and takes me back to the normal game screen. Everyone else is able to load and use atlas. I have contacted support many times and they give me generic b.s ideas like resetting my router, which I did try. As if my Wi-Fi doesn’t work. Come on really? @PGJared @pgCampusLifer please fix this

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When I contacted support through the app, I was told by “Peter” to UNINSTALL the game, uninstall ALL updates to the Play Store, reboot my phone, reinstall all the updates to the Play Store and then reinstall war dragons.

Nothing changes the fact the Play Store literally will not even allow me to download the game. I can’t even search for it. I have to get to the page through their Facebook post with the direct link to the Google Play Store.

Even commented on their Facebook, someone else replied that they have the same phone and same issue popping up. My other post linked above someone was having an issue with a Samsung Galaxy S8.

I know Android always seems to get the shaft with these updates lately, but could they at the very least use lube?

Itz not on the iPhone app either

I had iphone7x everything went ok when I upgraded my so I couldn’t till anything

Pg support is ignoring me. @PGEggToken I literally cannot play this game because of the update. The support for this game has to be the worse in video game history

I cannot contact team mates to help with war runs. Tried to do them myself but got the dreaded circle of “cannot connect to server”. Glitches big issue this time.